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1 Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Linear Time-Varying Pilot-Vehicle System Parameters
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2012-08-06    
Author: Kers, M.
Mentor: Mulder, M. · Pool, D.M. · Van Paassen, M.M. · Chu, Q.P.
Keywords: Maximum Likelihood Estimation · Human-Machine Interaction · HMI · aerospace · system identification · parameter estimation · Gauss-Newton · Boltzmann Sigmoid · control · simulation · modeling · LTV · Linear Time-Varying · MLE
file embargo until: 2016-06-01
2 Terminal area energy management trajectory optimization using interval analysis
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2008-12-04    
Author: Filipe, N.R.S.
Mentor: Mulder, J.A. · Chu, Q.P. · Barrio, A.M. · Van Kampen, E. · De Weerdt, E. · ESA/ESTEC
Keywords: trajectory optimization · interval analysis · taem · horus-2b · global optimization
file embargo until: 2016-06-01
3 Analysis of carbon exchange market and CER auction on market economics and sustainable development perspectives under the Kyoto protocol
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2006-08-17    
Author: Linatama Pawennei, M.I.
Mentor: Mulder, K.F. · Kamp, L. · Van Beers, C. · Arkesteijn, P. · Asia Carbon Group

4 The innovation coach: a tool to facilitate the front end of innovation
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2006-08-17    
Author: Nagel, R.
Mentor: Zegveld, M. · Den Hartigh, E. · Mulder, K. · Schiferli, D. · Wilbrink, T. · IBM

5 Toewerken naar een betere morgen - Een haalbaarheidsonderzoek naar het huisvesten van de middeninkomensgroep met betaalbare woningen middels woningcorporaties
Master thesis Architecture     2012-10-30    
Author: Lam, K.P.
Mentor: Mulder, A. · Hobma, F.A.M.
Keywords: middeninkomensgroep woningcorporaties DAEB

6 Observing groundwater depletion in Northern Iraq from space: A comparitive study between catchment hydrology and the GRACE satellite mission
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2013-12-19    
Author: Mulder, G.
Mentor: Olsthoorn, T.N. · Al-Manmi, D.A.M. · Schrama, E.J.O. · Smidt, E.H.
Keywords: GRACE · remote sensing · TRMM · rainfall runoff · lake volume
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7 De belemmeringen om voor Collectief Particulier Opdrachtgeverschap te kiezen als verhuisalternatief.
Master thesis Architecture     2013-01-25    
Author: Van Loon, M.P.
Mentor: Mulder, A. · Louisberg, L.M.H.J.
Keywords: Collectief · Particulier · Opdrachtgeverschap · CPO · Zelfbouw · Nieuwbouw · Belemmeringen · Volkshuisvesting · Verhuizen · Decision making
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8 Choice-Building: Incremental conversion as a means to combat office vacancy
Master thesis Architecture and The Built Environment     1988-12-16    
Author: Van Gool, A.K.
Mentor: Smit, M. · Jenne, P. · Stellingwerf, M. · Mulder, A.
Keywords: Vacant offices · Conversion · Zelfbouw · Component system · Businessmodel

9 Vinex: compacte stad met hoogwaardig openbaar vervoer? Een onderzoek naar de ruimtelijke samenhang van de doelstellingen uit de vierde nota ruimtelijke ordening extra tussen compacte verstedelijking en inpassing van hoogwaardig openbaar vervoer.
Master thesis Architecture     2005-07-22    
Author: Zijlstra, S.
Mentor: Mulder, A., drs · Stouten, P.l.M. · Bach, B. · Lans, W.
Keywords: sustainable housing transformations · vinex · hoogwaardig openbaar vervoer · ruimtelijke ordening · duurzaamheid
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10 E-Motion Pictures
Master thesis Architecture and The Built Environment     2014-04-15    
Author: Thelen, M.M.
Mentor: Pietsch, S. · Van der Zaag, E.J. · Mulder, A.
Keywords: transformation · shrinkage · Parkstad Limburg · re-use · art cinema · hergebruik · Zuid-Limburg · filmhuis · warenhuis · cultuur · binding · attachment · culture · depopulation · krimp
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11 Haptic Interface for UAV Teleoperation: Changing Haptic Control Device Stiffness based on Environmental Constraints
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2014-09-25    
Author: Kolsteeg, J.M.
Mentor: Smisek, J. · Van Paassen, M.M. · Mulder, M.
Keywords: UAV · haptic interface · haptic feedback · stiffness · teleoperation
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12 Intertidal beach level estimation from video images
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     1997-04-01    
Author: Janssen, P.C.
Mentor: Mulder, J.P.M. · Aarninkhof, S.G.J. · Stive, M.J.F. · Battjes, J.A.
Keywords: beach morphology · Argus · morphodynamics · beach monitoring
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13 Foyers in Nederland: Nieuwe vormen van begeleid wonen voor jongeren
Master thesis Architecture     2006-08-30    
Author: Langenberg, M.J.
Mentor: Thomsen, A.F. · Hobma, F.A.M., mr. · Mulder, A. · Priemus, H.
Keywords: foyer · begeleid wonen · jongeren · Crabbehof · werkhotel
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14 Computersimulatie voor een multipurpose terminal
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     1985-12-09    
Author: De Winter, G. · Mulder, E.J.H.
Mentor: Velsink, H. · Polak, B.M. · Groenveld, R. · Horstmeier, T.
Keywords: stukgoed · Rotterdamse haven · Brittaniehaven
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15 Single Pilot Commercial Operations: A Study of the Technical Hurdles
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2013-08-30    
Author: Faber, A.
Mentor: Mulder, M.
Keywords: Single Pilot Commercial Operations · Human Factors · SPCO · Crew reduction · Crew size · Flight crew · Single Pilot
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16 Analysis of Skill Development in Manual Ramp Tracking Tasks: Using a Feedforward Pilot Model
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2012-03-22    
Author: Willems, M.E.
Mentor: Mulder, M. · Pool, D.M. · Van Paassen, M.M. · Damveld, H.J.
Keywords: Control · Simulation · Human Machine Interaction · HMI · Modeling · Skill Development · feedforward · Skill
file embargo until: 2016-06-01
17 Electromagnetic & Seismoelectric sensitivity analysis using resolution functions
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2014-08-21    
Author: Maas, P.J.
Mentor: Grobbe, N. · Slob, E.C. · Mulder, W. · Wapenaar, C.P.A. · Hruska, M.
Keywords: seismoelectric · electromagnetic · resolution-function · sensitivity
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18 Community Learning Centre
Master thesis Architecture     2013-04-16    
Author: Mulder, J.M.
Mentor: Dixit, M. · Kaan, K.
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19 Innovative solar cell technologies in the land of the rising sun
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2008-12-16    
Author: Prent, M.
Mentor: Mulder, K.F., Kamp, L.M., Van der Duin, A., Stroeks, R.

20 Shear strength of the Bremanger Sandstone: “Determining the basic friction angle using a Golder Direct Shear Box”
Bachelor thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2010-09-03    
Author: Bootsma, M.T.
Mentor: Ngan-Tillard, D.J.M. · Van Paasen, L.A. · Mulder, A.
Keywords: Bremanger · friction angle · Barton · rock joints · rock fill · basic friction angle · residual friction angle · shear stress · golder shear box · maasvlakte
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