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1 Learning from French experiences with storm Xynthia; damages after a flood
report 2010-09-01    
Author: Kolen, B. · Slomp, R. · Van Balen, W. · Terpstra, T. · Bottema, M. · Nieuwenhuis, S.
Keywords: storm surge · flooding · Xynthia
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2 CPI-Central Province Initiative to Mitigate Natural Disasters in Central Vietnam
report 2000-07-14    
Author: Anonymous, A.
Keywords: Vietnam · Hue · Danang · flooding
[PDF] [Abstract]

3 RIVERSandLAND: Dikes for eternity, an ace up our sleeve
report 2001-04-12    
Author: Wondergem, P.J.M.
Keywords: rivers · safety against flooding
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4 Tijdelijke en flexibele waterkeringen, produktcatalogus
report 2006-10-31    
Author: Van Dorst, M.A.M. · Van Oosten, R.P.
Keywords: dike · flooding · tijdelijke waterkering · noodkering
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5 Sea dikes northern part of Vietnam
report 1996-05-01    
Author: Pilarczyk, K.W. · Eversdijk, P.J. · Kant, G.
Keywords: Vietnam · sea dikes · flooding · typhoon
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6 Evaluation of floodplain management strategies: the added value of wetlands
report 2002-01-14    
Author: Anonymous, A.
Keywords: flooding · water retention · denitrification · Rhine
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7 Standards for the repair of buildings following flooding
report 2005-01-01    
Author: Garvin, S. · Reid, J. · Scott, M.
Keywords: flooding · repair of buildigns · refurbishment · disaster management
[PDF] [Abstract]

8 Central provinces initiative, partnership to mitigate natural disasters in Central Vietnam: Summary report
report 2000-09-22    
Author: Anonymus, A.
Keywords: Vietnam · flood mitigation · natural disasters · flooding
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9 From probability of exceendance to probability of flooding
report 2000-06-30    
Author: Anonymous, A.
Contributor: Van der Kleij, W.
Keywords: probability · flooding · flood exceedance · flood risk
[PDF] [Abstract]

10 A different approach to water: water management policy in the 21st century
report 2000-12-01    
Author: Anonymous, A.
Contributor: De Vries, J.M.
Keywords: water management · coastal protection · climate change · policy · protection against flooding
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Showing 1 to 10 of 10 found. | Sort by date