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1 Duurzame transformatie - Een tweede kans voor industrieel erfgoed
Master thesis Architecture     2012-11-06    
Author: Van den Berg, D.
Mentor: Van Doorn, A. · Remøy, H.
Keywords: building transformation · sustainability · scenario · motive · feasability · transformatie · duurzaamheid · scenario · motief · haalbaarheid
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2 The process of big data solution adoption
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2013-09-24    
Author: Verheij, B.A.
Mentor: Rook, L. · Van den Berg, J. · Van Beers, C.
Keywords: big data · big data solution · NoSQL · big data solution adoption
file embargo until: 2014-09-24
3 Logic gene network design: a CAD tool based on modularity and standardization
Master thesis Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2009-10-07    
Author: Van den Berg, B.A.
Mentor: Bellomo, D. · Reinders, M.J.T.
Keywords: synthetic biology · gene network design · gene network · logic gene network · CAD tool · modularity · standardization · bioinformatics · biological systems · design process · modular design
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4 Numerical and experimental research of wave interaction with a porous breakwater
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2012-11-02    
Author: Mellink, B.A.
Mentor: Uijttewaal, W.S.J. · Van den Bos, J. · Van den Berg, B. · Zijlema, M.
Keywords: porous flow · notional permeability · SWASH · reflection and transmission · Van der Meer formula
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5 Validation of Swash for wave overtopping
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2013-06-11    
Author: Martínez Pés, V.
Mentor: Verhagen, H.J. · Van den Berg, A. · Zijlema, M.
Keywords: wave overtopping · rubble mound breakwater · Eurotop manual · swash
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6 Researching a transition to an organized chaos in enterprise system architectures
Master thesis Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2011-06-29    
Author: Van Etten, R.H.M.
Mentor: Houben, G.J. · Hidders, A.J.H. · Van den Berg, J. · Manuel, B.A.
Keywords: business processes · Enterprise Application Integration · EAI · Service Oriented Architecture · SOA · Enterprise Service Bus · ESB · BizTalk · Legacy systems · architecture transition plan · next generation architecture
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7 Autentication for the eMayor platform in Dutch municipalities. A study about authentication techniques for the services "Change of residence" and "Certificate issuance"
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2004-11-08    
Author: Catijn, B.E.
Mentor: Wagenaar, R.W., Van den Berg, W.G., Janssen, M.F.W.H.A., Gortmaker, J., Deloitte

8 Factors influencing collaboration within a partnership of large infrastructural project in the Netherlands: An exploratory research into factors influencing collaboration according to an individual's view, in a specific formed centre of collaboration
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2013-09-13    
Author: Groenewegen, N.L.
Mentor: Hertogh, M.J.C.M. · Bosch-Rekveldt, M.G.C. · Koops, L.S.W. · Mauser, H.W. · Van den Berg, A.
Keywords: Collaboration · Role · Q-methodology · Partnership · Individuals · Joint Venture · Factors · Perspectives
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9 Scheiding van etheen en propeen uit een gasmengsel door middel van destillatie; T-gedeelte
Internal Report Applied Sciences     1977-04-20    
Author: Van den Berg, D. · Boogaerdt, J.P. · Van Gennip, H.M. · Scheepstra, H.K. · Ter Weer, P.J.C.
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10 Development of a high temperature steam regenerative H2S removal process based on alumina supported MnO and FeO
Dissertation Applied Sciences     1992-09-03    
Author: Wakker, J.P.
Promotor: Moulijn, J.A. · van den Berg, P.J.

11 Exploring Sequence Characteristics Related to High- Level Production of Secreted Proteins in Aspergillus niger
Article/Letter to the Editor Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2012-10-01    
Author: Van den Berg, B.A. · Reinders, M.J.T. · Hulsman, M. · Wu, L. · Pel, H.J. · Roubos, J.A. · De Ridder, D.
Keywords: OA-Fund TU Delft
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12 A platform for secure, safe, and sustainable logistics
Article in monograph or in proceedings Technology, Policy and Management     2012-05-09    
Author: Hofman, W. · Bastiaansen, H. · Van den Berg, J. · Pruksasri, P.
Keywords: security · sustainability · paperless logistics · interoperability · communities · platform
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13 Intermediate frequency band digitized high dynamic range radiometer system for plasma diagnostics and real-time Tokamak control
Article/Letter to the Editor Applied Sciences     2011-06-24    
Author: Bongers, WA. · Van Beveren, V. · Thoen, D.J. · Nuij, P.J.W.M. · De Baar, M.R. · Donné, A.J.H. · Westerhof, E. · Goede, A.P.H. · Krijger, B. · Van den Berg, M.A. · Kantor, M. · Graswinckel, M.F. · Hennen, B.A. · Schüller, F.C.
Keywords: analogue-digital conversion · fast Fourier transforms · logic arrays · plasma diagnostics · plasma inertial confinement · radiometers · sawtooth instability · tearing instability · Tokamak devices
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