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1 Automatic and fast generation of sub-optimal and feasible low-thrust trajectories using a boundary-value pseudo-spectral method
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2008-08-28    
Author: De Vogeleer, B.J.T.V.
Mentor: Corral Van Damme, C. · Prieto Llanos, T. · Noomen, R. · GMV
Keywords: coltreps · trajectory optimisation · initial guess/estimate · shape based method
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2 On the integral-conservative numerical solution of few-body gravitational problems: with applications to capture trajectories
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2007-10-25    
Author: Verzijl, C.J.O.
Mentor: Noomen, R. · van Horssen, W.T.
Keywords: astrodynamics · few-body · integral · conservative · approximation
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3 Analytical representations of low-thrust trajectories
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2008-12-18    
Author: Paulino, T.
Mentor: Ambrosius, B.A.C.
Keywords: low-thrust · analytical representations · interplanetary

4 Fishing on Europe: dynamics of the Jovian moon and its subsurface ocean
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2008-09-23    
Author: Huibregtse, J.N.
Mentor: Vermeersen, L.L.A. · Van Leeuwen, P.J.
Keywords: Jovian moon · ocean dynamics · tidal motion
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5 Geoid anomalies due to low-viscosity zones in glacial isostatic adjustment modeling
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2003-03-18    
Author: Van der Wal, W.
Mentor: Vermeersen, L.L.A.
Keywords: glacial isostatic adjustment · geoid anomalies · low-viscosity zones

6 A comparative analysis of project management and systems engineering techniques in Cubesat projects
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2007-07-20    
Author: Elstak, J.
Mentor: Hamann, R.J.
Keywords: project management · systems engineering · cubesat · student satellite · university satellite
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7 Impact of the space and satellite environment on the optical path differences of Darwin
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2005-05-19    
Author: Sterken, V.J.
Mentor: Kamp, A. · Dool, T.C.
Keywords: interferometry · Darwin · perturbations · space · formation flying
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8 Earthquake slip distribution inversions using Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2008-12-11    
Author: Put, S.C.
Mentor: Hanssen, R.F. · Zwieten, G.J.
Keywords: radar · sar · interferometry · earthquake · inversion
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9 Glacier Surface Analysis. Airborne Laser Scanning for monitoring glaciers and crevasses
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2006-10-01    
Author: Kodde, M.P
Mentor: Simons, D.G. · Gorte, B.G.H. · Pfeifer, Dipl techn. N. · Lindenbergh, R.C
Keywords: Glacier, crevasses, airborne laser scanning

10 Use of global ionospheric maps for precise point positioning: developing an optimised procedure in using Global Ionospheric Maps for single-frequency standalone positioning with GPS
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2008-12-19    
Author: Wienia, R.J.
Mentor: Van der Marel, H., Senior mentor)
Keywords: global ionospheric maps (gims) · gps · ionosphere · precise point positioning (ppp) · positioning
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11 Interval analysis applied to re-entry flight trajectory optimization
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2007-07-26    
Author: Chu, W.
Mentor: Mulder, J. · Mooij, E. · van Kampen, E. · Chu, Q.P. · de Weerdt, E.
Keywords: interval analysis · trajectory optimization · re-entry
file embargo until: 2016-06-01
12 A comparative study of long-term polar motion of terrestrial bodies
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2002-06-07    
Author: Stiefelhagen, M.
Mentor: Vermeersen, L.L.A.
Keywords: polar motion · mars

13 Development and Testing of a Water Microresistojet
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2008-09-22    
Author: Ferreira, R.A.
Mentor: Zandbergen, B.T.C. · Gil, E. · Voskuijl, M.
Keywords: resistojet · boiling · water
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14 3D temperature modeling for the South China Sea using remote sensing data
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2006-04-18    
Author: Twigt, D.J.
Mentor: Gerritsen, H. · Schrama, E.J.O. · de Goede, E.D.
Keywords: South China Sea · baroclinic temperature model · reduced depth model · altimeter data · radiometer data
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15 Terminal area energy management trajectory optimization using interval analysis
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2008-12-04    
Author: Filipe, N.R.S.
Mentor: Mulder, J.A. · Chu, Q.P. · Barrio, A.M. · Van Kampen, E. · De Weerdt, E. · ESA/ESTEC
Keywords: trajectory optimization · interval analysis · taem · horus-2b · global optimization
file embargo until: 2016-06-01
16 Europan tidal deformation: providing a theoretical framework for altimetry data to determine ocean presence
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2005-03-24    
Author: Van Barneveld, P.W.L.
Mentor: Naeije, M.C. · Vermeersen, L.L.A.
Keywords: jupiter moon europa · tidal deformation

17 Orbit Simulation and Design and Verification of the Electrical Power System of the Delfi-C3 Nanosatellite
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2007-06-13    
Author: Te Hennepe, F.
Mentor: Gill, E.K.A. · Zandbergen, B.T.C. · Hamann, R.J. · Monna, B.
Keywords: spacecraft design · orbit simulation · systems engineering · electrical power system
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18 An H1(Ph)-Coercive Discontinuous Galerkin Formulation for The Poisson Problem: 1-D Analysis
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2004-10-26    
Author: Van der Zee, K.G.
Mentor: Van Brummelen, E.H. · De Borst, R.
Keywords: discontinuous galerkin · finite element method · elliptic problems · hp-adaptivity · coercivity
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19 Tidal deformation of Europa and Phobos: implications on their structure and history
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2006-10-12    
Author: Kleuskens, M.H.P.
Mentor: Vermeersen, L.L.A.
Keywords: icy moon europa · tidal deformation · phobos

20 The transformation of GPS into NAP heights: Combining NAP, GPS and geoid heights to compute a height reference surface for the Netherlands
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2006-10-27    
Author: Oudman, R.J.
Mentor: Klees, R., habil
Keywords: Dutch geoid determination · variance component estimation · height transformation
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