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1 Verslag van de stormvloed van 21 en 22 december 2003
report 2003-12-01    
Author: Van der Hee, I.
Keywords: sediment transport
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2 Lecture notes on sediment transport 1
report 1974-01-01    
Author: Breusers, H.N.C.
Keywords: sediment transport
[PDF] [Abstract]

3 Lecture notes on sediment transport 1
report 1983-01-01    
Author: Breusers, H.N.C.
Keywords: sediment transport
[PDF] [Abstract]

4 Formulas for Bed-Load transport
report 1948-06-07    
Author: Meyer-Peter, E. · Müller, R.
Keywords: sediment transport · bed load
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5 Source and distribution of sediments at Brunswick harbor and vicinity, Georgia
report 1965-03-01    
Author: Neiheisel, J.
Keywords: sediment · grain size
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6 Coastal sedimentation: Point San Pedro to Miramontes Point, California
report 1965-08-01    
Author: Sayles, F.L.
Keywords: sediment · grain size · sedimentation
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7 Notes on tidal inlets on sandy shores
report 1976-02-01    
Author: O'Brien, M.P.
Keywords: tidal inlet · sediment transport
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8 Budget of littoral sands in the vicinity of Point Arguello, California
report 1966-12-01    
Author: Bowen, A.J. · Inman, D.L.
Keywords: sediment transport · coastline
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9 Literatuurstudie materiaaltransport door golven
report 1972-08-01    
Author: Obdam, H.J.
Keywords: sediment transport · golven · zandtransport
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10 Diffusion of sediment in a non-uniform flow field
report 1967-12-01    
Author: Apmann, R.P. · Rumer, R.R.
Keywords: diffusion · sediment · waves
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11 Invers Sediment Transport Model (ISTM): versie 2.00 met voorstellen tot verdere verbetering
report 2000-01-01    
Author: Boogaard, H.F.P. van den · Winterwerp, J.C. · Koster, A.W.J.
Keywords: sedimenttransportmodellen · sediment transport models

12 Design and specifications of OPCON: an optical system for instantaneous sediment concentration measurements
report 1984-06-01    
Author: Bosman, J.J.
Keywords: sedimentconcentratiemeting · sediment concentration measurement

13 Lecture notes on local scour
report 1979-01-01    
Author: Breusers, H.N.C.
Keywords: scour · sediment transport
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14 Sedimentstrategie voor de ZW Delta: een verkenning van kansen
report 2012-10-01    
Author: Mulder, J. · Taal, M. · Tangelder, M. · Jansen, H. · Henkes, R. · Werners, S.
Keywords: sediment · deltagebied · estuarium
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15 Influence of a sloping bed on the sediment transport direction
report 1986-08-01    
Author: Van Mierlo, M.C.L.M.
Keywords: sediment transport · river morphology
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16 Grain-size correction for the contents of butyltin compounds in sediment
report 2003-09-01    
Author: Smedes, F. · Nummerdor, G.A.N.
Keywords: butyltin · correction · sediment · pollution
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17 Het ontwikkelen van chronische in vivo bioassays voor brakke en mariene sedimenten
report 2003-01-01    
Author: Postma, J. · Derksen, A. · Van den Heuvel-Greve, M. · Vethaak, D.
Keywords: sediment · chemie · bodemvervuiling · bioassays
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18 Self-weight consolidation on impervious bases
report 1990-04-01    
Author: Hu, S.
Keywords: cohesive sediment · consolidaton
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19 Drie-dimensionale modellering van het transport van zwevend stof in de Nederlandse kustwateren
report 1995-03-01    
Author: De Kok, J.M. · Salden, R.M. · Rozendaal, I.D.M.
Keywords: sediment · sediment transport · zwevend transport · numeriek-wiskundig model · modellering · kustwateren
[PDF] [Abstract]

20 Shear-Stress and Sediment Distribution in a Meander Bend
report 1974-01-01    
Author: Hooke, R.L.B.
Keywords: bed shear stress · sediment discharge · sediment transport · meandering · river bends
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