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DissertationModeling estuarine morphodynamics under combined river and tidal forcing Guo, L.C. ·
DissertationSoil Aquifer Treatment: Assessment and Applicability of Primary Effluent Reuse in Developing Countries Abel, C.D.T. ·
DissertationWater Tower of the Yellow River in a Changing Climate: Toward an integrated assessment Hu, Y. ·
DissertationRefining the committee approach and uncertainty prediction in hydrological modelling Kayastha, N. ·
DissertationThe impact of soil erosion in the upper Blue Nile on downstream reservoir sedimentation Ali, Y.S.A. ·
DissertationUnstructured Cellular Automata in Ecohydraulics Modelling Lin, Y. ·
DissertationWater Resources Strategies to increase Food Production in the Semi-Arid Tropics: With particular emphases on the potential of alluvial groundwater Love, D. ·
DissertationCoagulation and ultrafiltration in seawater reverse osmosis pretreatment Tabatabai, S.A.A. ·
DissertationSpace-time variation of hydrological processes and water resources in Rwanda: Focus on the Migina catchment Munyaneza, O. ·
DissertationNetworked environments for stakeholder participation in water resources and flood management Almoradie, A.D.S. ·