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1 Burrowing schrimps and seagrass dynamics in shallow-water meadows off Bolonao (NW Philippines)
Dissertation 2008-09-26    
Author: Nacorda, H.M.
Promotor: Van Viersen, W. · Vermaat, J.E.
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2 Burrowing schrimps and seagrass dynamics in shallow-water meadows off bolinao (Nw Philippines)
Dissertation 2008-09-26    
Author: Nacorda, H.M.
Promotor: Van Vierssen, W. · Vermaat, J.E.
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3 Development of an environmental impact assessment and decision support system for seawater desalination plants
Dissertation 2010-02-09    
Author: Lattemann, S.
Promotor: Amy, G. · Höpner, T.
Keywords: desalination · reverse osmosis · energy · environment · impact
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4 Multiple Objective Treatment Aspects of Bank Filtration
Dissertation 2010-10-29    
Author: Maeng, S.K.
Promotor: Amy, G.L.
Keywords: bank filtration · artificial recharge · managed aquifer recharge · organic micropollutants · pharmaceutically active compounds · quantitative structure activity relationship · endocrine disrupting compounds
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5 Optimisation of monitoring networks for water systems: Information theory, value of information and public participation
Dissertation 2010-11-16    
Author: Alfonso Segura, J.L.
Promotor: Price, R.K.

6 Role of sediment in the design and management of irrigation canals
Dissertation 2010-11-17    
Author: Paudel, K.P.
Promotor: Schultz, E. · Shakya, N.M.

7 Effect of Algal Biofilm and Operational Conditions on Nitrogen Removal in Wastewater Stabilization Ponds
Dissertation 2011-01-28    
Author: Babu, M.
Promotor: Gijzen, H.J.

8 Eco-hydraulic modelling of eutrophication for reservoir management
Dissertation 2009-12-07    
Author: Jung, N.C.
Promotor: Price, R.K.

9 Integrating GIS, remote sensing and mathematical modelling for surface water quality management in irrigated watersheds
Dissertation 2012-01-24    
Author: Azab, A.M.
Promotor: Price, R.K.
Keywords: Watershed · shallow lakes · drainage · hydrodynamic modelling · water quality modelling · eutrophication · nutrients · Chla · remote sensing · calibration · information systems
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10 Pattern Recognition for Reliability Assessment of Water Distribution Networks
Dissertation 2012-02-13    
Author: Trifunović, N.
Promotor: Vairavamoorthy, K.
Keywords: network modelling · network resilience · reliability index · reliability pattern · asset management
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11 Transport of multiple Escherichia coli strains in saturated porous media
Dissertation 2012-01-12    
Author: Lutterodt, G.
Promotor: Uhlenbrook, S.
Keywords: Escherichia coli · minimum sticking efficiency · springs · cell characteristics · columns · transport distances
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12 Predicting Storm Surges: Chaos, Computational Intelligence, Data Assimilation, Ensembles
Dissertation 2011-12-06    
Author: Siek, M.B.L.A.
Promotor: Solomatine, D.P.
Keywords: ocean wave prediction · nonlinear dynamics and chaos theory · neural networks · optimization · dimensionality reduction · phase error correction · incomplete time series · multi-model ensemble prediction · data-driven modelling · computational intelligence · hydroinformatics
[PDF] [Abstract]

13 Sustainable Irrigation Development in the White Volta Sub-Basin
Dissertation 2011-12-13    
Author: Ofosu, E.A.
Promotor: Van der Zaag, P. · Van de Giesen, N.C.
Keywords: Ghana · Burkina Faso · private-led irrigation · government-led irrigation · productivity · trade-offs · small-scale irrigation
[PDF] [Abstract]

14 Modelling Morphological Response of Large Tidal Inlet Systems to Sea Level Rise
Dissertation 2011-12-12    
Author: Dissanayake, P.K.
Promotor: Roelvink, J.A.
Keywords: sea level rise · tidal inlet · tidal flat · inlet morphodynamics · climate change · Ameland inlet · Wadden Sea
[PDF] [Abstract]

15 The Economics of Sustainable Urban Water Management: The Case of Beijing
Dissertation 2011-10-05    
Author: Liang, X.
Promotor: Van Dijk, M.P.

16 Particulate and organic matter fouling of SWRO systems: Characterization, modelling and applications
Dissertation 2011-10-03    
Author: Salinas Rodríguez, S.G.
Promotor: Amy, G.L. · Kennedy, M.D.
Keywords: particulate · organic · seawater · reverse osmosis · MFI · fouling
[PDF] [Abstract]

17 Private Sector Involvement in Urban Solid Waste Collection: Performance, Capacity, and Regulation in Five Cities in Ghana
Dissertation 2011-08-29    
Author: Oduro-Kwarteng, S.
Promotor: Van Dijk, M.P.
Keywords: solid waste · solid waste collection · private sector involvement · regulation · capacity · performance · public service · environmental sanitation
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18 Understanding hydrological variability for improved water management in the Semi-Arid Karkheh basin, Iran
Dissertation 2011-06-21    
Author: Masih, I.
Promotor: Uhlenbrook, S.
Keywords: hydrology · spatiotemporal variability · trends · hydrological modeling · regionalization · HBV model · areal precipitation · SWAT model · water allocation · downstream flows · agriculture, environment · Karkheh basin · Iran
[PDF] [Abstract]

19 Anticipatory Water Management: Using ensemble weather forecasts for critical events
Dissertation 2009-11-03    
Author: Van Andel, S.J.
Promotor: Price, R.K.
[PDF] [Abstract]

20 Adsorptive removal of manganese, arsenic and iron from groundwater
Dissertation 2009-10-28    
Author: Buamah, R.
Promotor: Schippers, J.C. · Petrusevski, B.
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