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1 Towards Fast Light at the Single Photon Level
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2012-07-13    
Author: Alstein, P.
Mentor: Zwiller, V. · Kouwenhoven, L.
Keywords: quantum optics · fast light · single photon

2 Pulse optimization for multi-qubit gates in transmon system
Bachelor thesis Applied Sciences     2015-07-01    
Author: Hortensius, J.
Mentor: Akhmerov, A.R. · Dubbeldam, J.L.A.
Keywords: transmon qubit · qubit gates · pulse optimization
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3 Electrical actuation and frequency tuning of 2D mechanical resonators
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2015-04-02    
Author: Van Dorp, D.J.J.
Mentor: Van Leeuwen, R.
Keywords: mechanical resonator · 2D materials · resonance frequency
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4 A boolean QPQ using single photons
Bachelor thesis Applied Sciences     2015-06-26    
Author: Nagtegaal, M.A.
Mentor: Blaauboer, M. · Visser, P.M.
Keywords: Quantum · Private · Query · Langevin · QPQ · Privacy
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5 Electrodynamics of strongly disordered superconductors
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2015-02-06    
Author: Coumou, P.C.J.J.
Promotor: Klapwijk, T.M.
Keywords: superconductivity · disorder · electrodynamics · resonators · TiN · titanium nitride · ALD · atomic layer deposition
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6 Quantum transport in graphene
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2010-04-27    
Author: Oostinga, J.B.
Promotor: Salemink, H.W.M. · Morpurgo, A.F.
Keywords: nano-electronics · electronic devices · mesoscopic physics · electronic transport · graphene
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7 Single electron-ics with carbon nanotubes
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2010-07-02    
Author: Götz, G.T.J.
Promotor: Kouwenhoven, L.P.
Keywords: carbon nanotubes · quantum dots · charge sensing · Klein tunneling
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8 Quantum Dots and Andreev Reflections in Graphene
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2010-09-22    
Author: Liu, X.L.
Promotor: Vandersypen, L.M.K.
Keywords: nano-devices · graphene · mesoscopic physics · quantum dots · double quantum dots · Andreev reflection · quantum Hall effect
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9 Two dimensional photonic crystal devices
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2012-04-27    
Author: Hoang Nguyen, M.
Promotor: Salemink, H.W.M. · Rogge, S.
Keywords: planar photonic crystal · silicon · self-collimation · super-collimation · nanocavity · Mach-Zehnder interferometer · MZI · unidirectional output

10 In situ Electrical measurements in Transmission Electron Microscopy
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2013-01-16    
Author: Rudneva, M.
Promotor: Zandbergen, H.W.
Keywords: transmission electron microscopy · in situ measurements · Helium Ion Microscopy · electromigration
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11 The triggering probability of radio-loud AGN: A comparison of high and low excitation radio galaxies in hosts of different colors
Article in monograph or in proceedings Applied Sciences     2012-05-30    
Author: Janssen, R.M.J. · Röttgering, H.J.A. · Best, P.N. · Brinchmann, J.
Keywords: galaxies: active · galaxies: statistics · radio continuum: galaxies

12 Quantum control and coherence of interacting spins in diamond
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2012-09-10    
Author: De Lange, G.
Promotor: Kouwenhoven, L.P. · Hanson, R.
Keywords: quantum control · single spin · spin-spin interactions · spin bath · quantum coherence · diamond · quantum information
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13 Nonlinear beam mechanics
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2012-11-08    
Author: Westra, H.J.R.
Promotor: Van der Zant, H.S.J.
Keywords: nonlinear dynamics · MEMS · modal interactions
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14 Silicon Quantum Electronics
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2012-12-20    
Author: Verduijn, J.
Promotor: Rogge, S.
Keywords: single donor transistor · mosfet · quantum computing · nano devices · silicon

15 Super-terahertz heterodyne spectrometer using a quantum cascade laser
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2012-12-04    
Author: Ren, Y.
Promotor: Klapwijk, T.
Keywords: terahertz · heterodyne spectroscopy · quantum cascade laser
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16 Stimulated terahertz stokes emission of silicon crystals doped with antimony donors
Article / letter to the editor Applied Sciences     2006    
Author: Pavlov, S.G. · Hubers, H.-W. · Hovenier, J.N. · Klaassen, T.O. · Carder, D.A. · Phillips, P.J. · Redlich, B. · Riemann, H. · Zhukavin, R.Kh. · Shastin, V.N.

17 Using a quantum dot as a high-frequency shot noise detector
Article / letter to the editor Applied Sciences     2006    
Author: Onac, E. · Balestro, F. · vanBeveren, L.H.W. · Hartmann, U. · Nazarov, Y.V. · Kouwenhoven, L.P.

18 Antenna model for wire lasers
Article / letter to the editor Applied Sciences     2006    
Author: Orlova, E.E. · Hovenier, J.N. · Klaassen, T.O. · Kasalynas, I · Adam, A.J.L. · Gao, J.R. · Klapwijk, T.M. · Williams, B.S. · Kumar, S. · Hu, Q. · Reno, J.L.

19 Shot-noise detection in a carbon nanotube quantum dot
Article / letter to the editor Applied Sciences     2006    
Author: Onac, E. · Balestro, F. · Trauzettel, B. · Lodewijk, C.F.J. · Kouwenhoven, L.P.

20 Quantum Pumping and Adiabatic Transport in Nanostructures
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2011-05-24    
Author: Wakker, G.M.M.
Promotor: Bauer, G.E.W.
Keywords: quantum transport · adiabatic transport · graphene
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