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1 Solidification: real-time investigation of grain nucleation and growth during liquid to solid phase transformation of aluminum alloys
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2005-06-14    
Author: Iqbal, N.
Promotor: Kearley, G.J. · Katgerman, L.
Keywords: solidification · synchroton · aluminum · nucleation
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2 Solid-Acid Catalysed Reactions with Epoxides and Allyl Aryl Ethers
Dissertation Applied Sciences     1997-11-24    
Author: Elings, J.A.
Promotor: Sheldon, R.A.

3 Enkele Financieel-Economische Grondslagen van de Volkshuisvesting
Dissertation OTB     1995-12-07    
Author: Conijn, J.B.S.
Promotor: Priemus, H.

4 Linking Laboratory and in situ Activation Analysis of Rock-forming Elements using a 14 MeV Neutron Source
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     1995-10-06    
Author: Truax, J.
Promotor: Ypma, P.J.
Keywords: neutron flux · activation spectrometry

5 Mesophase Formation in Discotic Liquid Crystalline Polymers
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2002-05-27    
Author: Kouwer, P.H.J.
Promotor: Picken, S.J.
Keywords: liquid crystals · polymers · specific interactions
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6 Dynamic Simulations of Molten-Carbonate Fuel-Cell Systems
Dissertation Mechanical Maritime and Materials Engineering     2000-01-18    
Author: He, W.
Promotor: Kouffeld, R.W.J. · Bosgra, O.H.

7 Developing interactive systems. A perspective on supporting ill-structured work
Dissertation Technology, Policy and Management     2001-11-19    
Author: De Graaff, J.J.
Promotor: Sol, H.G.
Keywords: interactive systems · design · ill-structured work

8 Selective Epitaxial Growth for Smart Silicon Sensor Applications
Dissertation Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     1995-10-16    
Author: Bartek, M.
Promotor: Middelhoek, S.
Keywords: Silicon Epitaxy · Selective Epitaxial Growth · Silicon sensor

9 Spectral modelling of wind waves in coastal areas
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     1997-06-03    
Author: Ris, R.C.
Promotor: Battjes, J.A.
Keywords: fully spectral wave model · shallow water · third-generation wave model

10 Grey-Scale Measurements in Multi-Dimensional Digitized Images
Dissertation Applied Sciences     1993-10-05    
Author: van Vliet, L.J.
Promotor: Young, I.T.

11 Lipase- and protease-catalyzed transformations with unnatural acyl acceptors
Dissertation Applied Sciences     1995-06-29    
Author: de Zoete, M.C.
Promotor: Sheldon, R.A.
Keywords: biocatalysis · perhydrolysis · ammoniolysis

12 Models in Topology: On Transitive Sets of Functions and Continua
Dissertation Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2003-06-23    
Author: van der Steeg, B.J.
Promotor: Aarts, J.M.
Keywords: transitive set of functions · Wallman space · elementary submodel

13 Interactive design of parameterized 3D models by direct manipulation
Dissertation Industrial Design Engineering     1990-11-26    
Author: van Emmerik, M.J.G.M.
Promotor: Jansen, F.W. · McConalogue, D.J.

14 Surface Roughness and Particle Size Effect in Brownian Coagulation
Dissertation Applied Sciences     1997-06-16    
Author: Shulepov, S.Y.
Promotor: Frens, G.
Keywords: Surface roughness in Brownian Coagulation

15 Dynamic acoustic parameters of porous media: a theoretical, numerical and experimental investigation
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2002-05-07    
Author: Cortis, A.
Promotor: Fokkema, J.T.
Keywords: Porous media · dynamic permeability · oscillating flow · upscaling · dynamic compressibility

16 Performance-based design of self-compacting fibre reinforced concrete
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2004-06-04    
Author: Grünewald, S.
Promotor: Walraven, J.C.
Keywords: bending behaviour · mixture composition · self-compacting fibre reinforced concrete
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17 The Delft-Java Engine
Dissertation Information Systems and Technology     2001-11-05    
Author: Glossner III, C.J.
Promotor: Vassiliadis, S.
Keywords: computer arithmetic · computer design and engineering · multimedia enhancements · hardware accelerators · multimedia processors · multimedia architecture · java processor
[PDF] [Abstract]

18 Child development, design implications and accident prevention
Dissertation Industrial Design Engineering     1993-08-30    
Author: Steenbekkers, L.P.A.
Promotor: Dirken, J.M., Eur Ing · Schweizer, A.T.

19 Virtual Context - investigating the characteristics and opportunities of digital visualisation media for situated approaches to architectural design in an urban environment
Dissertation Architecture     2005-03-18    
Author: Stellingwerff, M.C.
Promotor: Van der Does, J. · Sariyildiz, I.S. · Breen, J.L.H.
Keywords: design in context · design media · visual representation
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20 A nanostructural study of Raney-type nickel catalysts
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2004-06-04    
Author: Devred, F.
Promotor: Zandbergen, H.W.
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