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1 The proposed goodyear modular mat type scrap tire floating breakwater
report 1974-09-30    
Author: Candle, R.D. · Piper, D.R.
Keywords: tyre breakwater · tire breakwater · floating breakwater
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2 AmWaj Island development, Bahrain: Physical modelling of submerged breakwaters
report 2002-04-01    
Author: Smith, G.M.
Keywords: submerged breakwater
[PDF] [Abstract]

3 Scrap tire shore protection structures
report 1975-01-01    
Author: Candle, R.D. · Fischer, W.J.
Keywords: tyre breakwater · tire breakwater · floating breakwater · artificial reef structure
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4 Influence of offshore breakwaters on coastal sediment transport rates and coastline morphology
report 1995-05-01    
Author: Zachariah, R.E.
Contributor: Verhagen, H.J. · De Vroeg, J.H.
Keywords: offshore breakwater · detached breakwater · salient · tombolo
[PDF] [Abstract]

5 Evaluation of Negombo offshore breakwater scheme
report 1995-12-01    
Author: Fernando, C.
Contributor: Verhagen, H.J.
Keywords: Sri Lanka · offshore breakwater · detached breakwater · Negombo
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6 Hydraulic Response of Rubble Mound Breakwaters: Scale Effects - Berm Breakwaters
report 2006-12-01    
Author: Lykke Andersen, T.
Keywords: berm breakwater · overtopping · rubble mound · breakwater
[PDF] [Abstract]

7 Reef breakwater response to wave attack
report 1989-01-01    
Author: Ahrens, J.P.
Keywords: berm breakwaters · reef breakwater
[PDF] [Abstract]

8 A monograph on rubble mound breakwaters
report 1984-11-01    
Author: Juul Jensen, O.
Keywords: breakwater · armour units
[PDF] [Abstract]

9 Havendammen Scheveningen: Vergelijking van enkele profielen
report 1966-04-01    
Author: Van Oorschot, J.H.
Keywords: havendam · breakwater · Scheveningen · golfoverslag
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10 Havendammen Europoort, stortsystemen blokkentransportvaartuigen: Verslag modelonderzoek
report 1969-01-01    
Author: Van Oorschot, J.
Keywords: havendam · breakwater · Europoort · Blokkenschepen
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11 Berekening van stortsteen golfbrekers met het Iribarren getal
report 1980-03-01    
Author: Verhagen, H.J.
Keywords: breakwater · golfbreker · breuksteen · iribarrengetal
[PDF] [Abstract]

12 A numerical wave flume to study the functionality and stability of coastal structures
report 2005-10-01    
Author: Lara, J.L.
Keywords: VOF model · breakwater
[PDF] [Abstract]

13 Rubble mound breakwater failure modes
report 1995-12-31    
Author: Burcharth, H.F. · Liu, Z.
Keywords: breakwater · failure mode
[PDF] [Abstract]

14 Verification of BREAKWAT for berm breakwaters and low-crested structures
report 1990-06-01    
Author: Van der Meer, J.W.
Keywords: berm breakwater · breakwat
[PDF] [Abstract]

15 Laboratory investigation of rubble-mound breakwaters
report 1959-09-01    
Author: Hudson, R.Y.
Keywords: armour stability · breakwater · Hudson
[PDF] [Abstract]

16 2D and 1D numerical model simulations for the effect of a single detached breakwater on the shore
report 1997-06-01    
Author: Ahmed, A.S.M.
Contributor: Van Rijn, L.C. · Verhagen, H.J. · Bos, K.J.
Keywords: detached breakwater · coastal morphology
[PDF] [Abstract]

17 Nieuwe havenmond voor Rotterdam
report 1976-03-01    
Author: Anonyous, A.
Keywords: harbour entrance · breakwater
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18 Stabiliteit van gezette steenbekledingen op havendammen, afleiding van een verbeterde toetsmethode voor de toplaag
report 2006-02-01    
Author: Kuipe, C. · Klein Breteler, M. · Booster, L.N. · Eysink, W.
Keywords: steenzetting · havendam · breakwater · blokkenbekleding
[PDF] [Abstract]

19 Set-up to design guidance for the Crablock armour unit
report 2014-09-26    
Author: Bonfantini, F.
Contributor: Van der Meer, J.W. · Dastgheib, A.
Keywords: Crablock · armour unit · breakwater
[PDF] [Abstract]

20 Computer aided evaluation of the reliability of a breakwater design
report 1985-07-01    
Author: Barends, F.B.J. · Van Dijk, J.J.
Keywords: breakwater · computer aided design
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