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1 A seed, a forest and 50 tourists; podosiri production and eco-tourism in Perica, Suriname
Master thesis Architecture     2008-04-01    
Author: Ampatzidou, C.
Mentor: Vollebregt, A.G. · Schuetze, T. · Poelman, W.A.

2 From glass city to hybrid landscape: the transformation of a historic grown glasshouse concentration in the Randstad
Master thesis Architecture     2009-07-03    
Author: Krul, S.
Mentor: Colombo, F.F. · Schuetze, T. · Bobbink, I.

3 Social Sustainability - Afrikaanderwijk Rotterdam
Master thesis Architecture     2010-04-15    
Author: Calis, J.R.
Mentor: Schuetze, T. · Lassen, A.K. · Nillesen, A.L.
Keywords: Social housing · Modular · Swimming pool · Atrium
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4 Ocean spa. Local seawater as a source for fresh water and energy: A floating spa in Australia
Master thesis Architecture     2011-04-15    
Author: Van Amerongen, C.H.
Mentor: Westgeest, G. · Lassen, A.K. · Schuetze, T.
Keywords: Floating building
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5 Architectuur op waterbasis - Architecture on water-base
Master thesis Architecture     2011-04-14    
Author: Jousma, Y.
Mentor: Lassen, A.K. · Van der Zaag, E. · Schuetze, T.
Keywords: sustainability · floating architecture
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6 Center for Urban Agriculture
Master thesis Architecture     2011-01-27    
Author: De Angelis, S.
Mentor: Engels, J.F. · Van Dobbelsteen, A. · Schuetze, T.
Keywords: urban agriculture
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7 Innovation Backbone: A new economic zone in Rio de Janeiro’s urban voids
Master thesis Architecture     2010-06-16    
Author: Rafael Saraiva, R.
Mentor: Van Nes, A. · Schuetze, T. · Rocco, R.
Keywords: Rio de Janeiro · urban economy · urban voids · knowledge city · creativity · innovation
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8 Shifting urban network
Master thesis Architecture     2008-04-01    
Author: Chrysanthopoulou, A.
Mentor: Vollebregt, A.G. · Van Dorst, M.J. · Schuetze, T.
Keywords: design method · network · sustainable urban setting · custers · emergent system
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9 Delft leeft met water: Wateropgave en stedelijke vernieuwing - Duurzaam wonen aan een waterhof
Master thesis Architecture     2010-07-01    
Author: Wennekers , R.F.
Mentor: Wilms Floet, W.W.L.M. · Hermans, W.J.A. · Schuetze, T. · Mihl, H.
Keywords: Water · Duurzaam · Waterwoonwijk · Delft
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10 The Urban Bayou: Balancing Natural Processes and Urban Development in New Orleans
Master thesis Architecture     2011-06-28    
Author: Raymond, D.G.
Mentor: Meyer, H. · Nijhuis, S. · Wilms Floet, W. · Schuetze, T. · Mihl, H.
Keywords: building with nature · climate change · delta regions · ecosystems · living with water
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11 From threat to opportunity: Spatial strategies integrating urban and water dynamics towards a sustainable redevelopment model for informal settlements in Mexico City’s periphery
Master thesis Architecture     2011-06-24    
Author: Lopez, A.
Mentor: Sepúlveda, D. · Schuetze , T. · Kuzniecow, T.
Keywords: water challenges · informal settlements · sustainable water management · urban quality · vulnerability · resilience · water sensitive urban design
[PDF] [PDF] [Abstract]

12 Water for an urban craddle-to-cradle resource management
Article in monograph or in proceedings Architecture     2011-08-21    
Author: Regelsberger, M. · Junge, R. · Schuetze, T.
Keywords: sustainable sanitation · sustainable urban drainage sys · mass flow management · cradle to cradle · household centred approach

13 Land to Water, Water to Live, Transformation of the Dutch polder landscape in order to adapt to climate change
Master thesis Architecture     2009-01-22    
Author: Stukje, N.
Mentor: Bobink, I. · Harteveld, M.G.A.D. · Schuetze , T.
Keywords: sustainable · water management system · Commandeurspolder · urban design · future
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14 City Supplement
Master thesis Architecture     2011-11-08    
Author: Grabowska , P.
Mentor: Lee, S. · Van der Zaag, E. · Schuetze, T.
Keywords: waste · recycling · water facade · prorotypes · sustainable · rapid prototyping
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15 Bewonerservaringen in seriematige passiefwoningen
Article in monograph or in proceedings OTB Research Institute for the Built Environment     2012-09-30    
Author: Mlecnik, E. · Jansen, S.J.T. · Schuetze, T. · De Vries, G.
[PDF] [Abstract]

16 Climate adaptive urban planning and design with water in Dutch polders
Article / letter to the editor Architecture     2011-05-16    
Author: Schuetze, T.
Contributor: Chelleri, L.
Keywords: climate adaptability · Netherlands · polders · rainwater management · urban design
[PDF] [Abstract]

17 A comparative evaluation of low-energy, passive and zero-energy houses in The Netherlands and Belgium
Article in monograph or in proceedings OTB Research Institute for the Built Environment     2011-10-17    
Author: Mlecnik, E. · Jansen, S. · Schuetze, T. · De Vries, G.
Keywords: passive house · low-energy house · indoor climate · energy performance · end-user experiences
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Search results also available in MS Excel format.

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