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articlePerformance evaluation of fusing protected fingerprint minutiae templates on the decision level Yang, B. · Groot, K.T.J. de · Christoph Busch · Veldhuis, R.N.J. · Xu, H. ·
reportAlgorithms for user centred, problem driven automated coaching: Functional test specification and demo scenario Hendriks, M. · Spit, M. · Weffers-Albu, M.A. ·
reportEEG-based characterization of flicker perception Lazo, M. · Tsoneva, T. · Garcia Molina, G. ·
reportMulti-person tracking using a discriminative color appearance model Chunduri, S. · Damkat, C. ·
articleThe basic chemistry and photochemistry behind hydrogen peroxide tooth whitening Young, N.D. · Fairley, P.D. · Mohan, V. · Jumeaux, C. ·
articleT1 mapping in differentiation of diffuse myocardial disease in hypertrophic and dilative cardiomyopathy Puntmann, V.O. · Pastor, A. · Chen, Z. · Voigt, T. · Karim, R. · Rhode, K. · Razavi, R. S. · Schaeffter, T. · Nagel, E. ·
articleDynamics of charge carrier trapping in NO2 sensors based on ZnO field-effect transistors Andringa, A. · Vlietstra, N. · Smits, E.C.P. · Spijkman, M.J. · Gomes, H.L. · Klootwijk, J.H. · Blom, P.W.M. · Leeuw, D.M. de ·
articleOptical modes in a rectangular resonator with properties of both Gaussian and Fourier modes Gronenborn, S. · Schwarz, T. · Pekarski, P. · Miller, M. · Moench, H. · Loosen, Peter ·
articleComparison of Machine Learning Techniques for Target Detection Vink, J.P. · Haan, G. de ·
articleSpeech enhancement using a generic noise codebook Srinivasan, S. · Naidu, D.H.R ·