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1 Markovian Approximations to the Time Evolution of Lead Coupled Spinless Hubbard Chains through Different Master Equation Approaches
Bachelor thesis Applied Sciences     2011-12-20    
Author: Hordijk, W.
Mentor: Thijssen, J.M.
Keywords: Markovian · Lead Coupled · Spinless Hubbard Chain · Master Equation
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2 Majorana fermions in well aligned InSb-nanowires with superconducting and normal contacts
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2012-11-21    
Author: Van Woerkom, D.J.
Mentor: Kouwenhoven, L.P. · Mourik, V. · Zuo, K.
Keywords: Majorana · nanowire · superconductor · superconductivity · pi-junction
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3 Submicron Kinetic Inductance Detectors for SAFARI: Improving MKID sensitivity through width reduction
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2010-12-10    
Author: Janssen, R.M.J.
Mentor: Endo, A.
Keywords: superconductivity · resonators · kinetic inductance detector · noise equivalent power
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4 Towards Secure Quantum Cloud Computing through NV-center enabled MDI-QKD
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2014-07-17    
Author: Hordijk, W.
Mentor: Blaauboer, M.
Keywords: quantum computing · quantum key distribution · quantum information science · quantum mechanics

5 Imaging the mode shapes of microdrum resonators
Bachelor thesis Applied Sciences     2015-02-19    
Author: Slim, J.J.
Mentor: Venstra, W.J. · Davidovikj, D. · Dubbeldam, J.L.A.
Keywords: mode shapes · graphene · microdrum · NEMS · laser interferometry · spatial scanning · Brownian motion
file embargo until: 2016-01-01
6 Failure mechanisms in lithium silicon batteries
Bachelor thesis Applied Sciences     2015-07-24    
Author: De Boer, F.Q.
Mentor: Basak, S.
Keywords: batteries · energy storage · glovebox · microscopy · EDX · EELS · galvanostat
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7 Unexpected origin of magnetism in monoclinic Nb12O29 from first-principles calculations
Article/Letter to the Editor Applied Sciences     2014-11-12    
Author: Fang, C.M. · Van Huis, M.A. · Xu, Q. · Cava, R.J. · Zandbergen, H.W.
Keywords: Gold for Gold · Open Access
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8 Heat-induced transformation of CdSe–CdS–ZnS core–multishell quantum dots by Zn diffusion into inner layers
Article/Letter to the Editor Applied Sciences     2014-11-21    
Author: Yalcin, A.O. · Goris, B. · Van Dijk-Moes, R.J.A. · Fan, Z. · Erdamar, A.K. · Tichelaar, F.D. · Vlugt, T.J.H. · Van Tendeloo, G. · Bals, S. · Vanmaekelbergh, D. · Zandbergen, H.W. · Van Huis, M.A.
Keywords: Gold for Gold · Open Access
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9 A sustainable future for photonic colloidal nanocrystals
Article/Letter to the Editor Applied Sciences     2015-06-18    
Author: Grim, J.Q. · Manna, L. · Moreels, I.
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10 Single Atom Electronics
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2012-09-14    
Author: Mol, J.A.
Promotor: Rogge, S.
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11 Quantum Plasmonics
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2012-11-27    
Author: Heeres, R.W.
Promotor: Kouwenhoven, L.P.
Keywords: quantum optics
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12 Thermal tuning of a silicon photonic crystal cavity infilled with an elastomer
Article in monograph or in proceedings Applied Sciences     2011-09-12    
Author: Erdamar, A.K. · Van Leest, M.M. · Picken, S.J. · Caro. J.
Keywords: photonic crystal · elastomer · thermo-optic coefficient · cavity · tuning
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13 Probing the charge of a quantum dot with a nanomechanical resonator
Article/Letter to the Editor Applied Sciences     2012-09-28    
Author: Meerwaldt, H.B. · Labadze, G. · Schneider, B.H. · Taspinar, A. · Blanter, Y.M. · Van der Zant, H.S.J. · Steele, G.A.
[PDF] [Abstract]

14 Electromechanics of suspended nanowires
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2012-10-15    
Author: Labadze, G.
Promotor: Bauer, G.E.W.
Keywords: NEMS · dissipation · mode coupling · parametric resonance

15 Detection and Control of Individual Nuclear Spins Using a Weakly Coupled Electron Spin
Article/Letter to the Editor Applied Sciences     2012-09-25    
Author: Taminiau, T.H. · Wagenaar, J.J.T. · Van der Sar, T. · Jelezko, F. · Dobrovitski, V.V. · Hanson, R.
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16 Strongly Disordered TiN and NbTiN s-Wave Superconductors Probed by Microwave Electrodynamics
Article/Letter to the Editor Applied Sciences     2012-09-07    
Author: Driessen, E.F.C. · Coumou, P.C.J.J. · Tromp, R.R. · De Visser, P.J. · Klapwijk, T.M.
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17 Statistics of radiation at Josephson parametric resonance
Article/Letter to the Editor Applied Sciences     2012-08-23    
Author: Padurariu, C. · Hassler, F. · Nazarov, Y.V.
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18 Magnonic Domain Wall Heat Conductance in Ferromagnetic Wires
Article/Letter to the Editor Applied Sciences     2012-08-21    
Author: Yan, P. · Bauer, G.E.W.
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19 Nonlinear dynamics in a magnetic Josephson junction
Article/Letter to the Editor Applied Sciences     2012-08-17    
Author: Hoffman, S. · Blanter, Y.M. · Tserkovnyak, Y.
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20 Initialization by Measurement of a Superconducting Quantum Bit Circuit
Article/Letter to the Editor Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2012-08-03    
Author: Riste, D. · Van Leeuwen, J.G. · Ku, H.S. · Lehnert, K.W. · DiCarlo, L.
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