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1 De rol van het Woningwaarderingsstelsel in het huidige woonbeleid
Master thesis Architecture     2011-07-01    
Author: Drentje, A.C.
Mentor: Boelhouwer, P.J. · Soeter, J.P. · Boumeester, H.J.F.M.
Keywords: policy · rent control · valuation · housing

2 Energetische aanpak met betrekking tot de eigen woningsector - Analyse van de Blok voor Blok benadering
Master thesis Architecture     2013-04-26    
Author: Luteijn, A.
Mentor: Van den Dobbelsteen, A.A.J.F. · Boumeester, H.J.F.M. · Van Bueren, E.M. · Van Esch, P.J.A.

3 Eigen Huis Marktindicator: 4e kwartaal 2009
Internal Report OTB Research Institute     2010-02-19    
Author: Boumeester, H.J.F.M. · Lamain, C.J.M.

4 Huren in de hofstad: De betaalbaarheid van het huren in de gemeente Den Haag
Book OTB Research Institute for the Built Environment     1995-12-31    
Author: Boelhouwer, P.J. · Boumeester, H.J.F.M. · Elsinga, M.G.
Keywords: Nederland · Den Haag · huurwoningen · woonlasten · huurders

5 Woningmarktanalyse verkoop Vleugelflat gemeente Venlo
Book OTB Research Institute for the Built Environment     1998-12-31    
Author: Boelhouwer, P.J. · Gunsing, M.C. · Boumeester, H.J.F.M.
Keywords: woningmarkt · aanbodmodel · Venlo

6 Bavodorp moet blijven.... maar wel anders: Bewonersonderzoek 2011
External Research Report OTB Research Institute for the Built Environment     2011-12-31    
Author: Boumeester, H.J.F.M. · Dol, C.P. · Marien, A.A.A.

7 Factoren, veranderingen, sturing: Raadsenquête grondbeleid gemeente Enschede
External Research Report OTB Research Institute for the Built Environment     2012-05-10    
Author: Korthals Altes, W.K. · Boumeester, H.J.F.M. · Dol, C.P. · Groetelaers, D.A. · Louw, E. · De Wolff, H.W.

8 Modelling housing preferences using decision tables: method and empirical illustration
External Research Report Architecture and The Built Environment     2014-01-01    
Author: Van Middelkoop, M. · Boumeester, H.J.F.M.
Keywords: housing preferences · decision tables · decision rules · rule-induction algorithm · CHAID
[PDF] [Abstract]

9 Inner-city development for middle income households
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2012-08-22    
Author: Boerman, A.M.
Mentor: Boumeester, H.J.F.M. · Elsinga, M.G. · Van Bueren, E.M. · Van der Heijden, H.M.H.
Keywords: inner-city development · housing market · adapting to demands · housing production · financial feasibility

10 Duurdere koopwoning en wooncarriere : een modelmatige analyse van de vraagontwikkeling aan de bovenkant van de Nederlandse koopwoningmarkt
Dissertation OTB     2004-09-28    
Author: Boumeester, H.J.F.M.
Promotor: Priemus, H. · Dieleman, F.M. · Boelhouwer, P.J.
Keywords: verhuisprocessen · wooncarrieres · koopwoningen · vraagontwikkeling
[PDF] [Abstract]

11 The Affordability of Housing in the Netherlands: An Increasing Income Gap Between Renting and Owning?
Article/Letter to the Editor OTB Research Institute     2010-09-20    
Author: Haffner, M.E.A. · Boumeester, H.J.F.M.
Keywords: affordability · expenditure-to-income ratio · income inequality · the Netherlands · OA-fund TU Delft
[PDF] [Abstract]

12 Dutch social housing sector reforms: Exploring the effects on low income households
Article in monograph or in proceedings Technology, Policy and Management     2012-07-22    
Author: De Groen, A. · Pruyt, E. · Boumeester, H.J.F.M.
Keywords: housing move behaviour · Netherlands · Randstad · social housing · system dynamics
[PDF] [Abstract]

13 Labour market emancipation results in booming Dutch owner-occupied housing market
Article in monograph or in proceedings OTB Research Institute     2009-12-31    
Author: Boumeester, H.J.F.M.
Keywords: house price · housing demand · owner-occupied sector · the Netherlands
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Search results also available in MS Excel format.

Showing 1 to 13 of 13 found. | Sort by date