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1 Komt dat zien! het circus is in de stad
Master thesis Architecture and The Built Environment     2013-11-07    
Author: Schaap, A.N.
Mentor: Mooij, H.A.F. · Van Dorst, M.J. · Groenewold, S.
Keywords: circus
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2 De start van een ontwerpproject: project Start-Up in het ontwerpproces.
Master thesis Architecture     2009-06-30    
Author: Schaap, A.
Mentor: Van der Voordt, D.J.M. · Van Dorst, M.J. · Heintz, J.L.

3 Urban Entrails: Intervention in Liverpool
Master thesis Architecture     2010-11-04    
Author: Schaap, D.J.
Mentor: Geerts, F. · Milani, S. · Fokkinga, J.
Keywords: underground · tunnel · Liverpool · urban intervention
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4 Education, Recreation and Sports Transversely Through Transvaal
Master thesis Architecture     2010-04-16    
Author: Schaap, L.
Mentor: Havik, K. · Engels, J. · Komossa, S. · Marzot, N.
Keywords: sports · play · public · realm · Transvaal · The Hague · community center · play roof
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5 Porting Darwin to the MV88F6281
Bachelor thesis Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2010-09-01    
Author: Schaap, T.F.
Mentor: Wright, J.
Keywords: MV88F6281 · Darwin
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6 The application of Sediment Transport Models to predict discolored water events
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2005-05    
Author: Vos, H.J.H.
Mentor: Van Dijk, J.C. · Vreeburg, J.H.G. · Schaap, P.G. · Verberk, J.Q.J.C. · Van de Giesen, N.C.
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7 Water Governance and Policy Networks in Indonesia: The challenges of a decade of water sector reformation
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2011-03-02    
Author: Wieriks, M.
Mentor: Hermans, L.M. · Schaap, S. · Luijendijk, J. · Ravesteijn, W.
Keywords: water policy · water governance · water management · Indonesia · Social Network Analysis · information and knowledge · IWRM · IRBM · water sector · government reform · public administration · resource management
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8 The experience of cancer: research and design for the oncological center
Master thesis Architecture     2012-06-28    
Author: Schaap, J.J.A.
Mentor: Radman, A. · Melles, M. · Van de Voort, J.
Keywords: architecture · cancer center · patient experience · Perception · NKI-AVL · context mapping · industrial design
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9 Modelling the effects of submerged breakwaters in a wave basin: 2DH simulations of tests with Delft2D-MOR
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     1997-08-01    
Author: Schaap, J.
Mentor: D'Angremond, K. · Booij, N. · van de Graaf, J. · Roelvink, J.A. · van der Biezen, S.C.
Keywords: breakwater · offshore reef · delft3d · wave basin
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10 Performance assessment of libswift
Master thesis Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2012-08-30    
Author: Schaap, T.M.
Mentor: Pouwelse, J.A.
Keywords: P2P
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11 Feasibility study of port project Clifton Point, New Providence, Bahamas
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2007-10-31    
Author: Schaap, E.A.
Mentor: Ligteringen, H. · Groenveld, R. · Labeur, R.J. · Veldhuyzen, W. · Ingenieursbureau Lievense
Keywords: ports and waterways
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12 Wave impacts on a vertical breakwater
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     1999-01-01    
Author: Schaap, T.M.G.
Mentor: Klaver, E.C. · Voortman, H.G. · Vrijling, J.K.
Keywords: breakwater stability · impulsive wave load
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13 Towards a 3D geo-data model to support pedestrian routing in multimodal public transport travel advices
Master thesis OTB Research Institute for the Built Environment     2010-06-01    
Author: Schaap, J.
Mentor: Van Oosterom, P.J.M. · Zlatanova, S. · Van Elzakker, C.P.J.M.
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14 Fully automatic cardiac segmentation from 3D CTA data: a multi-atlas based approach
Article in monograph or in proceedings Applied Sciences     2010-04-09    
Author: Kirisli, H.A. · Schaap, M. · Klein, S. · Neefjes, L.A. · Weustink, A.C. · Van Walsum, T. · Niessen, W.J.
Keywords: cardiac segmentation · Computed Tomography Angiography CTA · registration · multi-atlas based segmentation

15 Wave overtopping erosion tests at Groningen sea dyke
External research report Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2007    
Author: Akkerman, G.J. · van Gerven, K.A.J. · Schaap, H.A. · van der Meer, J.W.
Contributor: Verhagen, H.J.
Keywords: dikes · overtopping
[PDF] [Abstract]

16 Multispectral MRI centerline tracking in carotid arteries
Article in monograph or in proceedings Applied Sciences     2011-03-11    
Author: Tang, H. · Van Walsum, T. · Van Onkelen, R.S. · Klein, S. · Hameeteman, R. · Schaap, M. · Van den Bouwhuijsen, Q. · Witteman, J.C.M. · Van der Lugt, A. · Van Vliet, L.J. · Niessen, W.J.
Keywords: minimum cost path, medialness, lumen intensity similarity, multispectral MRA, carotid artery, centerlines
[PDF] [Abstract]

17 Statistical analysis of minimum cost path based structural brain connectivity
Article/Letter to the Editor Applied Sciences     2010-12-13    
Author: De Boer, R. · Schaap, M. · Van der Lijn, F. · Vrooman, H.A. · De Groot, M. · Van der Lugt, A. · Ikram, M.A. · Vernooij, M.W. · Breteler, M.M.B. · Niessen, W.J.
Keywords: diffusion weighted imaging · connectivity network · regression · classification · aging · group analysis
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18 Als er een schaap over de dam is: Een studie naar negen navolgers van het Delftse woonruimteverdelingsmodel
Book OTB Research Institute for the Built Environment     1993-12-31    
Author: Kullberg, J. · Pepers, M. · Adrianow, S.
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