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1 Aircraft Noise Shielding Assessment: The creation of a software tool to predict aircraft noise shielding
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2016-01-28    
Author: Dewitte, F.H.V.
Mentor: Snellen, M. · Simons, D.G.
Keywords: Noise · Shielding · Barrier · Attenuation · Scattering · Diffraction
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2 Analysis of Swirl Recovery Vanes: Propulsion system performance and slipstream-wing interaction
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-02-20    
Author: Van Kuijk, J.J.A.
Mentor: Veldhuis, L.L.M.
Keywords: swirl recovery vanes · propulsion

3 Design Optimization of Ground and Air-Launched Hybrid Rockets
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-02-27    
Author: Miranda, F.
Mentor: Zandbergen, B.T.C. · Dirkx, D.
Keywords: hybrid rockets · air launch · design optimization
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4 Effect of EGTS on airport taxi movements at AAS
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-04-17    
Author: Sillekens, P.J.A.
Mentor: Roling, P.C.
Keywords: EGTS · Schiphol · KLM · impact study · value model
file embargo until: 2016-04-17
5 An Investigation on Leakage Behaviour of Seals for Aerospace Applications
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2014-12-11    
Author: Agarwal, A.
Mentor: Melkert, J. · Lozano Montoya, F. · Fernandez Rodriguez, D.
Keywords: gas leak · rezoning · stress relaxation · o-ring · elastomer · extrusion failure · ansys APDL · nomograph · slip flow · choked flow · compression set · Mullins effect
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6 Ultrasonic Plastic Welding of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polyamide 6 to Aluminium and Steel
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2014-12-18    
Author: Bolt, S.
Mentor: Fernandez Villegas, I.
Keywords: Ultrasonic Welding · CFRTP · Aluminium · Steel · Composite
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7 Feasibility study of a novel load alleviation system on the UH-60A Blackhawk helicopter
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-08-06    
Author: Verhagen, M.R.
Mentor: Voskuijl, M.
Keywords: helicopter · structural load alleviation system · SLA · tailplane · horizontal stabilizer · Flightlab · UH-60A · Blackhawk · agility · safety · flightpath bandwidth
file embargo until: 2016-08-06
8 Design of a cooling system for the hybrid engine
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-08-12    
Author: Fohmann, K.G.
Mentor: Rao, A.G.
Keywords: AHEAD · hybrid engine · LNG · heat exchanger · cryogenic
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9 Mission Planner for Heating-Optimal Re-Entry Trajectories with Extended Range Capability
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2014-12-16    
Author: Papp, Z.
Mentor: Mooij, E.
Keywords: Re-entry · Guidance · Optimization · Mission planning · Trajectories
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10 Analysis of the Rendezvous Phase of e.deorbit: Guidance, Communication and Illumination
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-01-13    
Author: Deloo, J.A.F.
Mentor: Mooij, E.
Keywords: e.deorbit · ENVISAT · Clean Space · Orbital Debris · Uncooperative Rendezvous · Debris Remediation · Safety · Communication · Illumination · Active Debris Removal
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11 Assessment of a State-Space Free Wake for Rotorcraft Flight Mechanics Applications
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2014-12-09    
Author: Hidalgo Lopez, D.F.
Mentor: Pavel, M.D.
Keywords: free wake · state space · helicopter aerodynamics
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12 Fatigue Crack Growth in Solid Round Metallic Bars with a Shoulder Fillet
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-03-27    
Author: Pasman, D.J.
Mentor: Alderliesten, R.C.
Keywords: fatigue crack growth · experiments · shoulder fillet · stress intensity factor · strain energy release rate · prediction
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13 Database driven forecasting of spare parts demand at the Royal Netherlands Airforce
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-02-17    
Author: Schraven, M.
Mentor: Verhagen, W.J.C.
Keywords: forecasting · spare parts · data mining · demand drivers
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14 Gas path analysis for the MTT micro turbine
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-08-13    
Author: Bauwens, P.L.
Mentor: Visser, W.P.J. · Dountchev, I.D.
Keywords: micro gas turbine · gas turbine simulation · performance modelling · trending · diagnostics
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15 General Aviation Radar System for Navigation and Attitude Determination: Deriving aircraft states using multiple on board FMCW radars
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-08-21    
Author: Naulais, C.
Mentor: Hoekstra, J.M.
Keywords: general aviation · VFR · FMCW radar · navigation · attitude determination
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16 The Development of an Inertia Estimation Method to Support Handling Quality Assessment
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-09-29    
Author: Mutluay, T.
Mentor: Vos, R.
Keywords: moment of inertia · stability derivatives · handling quality
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17 Contrail Mitigation by means of 4D Aircraft Trajectory Optimisation
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-04-30    
Author: Hendriks, T.
Mentor: Visser, H.G. · Hartjes, S.
Keywords: contrail mitigation · green · sustainable · aviation · anthropogenic clouding · climate change · optimal control · optimisation · GPOPS · aerospace engineering
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18 The influence of laminar-turbulent transition on the perfomance of a propeller
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-05-07    
Author: Janssen, R.F.
Mentor: Veldhuis, L.L.M. · Eitelberg, G.
Keywords: propeller · transition · performance · CFD · computational · fluid · dynamics · infrared · numerical · experimental · RANS · BEMT
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19 Development of a Wave Drag Prediction Tool for the Conceptual Design Phase
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-07-14    
Author: Vargas Jimenez, J.A.
Mentor: Vos, R.
Keywords: wave drag
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20 Orthogonal Vortex-Propeller Interaction: Vortex Response and Impact on the Propeller Performance
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2015-10-16    
Author: Zhou, T.
Mentor: Eitelberg, G. · Yang, Y.
Keywords: vortex · propeller · interaction
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Search results also available in MS Excel format.

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