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1 A clean technology phosphoric acid process
Dissertation Applied Sciences     1987-06-11    
Author: Van der Sluis, S.
Promotor: Van Rosmalen, G.M. · Wesselingh, J.A.

2 Duurdere koopwoning en wooncarriere : een modelmatige analyse van de vraagontwikkeling aan de bovenkant van de Nederlandse koopwoningmarkt
Dissertation OTB     2004-09-28    
Author: Boumeester, H.J.F.M.
Promotor: Priemus, H. · Dieleman, F.M. · Boelhouwer, P.J.
Keywords: verhuisprocessen · wooncarrieres · koopwoningen · vraagontwikkeling
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3 Improving ICT Management in Public Universities in Kenya
Dissertation Information Technology and Systems     2002-04-16    
Author: Wanyembi, G.N.W.
Promotor: Looijen, M.
Keywords: ICT management · management paradigm · transformation
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4 The blending of liquids in stirred vessels
Dissertation Applied Sciences     1992-12-08    
Author: Bouwmans, I.
Promotor: Van den Akker, H.E.A.
Keywords: computational fluid dynamics · procesindustrie · computersimulatie

5 CAD product data exchange: conversion for curves and surfaces
Dissertation Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     1991-10-15    
Author: Baayens, A.E.
Promotor: Nowacki, H. · McConalogue, D.J.

6 Steam-regenerative removal of H2S at high temperatures using metal oxide on alumina acceptors
Dissertation Applied Sciences     1985-06-13    
Author: Soerawidjaja, T.H.
Promotor: De Jong, W.A. · van den Berg, P.J.

7 Data assimilation in atmospheric chemistry models using Kalman filtering
Dissertation Information Technology and Systems     2002-04-02    
Author: Segers, A.
Promotor: Heemink, A.W. · Builtjes, P.J.H.
Keywords: data assimilation · atmospheric chemistry · Kalman filter
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8 Uncertainty Analysis applied to Numerical Models of River Bed Morphology
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2003-11-17    
Author: van der Klis, H.
Promotor: de Vriend, H.J.
Keywords: River bed morphology · uncertainty analysis · numerical model

9 Hydrogen interactions with silicon-on-insulator materials
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2003-01-13    
Author: Rivera de Mena, A.J.
Promotor: Van Veen, A.
Keywords: silicon-on-insulator · hydrogen · carrier injection · positron annihilation · thermal desorption · MOS capacitors
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10 Development of a computer assisted toolbox for aerodynamic design of aircraft at subcritical conditions with application to three-surface and canard aircraft
Dissertation Aerospace Engineering     1992-04-13    
Author: Middel, J.
Promotor: Torenbeek, E.

11 Micro-mechanical structures as optical sensor elements
Dissertation Applied Sciences     1992-12-01    
Author: Wu, S.
Promotor: Frankena, H.J.
Keywords: optical sensors · integrated optics

12 The relative importance of product attributes: consumer decision theories in new-product development
Dissertation Industrial Design Engineering     1991-09-17    
Author: Stokmans, M.J.W.
Promotor: Oppedijk van Veen, W.M. · Van Raaij, W.F.

13 Geiger Mode Avalanche Photodiode Arrays: For spatially resolved single photon counting
Dissertation Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     1999-03-22    
Author: Kindt, W.J.
Promotor: Middelhoek, S.M.

14 Rationeel plannen en begroten van onderhoud in het waterbeheer
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2000-05-11    
Author: van de Looij, M.P.A.M.
Promotor: Brouwer, R. · van der Veer, P.

15 Heat and mass transfer during underground gasification of thin deep coal seems
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     1992-12-14    
Author: van Batenburg, D.W.
Promotor: de Haan, H.J. · Hoogendoorn, C.J.

16 Integrating reliability, availability and maintainability (RAM) in conceptual process design: an optimization approach
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2004-06-07    
Author: Goel, H.D.
Promotor: Weijnen, M.P.C. · Grievink, J.

17 Rede uitgesproken door prof.ir. B.P.Th. Veltman, rector magnificus, TH Delft, ter gelegenheid van de opening van het Academisch jaar
Lecture 1981-09-01    
Author: Veltman, B.P.Th.
Keywords: Opening academisch jaar

18 Modelling of NOx Formation in a High Temperature Gas-Fired Furnace
Dissertation Applied Sciences     1993-06-29    
Author: Koster, C.L.
Promotor: Hoogendoorn, C.J.
Keywords: combustion · NOx formation · modelling

19 Dynamics of gas-solids fluidized beds: analysis of pressure fluctuations
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2002-09-19    
Author: Van der Schaaf, J.
Promotor: Van den Bleek, C.M. · Schouten, J.C. · Takens, F.
Keywords: Power spectral density · coherence · Kolmogorov entropy

20 Elastodynamics with hysteretic damping
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2002-06-13    
Author: Cornejo Córdova, C.J.
Promotor: Verruijt, A.
Keywords: soil dynamics · hysteretic damping · moving loads
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