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1 A comparative Study and Application of Revetment Design Methods
report 1991-04-01    
Author: Ogunbambi, H.A. · Rigter, B.
Contributor: Maier, A.D.
Keywords: revetment
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2 Asphalt revetments on dyke slopes
report 1977-01-01    
Author: Anonymus, A.
Keywords: asphalt · revetment · bituminous revetment
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3 Bemessung und Kostenuntersuchung für das elastomere Deckwerk ELASTOCOAST und konventionelle Deckwerke für den Küstenschutz
report 2009-11-01    
Author: Grimm, C.
Contributor: Oumeraci, H. · Dittrich, A. · Staal, T. · Liebisch, S.
Keywords: revetment · Elastocoast
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4 Wave forces and structure response of placed block revetments on inclined structures
report 1995-01-01    
Author: Pilarczyk, K.W. · Klein Breteler, M. · Bezuijen, A.
Keywords: block revetment
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5 Flexible armoured revetmentss incorporating geotextiles
report 1984-03-29    
Author: Anonymus, A.
Keywords: revetment · geoptextile
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6 Failure modes for revetments and dunes
report 2007-02-01    
Author: Doorn, N.
Keywords: revetment · grass revetment · failure mode · block revetment · asphalt revetment
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7 Stability of terrafix blocks under wave attack
report 1979-01-01    
Author: Skafel, M.G.
Keywords: revetment · block revetment · block mat
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8 Criteria voor toepassing van bekledingen op waterkeringen: hulpmiddel voor ontwikkeling van innovatieve dijkbekledingen
report 2010-09-06    
Author: Caljouw, M.
Contributor: Van den Berg, A. · Kraneveld, M. · Spaargaren, G.R.
Keywords: dijkbekleding · revetment · block revetment · innovation
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9 Hillblock model tests, 2D model testing report
report 2011-03-15    
Author: Muttray, M.O.
Keywords: hillblock · revetment block · block revetment
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10 Early colonization of littoral communities on polyurethane coated substrates: a field and laboratory study
report 2008-06-23    
Author: Lock, M.C.
Contributor: Lazonder, C. · Van der Geest, H.G.
Keywords: Elastocoast · Polyurethane · Algae · Revetment
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11 Leidraad cementbetonnen dijkbekledingen (inclusief achtergrondrapport)
report 1984-05-01    
Author: Wolsink, G.M.
Keywords: revetment · glooiing · dijkbekleding
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12 Leidraad Keuzemethodiek dijk- en oeverbekledingen (deel 1 en 2)
report 1988-01-01    
Author: Riemsdijk van Eldik, J.
Keywords: dijkbekleding · revetment · keuzecriteria
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13 Elastocoast pilots in the Netherlands: 2008-2009 extended monitoring
report 2009-05-11    
Author: Bijlsma, E.
Keywords: Elastocoast · revetment · polyurethane
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14 Afschuiving steenzettingen en stabiliteit teenconstructie in relatie tot klemming toplaag
report 2010-02-01    
Author: t Hart, R.
Keywords: dijkbekleding · Block Revetment · afschuiven
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15 Documentatie Steetoets2008 en Stentoets2010
report 2012-02-01    
Author: Klein Breteler, M.
Keywords: steenzetting · steentoets · revetment
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16 Effectieve duur van langeduurbelasting met variërende golfhoogte: Stabiliteit van steenzettingen
report 2012-02-01    
Author: Klein Breteler, M.
Keywords: steenzetting · duurbelasting · revetment · dijkbekleding
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17 Sea dikes northern part of Viet Nam (Red river dikes): Review
report 1996-05-01    
Author: Pilarczyk, K.W. · Eversdijk, P.J. · Kant, G.
Keywords: sea dike · Vietnam · revetment
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18 Erosion of sediment through cellular revetment blocks applied as slope protection along coasts and inland waterways
report 1988-01-01    
Author: Klein Breteler, M. · Laboyrie, J.H. · Verheij, H.J.
Keywords: block revetment · permeability · erosion
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19 Toetsing ingegoten bekledingen, bestaande kennis en kennisleemten
report 2003-10-01    
Author: Meijers, P. · Klein Breteler, M.
Keywords: glooiing · dijkbekleding · block revetment
[PDF] [Abstract]

20 Onderzoek naar de duurzaamheid van waterbouwasfalt-dijkbekledingen: Fasen 1 en 2
report 1991-07-01    
Author: Herpen, J.A.
Keywords: asfalt · dijkbekleding · revetment · waterbouwasfalt
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