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1 The assembly of flexible polystyrene-block-poly(ethylene oxide) wormlike micelles from chloroform droplets by the ‘emulsification and solvent evaporation’ method
Bachelor thesis Applied Sciences     2012-03-22    
Author: Nuijten, M.P.
Mentor: Van Steijn, V. · Hamersma, P. · Mendes, E. · Embrechts, A. · Glazer, P.
Keywords: wormlike micelles · self-assembly · emulsification and solvent evaporation · polystyrene-block-poly(ethylene oxide)
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2 Modeling of Complex Reaction Systems: Steam Cracker
Master thesis Applied Sciences     1998-06-30    
Author: Goethem, M.W.M. Van
Mentor: Van Leeuwen, C. · Verheijen, P.J.T.
Keywords: kinetic systems · simulation
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3 Verification of the FET Object Model: Implementation of Reactors and Separation Processes
Master thesis Applied Sciences     1995-03-13    
Author: Kerkhove, D.
Keywords: Process Systems Engineering
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4 Predicting the diffusivity of CO2 in substituted amines
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2013-03-15    
Author: Masy, E.
Mentor: Balaji, S.P.
Keywords: diffusion · amine · CO2 absorption · N2O analog · Maxwell-Stefan diffusivity · thermodynamic factor · molecular dynamic simulations
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5 Assessing the performance of ground source heat pumps in neighboring medium-size households
Master thesis Technical University of Technology     2013-09-16    
Author: Alvarez Gallardo, M.D.P.
Mentor: Korevaar, G. · Vardon, P.J.
Keywords: ground source heat pumps · renewable energy
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6 Voltage control in MV distribution networks with a large share of distributed renewable generation
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2014-06-20    
Author: Papazacharopoulos, N.
Mentor: Gibescu, M.
Keywords: voltage control · MV distribution network · distributed renewable generation · On-Load Tap Changer · Intelligent Node
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7 Experimental determination of the bubble size in foam created in gas-liquid flow with surfactants
Bachelor thesis Applied Sciences     2014-07-03    
Author: Grasmeijer, J.
Mentor: Portela, L. · Nimwegen, A.T. · Tummers, M.J.
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8 Numerical Studies on Phase Field Diffusion and Flow Solvers
Bachelor thesis Applied Sciences     2014-05-07    
Author: Man, E.
Mentor: Kleijn, C.R. · Pimpalgaonkar, H.G.
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9 Numerical Study of Wetting of a 2D Cylinder by an Impacting Jet
Bachelor thesis Applied Sciences     2014-01-21    
Author: Zwinkels, S.
Mentor: Kleijn, C.R. · Steijn, V.
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10 Development of a small scale shaking test to evaluate foamability
Bachelor thesis Applied Sciences     2014-07-10    
Author: Bechan, M.I.S.R.
Mentor: Portela, L. · Nimwegen, A.T. · Kleijn, C.R.
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11 Large Eddy Simulations of Electromagnetic Control of a Quasi-2D Jet
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2014-03-11    
Author: Hollander, J.
Mentor: Kleijn, C.R. · Kenjeres, S. · Tummers, M.J. · Van der Plas, D.
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12 Experimental studies on heat transfer in thermo-magnetic onvection for para- and diamagnetic fluids
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2014-04-23    
Author: Mulder, M.
Mentor: Kenjeres, S.
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13 Magnetic Drug Targeting in Human Airway Geometry
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2014-04-25    
Author: Tjin, J.L.
Mentor: Kenjeres, S. · Kleijn, C.R. · Van Ommen, J.R. · Righolt, B.W.
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14 Experimental study of fluid flow in the bifurcation of a patient specific carotid artery, with severe stenosis: comparing PIV, PC-MRI and CFD
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2014-07-01    
Author: Van de Belt, G.
Mentor: Kenjeres, S. · Kleijn, C.R. · Van Osch, M.J.P. · Tummers, M.J. · Kalter, R. .
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15 Numerical modeling of heat transfer and fluid flow in welding with a moving heat source
Bachelor thesis Applied Sciences     2014-04-28    
Author: Beekers, J.P.A.
Mentor: Kleijn, C.R. · Kidess, A.
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16 A Clean and Flexible Catalyst Synthesis Method: Metal nanoparticles on a fractal-like nanostructured metal oxide support
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2015-03-30    
Author: Braams, F.P.
Mentor: Schmidt-Ott, A. · Smith, W.A. · Van Ommen, J.R.
Keywords: nanoparticles · catalysis · fractals · nanotechnology
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17 Numerical methods for the implementation of the Cahn-Hilliard equation in one dimension and dynamic boundary condition in two dimensions
Bachelor thesis Applied Sciences     2015-02-05    
Author: Sibbing, Z.R.
Mentor: Kleijn, C.R. · Vermolen, F.J. · Pimpalgaonkar, H.G.
Keywords: Cahn-Hilliard · Numerical Methods · non-linear partial differential equation
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18 Upconversion: Kinetics of a model system
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2012-05-07    
Author: Van Sebille, M.
Mentor: Grozema, F. · Aulin, Y.
Keywords: upconversion
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19 Influence of Seed Surface Pre-Processing on Crystal Growth Behavior in Cooling Batch Crystallization
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2015-08-27    
Author: Westerlaken, T.P.
Mentor: Kramer, H.J.M. · Stankiewicz, A.I.
Keywords: crystallization · seeding · surface quality · milling · crystal growth · paracetamol · lactose · image-analysis
file embargo until: 2019-08-26
20 Understanding Titanium Dioxide Passivation on Silicon Photoanodes in Photoelectrochemical Cells
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2015-07-02    
Author: Bras, J.A.
Mentor: Smith, W.A. · Dam, B. · Savenij, T.J.
Keywords: PEC · silicon · photoanodes · titanium dioxide · TiO2 · passivation
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Search results also available in MS Excel format.

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