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1 Geluidsgegevens, stijgprofielen en "noise footprints" van diverse vliegtuigen
report 1972-11-01    
Author: Berghuis van Woortman, H.J.
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2 NLR test results as a database to be used in a check of crack propagation prediction models: A Garteur activity
report 1979-11-30    
Author: Van der Linden, H.H.
Keywords: Crack propagation · Aluminium alloys · Flight simulation · F-27 aircraft · Metal sheets · Power spectra · Load t e s ts · Amplitudes · Data bases · Gust loads · Gust loads · Cyclic loads · Stress intensity factors · Computer programs · Data base · Pseudo random sequences · Stress ratio
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3 A collection of aircraft stability and control characteristics
report 1971-12-31    
Author: Praal, B.R.

4 Een remote sensing dataverwerkingsstysteem voor de Nederlandse gebruiker: Een studie naar systeemmogelijkheden en kosten
report 1980-07-10    
Author: Binnenkade, P. · Bunnik, N.J.J. · Van Ingen Schenau, H.A. · Slaats, J.H.A.M.M. · Verhoef, W.
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5 Application of model following control and estimation techniques to attitude control of manoeuvring spacecraft Part II: Simulation software description
report 1982-10-15    
Author: Terpstra, A.P. · Van den Dam, R.F. · Van Woerkom, P.T.L.M. · Zwartbol, T.
Keywords: computer programs · digital simulation · control simulation · satellite attitude control · FORTRAN · CDC computers · reaction wheels · gyroscopes · optical sensors · plotting · flow charts · run time (computers) · airborne/spaceborne computers · Infrared Astronomy Satellite
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6 Human cognition modelling in ATM safety assessment
report 2001-02-28    
Author: Blom, H.A.P. · Daams, J. · Nijhuis, H.B.

7 The role of grain size in embrittlement of archaeological silver
report 2001-03-16    
Author: Wanhill, R.J.H.
Keywords: archaeological silver · embrittlement · grain size · grain boundaries · cracks · segregation · corrosion

8 Mode detection with an optimised array in a model turbofan engine intake at varying shaft speeds
report 2001-03-22    
Author: Rademaker, E.R. · Sijtsma, P. · Tester, B.J.

9 Review of aeronautical fatigue investigations in the Netherlands during the period March 1993 - march 1995
report 1995-02-22    
Author: De Jonge, J.B.

10 Demonstration of an automated CFD system for three-dimensional flow simulations
report 1995-04-04    
Author: Van der Burg, J.W. · Maseland, J.E.J. · Hagmeijer, R. · De Cock, K.M.J.
Keywords: Aircraft configurations · Computational grids · Computational fluid dynamics · Computer aided design · Graphical user interface · Hypersonic flow · Intake systems · Numerical flow visualization · Run time (computers) · Three dimensional models · Transonic flow · Triangulation

11 The influence of starter notches on flight simulation fatigue crack growth
report 1995-03-15    
Author: Wanhill, R.J.H. · Schra, L.
Keywords: Aluminum alloys Cumulative damage · Crack initiation Crack tips · Fatigue life Flight simulation · Inspection Notch sensitivity · Hole geometry (mechanics) · Crack opening displacement · Gust loads · Specimen geometry

12 The contact problem for linear continuous-time dynamical systems: a system theoretical approach
report 1995-06-28    
Author: Ten Dam, A.A. · Dwarshuis, E. · Willems, J.C.
Keywords: collsion modelling, constrained behaviours, contact problem, constrained linear systems, inequality constraints

13 Application of genetic algorithms to the design of airfoil pressure distributions
report 1995-09-29    
Author: Kuiper, H. · Van der Wees, A.J. · Hendriks, C.F.W. · Labrujère, T.E.
Keywords: Aerodynamic characteristics · Airfoils · Design analysis · Drag coefficients · Fitness · Genetic algorithms · Optimization · Penalty function · Pressure distribution · Software tools

14 Concepts for optical diagnostic instrumentation in facilities for micro-G fluid science
report 1995-05-01    
Author: Kramer, A.J. · Van den Assem, D.

15 Attitude estimation for low-cost spacecraft equipped with GPS
report 1995-12-20    
Author: Chu, Q.P. · Van Woerkom, P.T.L.M. · Zwartbol, T.
Keywords: attitude motion, estimation. Global Positioning System (GPS), GPS simulator, spacecraft attitude estimation, spacecraft operation and mission support, signal processing

16 Towards Integrated Analysis of Gas Turbine Components for Life Prediction
report 2000-05-04    
Author: Hagmeijer, R. · De Boer, A. · Tinga, T. · Ten Hoeve, H.J., et al

17 Overview of NLR Free Flight Project 1997 -1999
report 2000-05-31    
Author: Hoekstra, J.M. · Ruigrok, R. · Van Gent, R.N.W.H. · Visser, J. · Gijsbers, B., et al

18 The influence of modelling asymmetric lateral track dispersion on aircraft noise level predictions
report 2000-09-30    
Author: Wubben, F.J.M. · Vogels, M.E.S. · Ten Have, H.B.G.

19 Propagation lifetime calculation of the P&W compressor fan disc Life prediction based on crack growth
report 2000-05-31    
Author: Kogenhop, O.

20 Fatigue and corrosion in aircraft pressure cabin lap splices
report 2000-07-19    
Author: Wanhill, R.J.H. · Koolloos, M.F.J.

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