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1 Static stability of loose materials under wave attack: New design formulae and probabilistic approach
report 1990-10-11    
Author: Koster, M.J.
Keywords: armour stability · rock stability · breakwaters
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2 Reshaping breakwaters: hydrodynamc and stone movements
report 1992-01-01    
Author: Andersen, O.H. · Norton, P. · Tomasicchio, G.R.
Keywords: berm breakwaters · stone stability
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3 Stabiliteit breuksteen bij ondiepe voorlanden
report 2004-01-07    
Author: Van der Meer, J.W.
Keywords: shallow foreshores · armour stability
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4 Xbloc armour unit development - hydraulic performance of Xbloc armour units, 2D model tests at WL Delft
report 2003-07-01    
Author: Anonymus, A.
Keywords: breakwaters · armour stability · Xbloc
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5 The influence of armourstone shape and rounding on the stability of breakwater armour layers
report 1988-09-01    
Author: Latham, J.P. · Mannion, M.B. · Poole, A.B. · Bradbury, A.P. · Allsop, N.W.H.
Keywords: breakwaters · armour stability · roundness
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6 A critical review of the hydraulics of rubble mound structures
report 1974-01-01    
Author: Bruun, P. · Johannesson, P.
Keywords: breakwaters · armour stability
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7 Velocity force on submerged rocks
report 1958-04-01    
Author: Cox, R.G.
Keywords: shields · Isbash · stone stability
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8 Laboratory investigation of rubble-mound breakwaters
report 1959-09-01    
Author: Hudson, R.Y.
Keywords: armour stability · breakwater · Hudson
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9 Sizing of a toe berm armor stone on rubble-mound breakwater and jetty trunks designed for depth-limited breaking waves
report 1987-09-01    
Author: Markle, D.G.
Keywords: armour stability · breakwater · depth limited condition · toe · toe stability
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10 ON OFFSHORE SCOUR AND SCOUR PROTECTION with the Ekofisk site as an example
report 1973-12-11    
Author: Bringaker, C. G. · Moshagen, H.
Keywords: scour · bottom velocities · stability criteria
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11 Review of proposed section of Accropode and Xbloc stability for CRESS update
report 2006-01-24    
Author: Muttray, M.
Keywords: breakwaters · armour stability · Accropode · Xbloc
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12 Dynamic structural response of Core-Loc
report 1997-12-01    
Author: Turk, G.F. · Melby, J.A.
Keywords: breakwaters · armour stability · core-loc
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13 Zeegrind, begin van beweging op een talud
report 1972-02-01    
Author: Thabet, R.
Keywords: Shields · zeegrind · bed stability · bodembescherming
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14 Improvement of slope stability of dikes by application of geotextile or geogrid materials
report 1994-03-01    
Author: Ndikilo, E.W.
Contributor: Petry, B. · Termaat, R. · Voskamp, W. · Lubking, P.
Keywords: river dikes · geotechnical stability · geotextiles
[PDF] [Abstract]

15 Stability formula for breakwaters armoured with Accropode
report 1987-09-01    
Author: Van der Meer, J.W.
Keywords: Accropode · armour unit · breakwater stability
[PDF] [Abstract]

16 Stability of toe and scour protection
report 1997-05-01    
Author: Juhl, J. · Archetti, R.
Keywords: berm breakwaters · toe stability · scour protection
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17 Flood-Side Wave Erosion of Earthen Levees: Present State of Knowledge and Assessment of Armoring Necessity
report 2010-08-01    
Author: Hughes, S.A.
Keywords: dikes · levees · sea dikes · geotechnical stability
[PDF] [Abstract]

18 Stormvloedkering Oosterschelde : stabiliteit damaanzetten
report 1979-02-01    
Author: Wouters, J.
Keywords: Oosterschelde · rubble dams · stabiliteit · stability · stortsteendammen · Zeeland

19 Geleidelijke sluiting- VI : invloed van de vorm en gradering op de stabiliteit van stortsteen
report 1965-12-01    
Author: Breusers, H.N.C.
Keywords: dammen · dams · rubble · stabiliteit · stability · stortsteen

20 Geleidelijke sluiting - X : stabiliteit van dammen opgebouwd uit betonblokken
report 1968-02-01    
Author: Wiggers, J.B.M.
Keywords: betonblokken · concrete blocks · dammen · dams · stabiliteit · stability

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