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Conference paperUsing the Paparazzi UAV System for Scientific Research Hattenberger, G. · Bronz, M. · Gorraz, M. ·
Conference paperDesign and Build of Swarm Quadrotor UAVs at UGS Ng, A. · Foo, Q. · Jumat, R. · Victor, T.R. · Koh, W.C. · Srigrarom, S. ·
Conference paperAutonomous Aerial Mapping and Observation Task for IMAV2014 Competition Colles, E. · Nollet, F. · Vandeportaele, B. · Hattenberger, G. ·
Conference paperFlexible framework for the development of versatile MAV systems for multi-disciplinary applications Cordero, M. · Trujillo, M.A. · Ruiz, J. · Jimenez, A. · Diaz, L. · Viguria, A. ·
Conference paperDesign of Ducted Fans of Small Height for Hexacopter with Long Hover Ability Serokhvostov, S.V. · Ageev, N.D. · Arkhipov, M.E. ·
Conference paperDesign of a Quadrotor System for an Autonomous Indoor Exploration Gäbel, M. · Krüger, T. · Bestmann, U. ·
Conference paperAutomatic extraction of moving objects from UAV-borne monocular images using multi-view geometric constraints Kimura, M. · Shibasaki, R. · Shao, X. · Nagai, M. ·
Conference paperThe Next Generation Design of Autonomous MAV Flight Control System SmartAP Shilov, K. ·
Conference paperModular Quadrotor MAVs Vaswani, V. · Loh, S. · Tan, B. · Singh, K. · Srigrarom, S. ·
Conference paperDesign and development of UGS flapping wing MAVs Bin Jumat, M.R. · Srigrarom, S. ·