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1 Designing a treatment system for the underground effluent at Loulo Gold mine (Mali, West Africa)
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2014-12-19    
Author: Diarra, H.B.
Mentor: Trusler, G. · Wells, C. · Molwantwa, J.
Keywords: wetlands · Mali · mining
file embargo until: 2015-12-19
2 Primary Frequency Response by MTDC Offshore Grids
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2014-06-19    
Author: Bucurenciu, A.
Mentor: Ndreko, M. · Popov, M.
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3 Profieldagen: Wanneer is een profieldag goed?
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2015-01-26    
Author: Selman, H.S.
Mentor: Jacobs, M.A.F.M.
Keywords: profieldag · checklist · PO · Praktische Opdracht · praktijktoets · werkvorm
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4 Suitability of Biodegradable Polymersomes as Radionuclide Carriers
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2014-06-14    
Author: Sanders, T.J.
Mentor: Denkova, A.G.
Keywords: polymersome · radionuclide · radiotherapy · biodegradable
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5 Modelling the AB-process to implement cold CANON
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2014-12-12    
Author: Smitshuijzen, J.S.J.
Mentor: Cañestro, J.P. · Van Loosdrecht, M.C.M.
Keywords: AB-process · CANON · A-stage model · adsorption · wwtp
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6 Fuel Cell Technology in Europe: What Are the Main Economic Barriers and How Can Policy Help to Overcome Them
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2013-12-16    
Author: Lypiridi, A.
Mentor: Storm, S.T.H.
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7 Numerical Optimization of Microwave and Radio Frequency Control Pulses for the Nitrogen-Vacancy Electron-Nuclear Spin Register
Bachelor thesis Applied Sciences     2015-02-26    
Author: IJspeert, M.
Mentor: Budko, N. · Hensen, B.
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8 Closing the nuclear fuel cycle: potential of the gas cooled fast reactor
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2007-01-26    
Author: Van Gendt, G.J.
Mentor: van der Hagen, T.H.J.J. · Kloosterman, J.L. · van Rooijen, W.F.G.
Keywords: gas cooled fast reactor · generation iv · nuclear reactor · minor actinides · decay heat production
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9 Refinery hydrogen management
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2004    
Author: Liu, N.
Mentor: Lestak, F. · Grievink, J. · Verheijen, P.J.T.
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10 Effect of Disolved Carbon Dioxide Concentration on the Metabolism of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2004    
Author: Krook, D.
Mentor: Mashego, M.R. · Van Gulik, W.M. · Heijnen, J.J.

11 Setting-up and characterisation of the new Perspex block based BioScope
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2003    
Author: Corcoi, J.R.
Mentor: Mashego, M.R. · Van Gulik, W.M. · Heijnen, J.J.

12 Using Benzopic Acid to measure intracellular pH under dynamic conditions
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2004    
Author: Groothuizen, M.
Mentor: Kresnowati, M.T.A.P. · Van Winden, W.A. · Heijnen J.J.

13 Embedding of shock wave reactor in thermal cracking process for ethylene
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2007-05    
Author: Kocak, E.
Mentor: Verheijen, P.J.T. · Van Goethem, M. · Van Ommen, J.R.
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14 Toepaasing van het akoestoelastisch effekt ter bepaling van J als contourintegraal
Master thesis Applied Sciences     1985-11-30    
Author: Janssen, M.
Mentor: Zuidema, J.

15 Numerical 3D simulation of blood flow in a symmetrical stenotic artery influenced by a strong non-uniform magnetic field
Bachelor thesis Applied Sciences     2008-09-18    
Author: Opdam, R.C.G.
Mentor: Kenjeres, S. · Kleijn, C.R.
Keywords: biomagnetic fluid flow · blood flow · magnetic drug targeting · stenotic artery · wall shear stress
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16 Optimization of a mini-scale chemostat system for the analysis of metabolic flux distributions in stressed Bacillus Subtilis
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2008-09-30    
Author: Vuure, W. Van
Mentor: Kleijn, R.J. · Sauer, U. · Verheijen, P.J.T.
Keywords: Metabolic Engineering · Instrumentation
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17 Verification of the FET Object Model: Implementation of Reactors and Separation Processes
Master thesis Applied Sciences     1995-03-13    
Author: Kerkhove, D.
Keywords: Process Systems Engineering
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18 Modeling of Complex Reaction Systems: Steam Cracker
Master thesis Applied Sciences     1998-06-30    
Author: Goethem, M.W.M. Van
Mentor: Van Leeuwen, C. · Verheijen, P.J.T.
Keywords: kinetic systems · simulation
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19 Binaural CASA algorithm for speech source localization: Advancements in noisy and reverberant situations
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2010-11-29    
Author: Opdam, R.C.G.
Mentor: Schlesinger, A. · Boone, M.M.
Keywords: Source localization · CASA · Binaural cue · Hearing aid · Speech intelligibility · Cocktail party problem · Inhibition · ILD · ITD · Noise · Reverberation · Albani
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20 Determining scintillation pulse shapes of fast PET scintillators
Bachelor thesis Applied Sciences     2010-11-17    
Author: Steenbergen, J.H.L.
Mentor: Seifert, S. · Schaart, D.R.
Keywords: PET · scintillation · pulse shape · rise time · LYSO · TCSPC
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Search results also available in MS Excel format.

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