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1 Optimale benutting beschikbare manoeuvreerruimte: Een onderzoek naar capaciteitsverhoging van weefvakken
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     1997-11-02    
Author: Wilmink, B.A.
Mentor: B, P.H.L. · Vermijs, R.G.M.M. · Wiggenraad, P.B.L. · Van den Brink, T.D.J.
Keywords: Weefvakken

2 On the perception of phase differences in acoustic signals
Dissertation Applied Sciences     1976-04-07    
Author: Buunen, T.J.F.
Promotor: Van den Brink, G. · Bilsen, F.A.

3 Influence of liquefaction on scour around offshore monopile foundations
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2014-03-25    
Author: Van den Brink, F.
Mentor: Uijttewaal, W.S.J. · Hulscher, S.J.M.H. · Roos, P.C. . · Raaijmakers, T.C. · Broere, W. · Renting, F.
Keywords: scour · liquefaction · experiment · monopile · excess pore water pressure
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4 Klushuisbewoners als Best Persons?
Master thesis Architecture and The Built Environment     2015-04-13    
Author: Van den Heuvel, J.
Mentor: Zijlstra, S. · Van der Pennen, T.
Keywords: Bewonersparticipatie · Klushuisbewoners · Best Persons · Mentaal eigenaarschap · Leefbaarheidsverbetering · Achterstandswijken
[PDF] [PDF] [Abstract]

5 Examenopgaven Organische Chemie P2 1967 t/m 1971
Book Applied Sciences     1972-12-31    
Author: Van Bekkum, H. · Maassen van den Brink, W.

6 Modelling of Scour Depth at Quay Walls due to Thrusters
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2014-01-27    
Author: Van den Brink, A.J.W.
Mentor: Vellinga, T. · Verheij, H.J. · Verhagen, H.J. · Blokland, T.
Keywords: Scour · Bow Thruster · CFD · OpenFOAM · Soil Water Structure Interaction · Quay Wall · Bowthruster · Bed Protection
[PDF] [Abstract]

7 Dynamic response of Saccharomyces cerevisiae to fermentative growth conditions
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2009-02-09    
Author: Van den Brink, J.
Promotor: De Winde, J.H. · Pronk, J.T.
Keywords: biotechnology · saccharomyces cerevisiae · metabolism · fermentative growth · regulation of metabolism

8 Marktwerking in infrastructuren: Betekenis van versplintering voor publieke waarden
Article/Letter to the Editor Technology, Policy and Management     2008-07-01    
Author: Dicke, W.M. · Van den Brink, T.
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9 Alcoholic fermentation of carbon sources in biomass hydrolysates by Saccharomyces cerevisiae: current status
Article/Letter to the Editor Applied Sciences     2006-10-11    
Author: Van Maris, A.J.A. · Abbott, D.A. · Bellissimi, E. · Van den Brink, J. · Kuyper, M. · Lutik, M.A.H. · Wisselink, H.W. · Scheffers, W.A. · Van Dijken, J.P. · Pronk, J.T.

10 Dealing with Central European land fragmentation: a critical assessment on the use of Western European instruments
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2003-10-21    
Author: van Dijk, T.
Promotor: Bogaerts, M.J.M. · van den Brink, A.

11 Designing a strategy for Rebbl to become a pivotal brand in the EV conversion market
Master thesis Industrial Design Engineering     2013-01-31    
Author: Roelfsema, T.J.H.G.
Mentor: Van der Meer, J.D. · Silvester, S. · Van den Brink, I.
Keywords: EV conversion · strategy

12 New insights into the Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation switch: Dynamic transcriptional response to anaerobicity and glucose-excess
Article / letter to the editor Applied Sciences     2008    
Author: Van Den Brink, J. · Daran-Lapujade, P. · Pronk, J.T. · De Winde, J.H.
[PDF] [Abstract]

13 Many-body multiconfigurational Dirac-Fock calculation of hyperfine interaction in 7s, 7p1/2, and 7p3/2 states of Ra cii
Article / letter to the editor 1992    
Author: Andriessen, J. · Postma, H. · Van den Brink, A.M. · Das, T.P.

14 Delta Interventions: Design and Engineering in Urban Water Landscapes
Book Delft University of Technology     2016-01-23    
Author: Nillesen, A.L. · Kothuis, B.L.M. · Meyer, V.J. · Palmboom, F.J.
Contributor: Den Besten, N. · Brink, T. · Broekhans, B. · Calis, J. · Cao, Q. · Chen, F. · Deshmukh, A. · Fierinck, E. · Guschl, L. · Hamoen, J. · Heimensen, C. · Ho, T.H. · Huang, S. · Janssen, M. · Jonkman, S.N. · Khosravi, H. · Van der Klauw, J. · Kokhuis, K. · Konings, V. · De Kort, R. · De Korte, N. · Le, T. · Li, Y. · Liu, F. · Osmanoglou, D. · Ovink, H. · Postel, R. · Putseys, I. · Ragaišyte, J. · Raymond, D. · Rijsewijk, C. · Sebastian, A. · Siverd, C. · Sun, X. · Takeshita, N. · Verhaar, S. · Voorendt, M. · Warmerdam, M. · Willemse, B. · Yam, D. · Van der Ziel, F. · Zhan, S. · Zhao, N.
Keywords: Delta interventions · Delta engineering · Delta governance · Delta urbanism · Architecture · Flood risk reduction · Houston Galveston Bay · IJsselmeer · Rotterdam Rijnmond · Zuidwestelijke delta · New York Rebuild by design · Research by design
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Search results also available in MS Excel format.

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