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1 Evaluation of Intermediate Refueling Stops in Long-Haul Flight Operations
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2014-12-12    
Author: Bos, F.
Mentor: Hartjes, S. · Visser, H.G.
Keywords: Aviation · Fuel Consumption
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2 Performance Impact of Improved Departure Time Prediction Relative to Sector Demand & Arrival Time Predictability
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2014-12-12    
Author: Könnemann, F.L.
Mentor: Curran, R. · Mahlich, S.
Keywords: arrival time · sector demand · predictability · prediction error · prediction accuracy · trajectory prediction · departure time · demand forecast · prediction uncertainty · None · None
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3 Minimising Cost by Dynamic Modelling of Aircraft Recovery in Disrupted Operations
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-01-23    
Author: Vos, H.W.M.
Mentor: Lopes dos Santos, B.F. · Curran, R.
Keywords: Dynamic Modelling · Aircraft Recovery · Airline Recovery · Recovery Operation · Airline Disruptions · Disruption Management

4 Improved Prediction of Runway Usage for Noise Forecast
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2014-08-29    
Author: Dhanasekaran, D.
Mentor: Roling, P.C.
Keywords: runway usage prediction · noise forecast · neural networks · nearest neighbour
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5 Fault-Tolerant Flight Control with Sensor-Based Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2014-11-04    
Author: Tang, S.H.
Mentor: Chu, Q.P. · De Visser, C. · Pool, D.M. · Stroosma, O.
Keywords: fault-tolerant · flight control · piloted simulation · model-independent · backstepping · nonlinear dynamic inversion · NDI · sensor-based
file embargo until: 2017-11-30
6 System Identification with Multivariate Multiplex Splines
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2014-11-26    
Author: Visser, T.
Mentor: De Visser, C.C. · Van Kampen, E.
Keywords: Multivariate Splines · DelFly · System Identification
file embargo until: 2017-11-26
7 Maximizing operational readiness in defense aviation by optimization of flight and maintenance planning
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-07-10    
Author: Verhoeff, M.
Mentor: Verhagen, W.J.C. · Jongstra, J. · Curran, R.
Keywords: defense · scheduling · readiness · optimization · linear programming · aircraft · component · fleet · sustainability · serviceability · availability · military · air force · Royal Netherlands Air Force · aviation · maintenance · phase maintenance · preventive maintenance · planning · operations research
file embargo until: 2035-07-10
8 Investigating the further development of a Decision Support Suite for use in Airport Planning
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-03-20    
Author: Odediran, O.B.
Mentor: Walker, W.E. · Curran, R. · Roling, P.C.
Keywords: Airport Strategic Planning · Airport Financial Modelling
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9 Adaptive Incremental Backstepping Flight Control
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-05-22    
Author: Van Gils, P.
Mentor: Chu, Q.P.
Keywords: flight control · incremental control · robust control · adaptive control · fault-tolerant · backstepping · adaptive backstepping · incremental backstepping · parameter estimation · system identification · immersion and invariance · tuning functions · recursive least-squares
file embargo until: 2018-05-22
10 Complexity Metric Comparison Study for Controller Workload Prediction in 4D Trajectory Management Environments
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-07-20    
Author: Toy, J.J.N.T.
Mentor: Borst, C. · Klomp, R.E. · Mulder, M. · Paassen, M.M.
Keywords: workload · inherent complexity · 4D trajectories · air traffic management · human-machine interaction
[PDF] [Abstract]

11 Coupled Flight Dynamic and Unsteady Aeroservoelastic Modeling and Control of a Flexible Wing Aircraft
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-07-17    
Author: Tal, E.A.
Mentor: Chu, Q.P. · Nguyen, N.T.
Keywords: flight dynamics · aeroelasticity · aeroservoelasticity · unsteady aerodynamics · flight control · vcctef
[PDF] [Abstract]

12 Lifecycle Cost Model Development for through-life effectiveness tracking
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-05-26    
Author: Van Mulligen, A.E.
Mentor: Curran, R. · Stoop, J.A.A.M.
Keywords: LCC · Lifecycle Costing · LCM · Lifecycle Management · Chinook · Value Engineering · Data Management · CH-47
file embargo until: 2025-05-14
13 Artificial Force Field for Haptic Feedback in UAV Teleoperation
Article/Letter to the Editor Aerospace Engineering     2009-10-16    
Author: Lam, T.M. · Boschloo, H.W. · Mulder, M. · Van Paassen, M.M.
Keywords: artificial force field (AFF) · collision avoidance · haptic feedback · teleoperation · uninhabited aerial vehicle (UAV)
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14 Computational methods in viscous flow problems
Dissertation 1973-09-12    
Author: Marshall, G.R.
Promotor: Van Spiegel, E.

15 Adaptive gaze control for object detection
Article/Letter to the Editor Aerospace Engineering     2011-01-15    
Author: De Croon, G.C.H.E. · Postma, E.O. · Van den Herik, H.J.
Keywords: gaze control · computationally efficient object detection · active vision · evolutionary algorithms
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16 BioMAV: bio-inspired intelligence for autonomous flight
Article in monograph or in proceedings Aerospace Engineering     2011-09-12    
Author: Gerke, P.K. · Langevoort, J. · Lagarde, S. · Bax, L. · Grootswagers, T. · Drenth, R.-J. · Slieker, V. · Vuurpijl, L. · Haselager, P. · Sprinkhuizen-Kuyper, I. · Van Otterlo, M. · De Croon, G.C.H.E.
Keywords: Micro Air Vehicle · autonomous flight · biorobotics
[PDF] [Abstract]

17 Ecological Interface Design of a Tactical Airborne Separation Assistance Tool
Article/Letter to the Editor Aerospace Engineering     2008-10-20    
Author: Van Dam, S. · Mulder, M. · Van Paassen, M.M.
Keywords: ecological interface design (EID) · functional modeling · navigation interface · separation assistance
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18 Harmonic analysis of total electron contents time series: methodology and results
Article/Letter to the Editor Aerospace Engineering     2011-02-11    
Author: Amiri-Simkooei, A.R. · Asgari, J.
Keywords: ionospheric modeling · harmonic estimation · total electron content (TEC) · modulated signal
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19 Investigation of Practical Flight Control Systems for Small Aircraft
Dissertation Aerospace Engineering     2012-12-17    
Author: Falkena, W.
Promotor: Mulder, J.A.
Keywords: General Aviation · Fly-by-Wire · Flight Control Law Design · Backstepping · Sensor-based backstepping · Incremental backstepping · Flight Envelope Protection
[PDF] [Abstract]

20 Measuring Sector Complexity: Solution Space-Based Method
Book Chapter Aerospace Engineering     2012-08-12    
Author: Abdul Rahman, S.M.B. · Borst, C · Mulder, M. · Van Paassen, M.M.

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