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1 Modeling estuarine morphodynamics under combined river and tidal forcing
Dissertation 2014-12-08    
Author: Guo, L.C.
Promotor: Roelvink, J.A. · He, Q.
Keywords: estuary · morphodynamic · tidal asymmetry · river discharge · river tide · modeling
[PDF] [Abstract]

2 Cellular automata and artificial intelligence in ecohydraulics modelling
Dissertation 2004-06-01    
Author: Chen, Q.
Promotor: Mynett, A.E.
Keywords: environmental hydroinformatics · cellular automata · artificial intelligence · eutrophication · ecohydraulics · computer modelling

3 Burrowing shrimps and seagrass dynamics in shallow-water meadows off Bolinao (NW Philippines)
Dissertation 2008-09-26    
Author: Nacorda, H.M.
Promotor: Van Vierssen, W. · Vermaat, J.E.

4 Sustainable management after irrigation system transfer: experiences in Colombia: the RUT irrigation district
Dissertation 2006-09-05    
Author: Cobo, N.U.
Promotor: Schultz, E.
[PDF] [Abstract]

5 Dam break modelling, risk assessment and uncertainty analysis for flood mitigation
Dissertation 2007-09-24    
Author: Zagonjolli, M.
Promotor: Mynett, A.E.
[PDF] [Abstract]

6 The use and fate of pesticides in vegetable-based agroecosystems in Ghana
Dissertation 2008-01-17    
Author: Ntow, W.J.
Promotor: Gijzen, H.J.
[PDF] [Abstract]

7 Transport of Escherichia coli in saturated porous media
Dissertation 2007-06-08    
Author: Foppen, J.W.A.
Promotor: Uhlenbrook, S. · Stuyfzand, P.J.
[PDF] [Abstract]

8 A constructed treatment wetland for pulp and paper mill wastewater: performance, processes and implications for the Nzoia River, Kenya
Dissertation 2008-01-23    
Author: Abira, M.A.
Promotor: Denny, P. · van Bruggen, J.J.A.
[PDF] [Abstract]

9 An integrated approach for the improvement of flood control and drainage schemes in the coastal belt of Bangladesh
Dissertation 2002-09-17    
Author: Liakath, A.M.
Promotor: Schultz, E. · Nishat, A.

10 Development and management of irrigated lands in Tigray, Nigeria
Dissertation 2005-11-02    
Author: Hagos, E.Y.
Promotor: Schultz, B. · Haile, M.

11 Hydroinformatics as sociotechnology: promoting individual stakeholder participation by using network distributed decision support systems
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2002-02-28    
Author: Jonoski, A.
Promotor: Abbott, M.B.

12 Advanced inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry analysis of rare earth elements environmental applications
Dissertation 1999-11-22    
Author: Zhu, W.
Promotor: Alaerts, G.J.F.R. · Witkamp, G.J.

13 Artificial neural networks as subsymbolic process descriptors
Dissertation 1998-03-02    
Author: Minns, A.W.
Promotor: Abbott, M.B.

14 A tradition in transition: water management reforms and indigenous spate irrigation systems in Eritrea
Dissertation 2007-04-27    
Author: Haile, A.M.
Promotor: Schultz, B. · Struik, P.C.
[PDF] [Abstract]

15 Fingerponds: seasonal integrated aquaculture in East African freshwater wetlands exploring their potential for wise use strategies
Dissertation 2006-12-20    
Author: Kipkemboi, J.
Promotor: Denny, P.

16 Effect of operational variables of nitrogen transformations in duckweed stabilization ponds
Dissertation 2005-03-23    
Author: Caicedo Bejarano, J.R.
Promotor: Gijzen, H.J. · Van der Steen, N.P.

17 Enhanced stabilisation of municipal solid waste in bioreactor landfills
Dissertation 2008-07-03    
Author: Vasquez, R.V.
Promotor: Gijzen, H.J. · Lubberding, H.J.

18 Salt Intrusion, Tides and Mixing in Multi-channel Estuaries
Dissertation 2008-02-22    
Author: Nguyen, A.D.
Promotor: Savenije, H.H.G.
[PDF] [Abstract]

19 Anticipatory Water Management: Using ensemble weather forecasts for critical events
Dissertation 2009-11-03    
Author: Van Andel, S.J.
Promotor: Price, R.K.
[PDF] [Abstract]

20 Adsorptive removal of manganese, arsenic and iron from groundwater
Dissertation 2009-10-28    
Author: Buamah, R.
Promotor: Schippers, J.C. · Petrusevski, B.
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