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1 Aviobrug tussen luchthaven en luchtvaartmaatschappij
Book Aerospace Engineering     2001    
Author: Vlot, A.
Keywords: Aviobridge · Aviolanda · Fokker · KLM
[PDF] [Abstract]

2 Megacorridors in North West Europe: Investigating a new transnational planning concept
Book (monograph) OTB     2003    
Author: Zonneveld, W. · Trip, J.J.
Contributor: Onderzoeksinstituut OTB
Keywords: infrastructure · INTERREG · governance · megacorridors · transport networks · transnational cooperation · urbanisation

3 Towards a New Durable and Environmentally Compliant Adhesive Bonding Process for Aluminium Alloys
Dissertation Aerospace Engineering     1995-09-12    
Author: Oosting, R.
Promotor: Vogelesang, L.B.
Keywords: voorbehandelingen · primers · lijmen · chromaten · oplosmiddelen

4 Some Aspects of Low Content Mono- and Hybrid-Fibre Reinforced Cementitious Composites
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2001-01-09    
Author: Shui, Z.H.
Promotor: Hendriks, Ch.F.

5 Comparing spatial features of urban housing markets: Recent evidence of submarket formation in metropolitan Helsinki and Amsterdam
Book (monograph) OTB     2005    
Author: Kauko, T.
Contributor: Onderzoeksinstituut OTB
Keywords: housing markets · spatial features · segmentation

6 Process Development of Thermal HydroDechlorination
Dissertation Applied Sciences     1993-10-04    
Author: ten Kate, A.J.B.
Promotor: van den Bleek, C.M. · van den Berg, P.J.
Keywords: chlorinated waste treatment · process development · modelling

7 Countercurrent sorption equipment using transported open sorbent material
Dissertation Mechanical Maritime and Materials Engineering     1997-10-28    
Author: Diederen, A.M.
Promotor: Veenman, A.W. · de Graauw, J.

8 Faszination und herausforderung der materialwissenschaft heute
Lecture 1979-02-28    
Author: Wittmann, F.H.
Keywords: Intreerede

9 Shear and Anchorage Behaviour of Fire Exposed Hollow Core Slabs
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2004-04-05    
Author: Fellinger, J.H.H.
Promotor: Stark, J.W.B. · Walraven, J.C.
Keywords: fire resistance · concrete · hollow core slabs · shear · anchorage
[PDF] [Abstract]

10 Non-Linear A/D Converters for Integrated Silicon Smart Sensors
Dissertation Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     1994-04-26    
Author: Mahmoud, K.E.M.
Promotor: Middelhoek, S. · Huijsing, J.H.
Keywords: analogue-digital conversion · bipolar integrated circuits · integrated smart sensors

11 Accumulation of Technetium in Duckweed
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2000-10-10    
Author: Hattink, J.
Promotor: de Goeij, J.J.M. · Ernst, W.H.O.

12 Phase equilibria and other physiochemical aspects of interest for enzymatic reactions in near-critical carbon dioxide
Dissertation Applied Sciences     1997-12-15    
Author: Stevens, R.M.M.
Promotor: de Swaan Arons, J.

13 Rock expansion and compaction at the marker scale in gas producing reservoirs
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2003-03-24    
Author: Ferronato, M.
Promotor: Verruijt, A. · Gambolati, G.
Keywords: Reservoir engineering · finite elements · iterative solvers

14 Developing life cycle based startegies for track maintenance and renewal tools and rules from life cycle management plus project
Article in monograph or in proceedings Trail     2002-11-26    
Author: Zoeteman, A.
Contributor: Bovy, P.H.L.

15 Stedebouw en planologie - een onvoltooid project: naar het communicatief handelen in de ruimtelijke planning en ontwerppraktijk
Dissertation Architecture     1990-12-04    
Author: Boelens, L.
Promotor: Bollerey, F. · Kreukels, A.M.J. · Nauta, L.W.

16 On Chain Coding of Line Drawings
Dissertation Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     1992-05-04    
Author: Liu, K.
Promotor: Arnbak, J.C.

17 Cost-effective design and operation of variable speed wind turbines
Dissertation Design, Engineering and Production     2003-02-18    
Author: Molenaar, D.P.
Promotor: Bosgra, O.H.
Keywords: variable speed wind turbines · model validation
[PDF] [Abstract]

18 Application of Low Calorific Value Gaseous Fuels in Gas Turbine Combustors
Dissertation Mechanical Maritime and Materials Engineering     1999-12-14    
Author: Hoppesteyn, P.D.J.
Promotor: Hein, K.R.G.

19 Absorption and Oxidation of Formaldehyde on Transition Metal Catalysts from Alkaline Aqueous Solutions
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2003-12-01    
Author: ten Kortenaar, M.V.
Promotor: de Goeij, J.J.M. · van Veen, J.A.R.
Keywords: Elektrocatalysis · formaldehyde · metal deposition

20 Design and control of a class of multiphase series-resonant power converters
Dissertation Mechanical Maritime and Materials Engineering     1992-11-21    
Author: Huisman, H.
Promotor: Bosgra, O.H. · Vandenput, A.J.A.

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