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1 Geluidsgegevens, stijgprofielen en "noise footprints" van diverse vliegtuigen
report 1972-11-01    
Author: Berghuis van Woortman, H.J.
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2 Een remote sensing dataverwerkingsstysteem voor de Nederlandse gebruiker: Een studie naar systeemmogelijkheden en kosten
report 1980-07-10    
Author: Binnenkade, P. · Bunnik, N.J.J. · Van Ingen Schenau, H.A. · Slaats, J.H.A.M.M. · Verhoef, W.
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3 NLR test results as a database to be used in a check of crack propagation prediction models: A Garteur activity
report 1979-11-30    
Author: Van der Linden, H.H.
Keywords: Crack propagation · Aluminium alloys · Flight simulation · F-27 aircraft · Metal sheets · Power spectra · Load t e s ts · Amplitudes · Data bases · Gust loads · Gust loads · Cyclic loads · Stress intensity factors · Computer programs · Data base · Pseudo random sequences · Stress ratio
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4 A collection of aircraft stability and control characteristics
report 1971-12-31    
Author: Praal, B.R.

5 Application of model following control and estimation techniques to attitude control of manoeuvring spacecraft Part II: Simulation software description
report 1982-10-15    
Author: Terpstra, A.P. · Van den Dam, R.F. · Van Woerkom, P.T.L.M. · Zwartbol, T.
Keywords: computer programs · digital simulation · control simulation · satellite attitude control · FORTRAN · CDC computers · reaction wheels · gyroscopes · optical sensors · plotting · flow charts · run time (computers) · airborne/spaceborne computers · Infrared Astronomy Satellite
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6 Modeling of time-variant flows using Vortex dynamics-activities in the Netherlands
report 1986-04-10    
Author: Hoeijmakers, H.W.M.

7 CAESAR: CCD Airborne Experimental Scanner for Applications in Remote Sensing
report 1986-04-23    
Author: Bunnik, N.J.J. · Pouwels, H. · Smorenburg, C. · Van Valkenburg, A.L.G.

8 Fatigue fracture in landing gear steels
report 1986-09-11    
Author: Wanhill, R.J.H.

9 A Transonic model representation for two-dimensional wall interference assessment
report 1986-02-01    
Author: Smith, J.
Keywords: Aerodynamic interference · Wind tunnel models · Wind tunnel walls · Subcritical flow · Subsonic flow · Airfoils · Two dimensional flow · Wind tunnel tests · Supercritical flow · Transonic flow · Supercritical airfoils · Cauchy problem

10 Rate distortion characteristics of two adaptive data compression algorithms
report 1985-03-15    
Author: Huisman, W.C.

11 Trends in airlines flight deck design
report 1985-01-28    
Author: Abbink, F.J. · Pijpers, E.W.

12 Analysis of high-Reynolds number wind-tunnel tests of the Semi-Spar
report 1985-02-05    
Author: Willemsen, E. · Leijnse, C. · Graaf, G.

13 Grondslagen en toepassingen van multispectrale aftasting in de landbouw
report 1985-02-05    
Author: Bunnik, N.J.J.

14 Technical evaluation report on the AGARD Fluid Dynamics Panel symposium on improvement of aerodynamic performance through boundary layer control and high lift systems
report 1985-02-14    
Author: Oskam, B. · Van den Berg, B.
Keywords: boundary-layer-control · lift devices · drag reduction · intake systems · boundary layer flow · shockwave interaction · technology assessment

15 The postbuckling behaviour of blade-stiffened carbon-epoxy panels loaded in compression
report 1985-02-19    
Author: Wiggenraad, J.F.M.

16 Simulation and optimization techniques in computer aided design
report 1985-02-22    
Author: Van den Dam, R.F.
Keywords: mathematical models · optimization · computer aided design · computerized simulation · mathematical programming · nonlinear optimization · aircraft design · software tools · specifications · systems engineering · structural design · drag reduction · weight reduction

17 Comparison of three-dimensional turbulent boundary layer calculations with experiment
report 1985-12-31    
Author: Van den Berg, B. · Humphreys, D.A. · Krause, E. · Lindhout, J.P.F.

18 NLR experience in the application of active flutter suppression and gust load alleviation, applied to a wind-tunnel model
report 1985-03-19    
Author: Van Gelder, P.A.

19 Semi-operational identification of agricultural crops from airborne slar-data
report 1985-03-26    
Author: Binnenkade, P. · Van Kasteren, H.W.J. · Uenk, D.

20 Recente ontwikkelingen in de voortstuwingsaerodynamica
report 1985-03-29    
Author: De Wolf, W.B.

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