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1 Een remote sensing dataverwerkingsstysteem voor de Nederlandse gebruiker: Een studie naar systeemmogelijkheden en kosten
report 1980-07-10    
Author: Binnenkade, P. · Bunnik, N.J.J. · Van Ingen Schenau, H.A. · Slaats, J.H.A.M.M. · Verhoef, W.
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2 NLR test results as a database to be used in a check of crack propagation prediction models: A Garteur activity
report 1979-11-30    
Author: Van der Linden, H.H.
Keywords: Crack propagation · Aluminium alloys · Flight simulation · F-27 aircraft · Metal sheets · Power spectra · Load t e s ts · Amplitudes · Data bases · Gust loads · Gust loads · Cyclic loads · Stress intensity factors · Computer programs · Data base · Pseudo random sequences · Stress ratio
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3 A collection of aircraft stability and control characteristics
report 1971-12-31    
Author: Praal, B.R.

4 Application of model following control and estimation techniques to attitude control of manoeuvring spacecraft Part II: Simulation software description
report 1982-10-15    
Author: Terpstra, A.P. · Van den Dam, R.F. · Van Woerkom, P.T.L.M. · Zwartbol, T.
Keywords: computer programs · digital simulation · control simulation · satellite attitude control · FORTRAN · CDC computers · reaction wheels · gyroscopes · optical sensors · plotting · flow charts · run time (computers) · airborne/spaceborne computers · Infrared Astronomy Satellite
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5 Geluidsgegevens, stijgprofielen en "noise footprints" van diverse vliegtuigen
report 1972-11-01    
Author: Berghuis van Woortman, H.J.
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6 Aluminium alloys for advanced structural applications in transport aircraft
report 1977-08-31    
Author: Wanhill, R.J.H.
Keywords: airframe materials · aluminium alloys · stress corrosion · powder metallurgy · thermomechanical treatment · aircraft structures · fatigue (materials) · crack propagation · fracture strength · corrosion resistance · wing panels

7 Geluidsvermoeiing van vliegtuigconstructies
report 1973-02-01    
Author: Schijve, J.

8 Progress report of the experimental investigation of the LST 8x6 model tunnel phase 4 and 7: test section flow quality - spatial non-uniformity at two fan blade angles
report 1973-09-12    
Author: Van Ditshuizen, J.C.A. · Slijkhuis, A.J.

9 Stability of double gimballed momentum wheels
report 1973-10-01    
Author: Boersma, G. · Sonnenschein, F.J.
Keywords: stability analysis · hydrodynamic bearings · satellite attitude control · double gimballed momentum wheels · stability criteria

10 KIC and KISCC for a very high strength titanium alloy (IMI 551)
report 1973-09-01    
Author: Wanhill, R.J.H. · De Rijk, P.

11 Specificatie voor en keuze van een hypersone installatie voor het NLR
report 1969-08-22    
Author: De Wolf, W.B. · Jaarsma, F.

12 An investigation of crack resistance in face sheets of sandwich panels
report 1973-09-01    
Author: Bartelds, G. · Nederveen, A.
Keywords: crack growth · fracture · fracture mechanics · fail-safety · sandwich construction

13 Systematic electron fractography of fatigue in aluminium alloys
report 1967-11-30    
Author: Broek, D. · Van der Vet, W.J.

14 Calculation of the lift distribution on a wing in jets or slipstreams using Ting's method
report 1973-10-01    
Author: Maarsingh, R.A.

15 Aerodynamics of air cushion vehicles
report 1968-03-21    
Author: Harting, A.

16 Aerodynamic data for calculation of ELDO: a stationary in-flight loads and loading distributions
report 1968-08-08    
Author: Boersen, S.J.

17 Invloed van de afmetingen van geklonken lapnaden en enkele stripnaden op de secundaire buiging
report 1968-03-01    
Author: Hartman, A. · Schijve, J.

18 Symmetrical subsonic potential flows around quasi-elliptical aerofoil sections
report 1968-03-20    
Author: Boerstoel, J.W.

19 An introductory description of a hodograph method for transonic shock-free aerofoil design
report 1973-11-15    
Author: Boerstoel, J.W. · Huizing, G.H.
Keywords: hodograph theory · boundary value problems · elliptie-hyperbolic partial differential equations · constructive approximation methods · transonic flow wing section theory · shock free flows · aerofoil design · profile theory · design methods · computerized design

20 Comparison of some approximative calculation methods for aircraft noise duration correction
report 1973-12-28    
Author: Tiggelaar, J.J.

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