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1 Fluvial design guide
report 2010-03-01    
Author: Ackers, J.C. · Rickard, C.J. · Gill, D.S.
Keywords: river management · river engineering
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2 Manual of River Restoration Techniques
report 2002-01-01    
Author: Anonymous, A.
Keywords: river management · river restoration
[PDF] [Abstract]

3 River training works
report 2004-01-01    
Author: Te Slaa, G.
Keywords: river management · river training · river regulation
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4 Neue Erkenntnisse über physikalische und ökologische Prozesse an Buhnenfeldern (New insights in the physical and ecological processes in groyne fields)
report 2001-10-22    
Author: Van Mazijk, A. · Weitbrecht, V.
Keywords: river groynes
[PDF] [Abstract]

5 Guidelines for rehabilitation and management of floodplains: ecology and safety combined
report 2001-12-01    
Author: Wolters, H.A. · Platteeuw, M. · Schoor, M.M.
Keywords: river management · river levels · nature friendly shorelines
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6 Morfodynâmica do Cabedelo da Foz dor Rio Douro: Perspectiva histórica e monitorizaçao por gps para o conhecimento da sua evoluçao acutal.
report 2003-09-02    
Author: Rodirgues Viera de Jesus, M.E.
Contributor: Correia, E.
Keywords: Douro · Estuary · River mouth · River bar
[PDF] [Abstract]

7 Hydro-morphogical study Douro Estuary
report 1982-11-01    
Author: Verhagen, H.J.
Keywords: estuary · Douro river · tidal inlet · river bar
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8 River capacity improvement and partial floodplain reactivation along the Middle-Tisza - Scenario analysis
report 2009-05-26    
Author: Tóth, S.
Keywords: Hydrological modelling · River · River capacity improvement
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9 Luanika waterway
report 1978-07-01    
Author: Verhagen, H.J.
Keywords: Zambezi · Zambia · river morphology
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10 Irma-Sponge proposal
report 1999-10-01    
Author: Anonymous, A.
Keywords: river management · Rhine · Meuse
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11 Evaluation and recommendations for river bank protection at Faridpur District Town - Padma River
report 2005-11-30    
Author: Anonymus, N.N.
Keywords: Protection River bank · Faridpur District Town · Padma River

12 Bank erosion prediction and mitigation measures along the lower Mekong river
report 2006-05-01    
Author: Nguyen, N.H.
Contributor: Klaassen, G.J. · Pilarczyk, K.W.
Keywords: Mekong · river banks · erosion · bank protection · river groynes
[PDF] [Abstract]

13 Morfologische effecten van zandwinning in de Merwedes
report 2007-05-01    
Author: Mosselman, E. · Wijbenga, J.H.A.
Keywords: riviermorfologie · river morphology · rivieren · rivers · riviermonden · river mouths · Waal

14 Morphology of the mouth of the river Douro (Portugal)
report 1983-11-01    
Author: Verhagen, H.J.
Keywords: Douro · estuary · river mouth · morphological models · river bar
[PDF] [Abstract]

15 La protection du site CURGO - Kabezi -Bujumbura contre les risques hydrologiques dans le bassin de la riviere Nyabage: Etude de formulation d'une operation de conservation
report 2012-07-11    
Author: Moeyersons, J. · Trefois, P.
Keywords: mudflow · river engineering · Burundi · river flood · storm runoff
[PDF] [Abstract]

16 Hydro-morphological study Douro Estuary (8); Analysis of old charts
report 1983-01-01    
Author: Verhagen, H.J.
Keywords: Douro · Leixoes · Porto · Estuary · river mouth · river bar
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17 Climate change and water resources management - 4th Yangtze Forum
report 2011-04-01    
Author: Anonymus, A.
Keywords: water resources management · Yangtse river · river basin management · climate change
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18 Feni closure dam, final design report
report 1983-09-01    
Author: Van Duivendijk, J.
Keywords: closure dam · Feni river · Bangladesh
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19 Discussion of bedload movement formulas of Kalinske, Einstein and Meyer-Peter and Müller and their application to recent measurements of beload in the rivers in Holland
report 1952-01-01    
Author: Frijlink, H.C.
Contributor: Thomas, C.W.
Keywords: sediment transport · rivers · river morphology
[PDF] [Abstract]

20 Morfologie en herinrichting
report 2001-08-01    
Author: Mosselman, E. · Barneveld, H.J. · Vriend, H.J. de
Keywords: riviermorfologie · river morphology · uiterwaarden · floodplains

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