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1 An Investigation on Leakage Behaviour of Seals for Aerospace Applications
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2014-12-11    
Author: Agarwal, A.
Mentor: Melkert, J. · Lozano Montoya, F. · Fernandez Rodriguez, D.
Keywords: gas leak · rezoning · stress relaxation · o-ring · elastomer · extrusion failure · ansys APDL · nomograph · slip flow · choked flow · compression set · Mullins effect
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2 Evaluation of Intermediate Refueling Stops in Long-Haul Flight Operations
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2014-12-12    
Author: Bos, F.
Mentor: Hartjes, S. · Visser, H.G.
Keywords: Aviation · Fuel Consumption
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3 Mission Planner for Heating-Optimal Re-Entry Trajectories with Extended Range Capability
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2014-12-16    
Author: Papp, Z.
Mentor: Mooij, E.
Keywords: Re-entry · Guidance · Optimization · Mission planning · Trajectories
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4 Ultrasonic Plastic Welding of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polyamide 6 to Aluminium and Steel
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2014-12-18    
Author: Bolt, S.
Mentor: Fernandez Villegas, I.
Keywords: Ultrasonic Welding · CFRTP · Aluminium · Steel · Composite
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5 Analysis of the Rendezvous Phase of e.deorbit: Guidance, Communication and Illumination
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-01-13    
Author: Deloo, J.A.F.
Mentor: Mooij, E.
Keywords: e.deorbit · ENVISAT · Clean Space · Orbital Debris · Uncooperative Rendezvous · Debris Remediation · Safety · Communication · Illumination · Active Debris Removal
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6 Knowledge-Based Engineering Approach to the Finite Element Analysis of Fuselage Structures
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2014-12-18    
Author: De Smedt, S.D.
Mentor: Vos, R.
Keywords: oval · fuselage · finite element analysis · semi-analytical weight estimation
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7 Preliminary design of a crewed Mars flyby Solar Electric Propulsion mission
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2014-12-10    
Author: De Smet, S.
Mentor: Noomen, R.
Keywords: Low-thrust · Trajectory Design · Crewed · Flyby mission · Mars mission · Orbital mechanics · Astrodynamics · Solar Electric Propulsion
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8 Design of a Solar Thermal Power-Propulsion System for a Small Satellite
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-01-29    
Author: Preijde, J.J.
Mentor: Cervone , A.
Keywords: solar thermal · power · propulsion · hybrid system · spacecraft · solar concentrator · absorber · RAC · organic rankine cycle

9 Experimental study on the energy deposition of an ns-DBD plasma actuator and its effect on a laminar boundary layer
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-01-21    
Author: Winkel, R.
Mentor: Correale, G. · Kotsonis, M. · Winkel, R.
Keywords: thermal energy deposition · ns-DBD · plasma actuators · PIV · Schlieren
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10 Self-healing of deformation-induced defects in Fe-based alloys using positron annihilation techniques
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-01-06    
Author: Gramsma, M.E.
Mentor: Van Dijk, N.H. .
Keywords: Self-healing materials
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11 Design of Inlet for Boundary Layer Ingestion in a Blended Wing Body Aircraft
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-01-29    
Author: Sharma, A.
Mentor: Gangoli Rao, A.
Keywords: Boundary Layer Ingestion · Blended Wing Body · Embedded Engine · Distortion · Pressure Recovery
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12 Minimising Cost by Dynamic Modelling of Aircraft Recovery in Disrupted Operations
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-01-23    
Author: Vos, H.W.M.
Mentor: Lopes dos Santos, B.F. · Curran, R.
Keywords: Dynamic Modelling · Aircraft Recovery · Airline Recovery · Recovery Operation · Airline Disruptions · Disruption Management

13 Thermal modelling and design of the DelFFi satellites
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-02-16    
Author: Van Boxtel, T.
Mentor: Guo, J.
Keywords: thermal modelling · thermal design · satellite thermal control · DelFFi · Delfi space
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14 Effects of Increasing Aerothermodynamic Fidelity on Hypersonic Trajectory Optimisation for Flight Testing Purposes
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-01-15    
Author: Van Oostrom, J.
Mentor: Schrijer, F.F.J. · Mooij, E. · Sudmeijer, K.J.
Keywords: hypersonic · trajectory · optimisation · CFD · Computational · Fluid · Dynamics · Hyperion · Stanford · University · Unstructured · SU2
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15 The effect of humidity and strain on the electrical resistance of an epoxy based nanocomposite: An experimental and numerical investigation
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-01-23    
Author: Stottelaar, R.A.
Mentor: Martinez, M.J. · Ashrafi, B.
Keywords: CNT · epoxy · humidity · strain · experimental · numerical · Matlab
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16 Relaxed Static Stability Performance Assessment on Conventional and Unconventional Aircraft Configurations
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-01-16    
Author: Jansen, Q.J.M.
Mentor: Vos, R.
Keywords: Relaxed Static Stability · Tail Sizing · Unconventional · Stability Margin · Ground effect
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17 Predicting Onset of Damage in Special Class of Laminates under Tension
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-01-07    
Author: Kosmas, N.
Mentor: Kassapoglou, C.
Keywords: composites · interlaminar stresses · free edge effects · stress analysis · damage initiation
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18 A Knowledge Based System to Support Design for Selective Laser Melting
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2014-11-14    
Author: Van Toor, J.A.
Mentor: Steenhuizen, D. · Bosman, M. · Leary, M.
Keywords: Additive Manufacturing · 3D printing · Selective Laser Melting · Heat Transfer · Knowledge Based System · Design for Manufacturing · Design for Cost · Knowledge Based Engineering
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19 The Ballistic Deployment of Asteroid Landers
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-01-05    
Author: Van wal, S.
Mentor: Mooij, E. · Scheeres, D.
Keywords: asteroid · lander · comet · deployment · ballistic · aerospace · space · spacecraft
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20 A Hodographic-Shaping Method for Low-Thrust Trajectory Design
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2012-08-28    
Author: Gondelach, D.
Mentor: Noomen, R.
Keywords: shape-based method · low-thrust transfer · orbital mechanics
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Search results also available in MS Excel format.

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