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1 Dynamic OD demand estimation and prediction for dynamic traffic management
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2014-11-18    
Author: Djukic, T.
Promotor: Van Lint, J.W.C. · Hoogendoorn, S.P.
Keywords: dynamic origin-destination (OD) demand · PCA · structural similarity · benchmarking framework · large-scale networks · dynamic traffic management · real-time estimation
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2 The practice of forward-looking transport Ppolicy assessment studies
Dissertation Trail     2008-09-23    
Author: Annema, J.A.
Promotor: van Wee, G.P.
Keywords: transport policy · assessment methods · cost benefit analysis · cost effectiveness
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3 Railway design and maintenance from a life-cycle cost perspective: a decision-support approach
Dissertation Technology, Policy and Management     2004-11-22    
Author: Zoeteman, A.
Promotor: Van der Heijden, R.E.C.M. · Esveld, C.
Keywords: railway infrastructure · maintenance · life-cycle costing · decision support

4 Controlling high speed automated transport network operations
Dissertation Mechanical Maritime and Materials Engineering     2006-12-15    
Author: de Feijter, R.
Promotor: Lodewijks, G.
Keywords: intelligent transportation systems (its) · automated highway systems (ahs) · automated guided vehicles (agv)
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5 Joint modeling of land-use, transport and economy
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2007-04-24    
Author: Zondag, B.
Promotor: Sanders, F.M.
Keywords: land-use · transport · joint modeling
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6 Microscopic online simulation for real-time traffic management
Dissertation Trail     2007-01-30    
Author: Miska, M.Ph.
Promotor: van Zuylen, H.J.
Keywords: microscopic · online · management · traffic
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7 Improving real-time train dispatching: models, algorithms and applications
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2008-04-07    
Author: D'Ariano, A.
Promotor: Hansen, I.A.
Keywords: real-time rail traffic management · decision support systems · alternative graph · scheduling · routing · blocking time theory · train speed coordination
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8 Design aspects of multiple driven belt conveyors
Dissertation Trail     2007-11-26    
Author: Nuttall, A.J.G.
Promotor: Lodewijks, G.
Keywords: multiple drives · belt conveyor · dynamics · motion resistance · traction · wear
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9 Design and validation of advanced driver assistance systems
Dissertation Trail     2007-11-19    
Author: Gietelink, O.J.
Promotor: Verhaegen, M. · de Schutter, B.
Keywords: advanced driver assistance systems · hardware-in-the-loop simulation · controllerdesign and validation · randomized algorithms
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10 The dynamics and the uncertainty of delays at signals
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2006-11-13    
Author: Viti, F.
Promotor: van Zuylen, H.J.
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11 The Mobile City: The planning and design of the Network City from a mobility point of view
Dissertation Architecture     2005-02-14    
Author: Rooij, R.M.
Promotor: Drewe, P.
Keywords: spatial planning · multimodal transport · city and mobility
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12 Theory and practice of the assessment and valuation of noise from roads and railroads in Europe
Dissertation Trail     2008-09-23    
Author: Nijland, H.A.
Promotor: Van Wee, G.P.
Keywords: noise · valuation · infrastructure
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13 Intermodal Barge Transport: Network Design, Nodes and Competitiveness
Dissertation OTB Research Institute     2009-11-13    
Author: Konings, J.W.
Promotor: Priemus, H.
Keywords: inland shipping · terminals · intermodal · freight
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14 Reliability-based Dynamic Network Design with Stochastic Networks
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2009-05-19    
Author: Li, H.
Promotor: Bovy, P.H.L. · Van Zuylen, H.J.
Keywords: Departure time choice · Reliability-based dynamic user equilibrium · Stochastic networks · Discrete network design
[PDF] [Abstract]

15 Monitoring Travel Time Reliability on Freeways
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2008-04-15    
Author: Tu, Huizhao
Promotor: Van Zuylen, H.J.
Keywords: travel time reliability · probability of traffic breakdown · instability · dynamic traffic assignments
[PDF] [Abstract]

16 Future airport turnaround ground handling processes: how to reduce the turn around time of aircraft at the airport
Article in monograph or in proceedings Aerospace Engineering     2008    
Author: Beelaerts van Blokland, W.W.A. · Huijzer, R. · Stahls, R. · Santema, S.A.

17 The new airport of Lisbon: a strategic framework
Article in monograph or in proceedings Aerospace Engineering     2008    
Author: Correira, V.M. · Houlleberghs, B.R.Y.

18 Behavioural Responses and Network Effects of Time-varying Road Pricing
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2009-05-19    
Author: Van Amelsfort, D.H.
Promotor: Bovy, P.H.L. · Bliemer, M.
Keywords: Road pricing · Departure time choice · Dynamic traffic assignment · Travel time unreliability · Stated choice experiment
[PDF] [Abstract]

19 Road Incidents and Network Dynamics: Effects on driving behaviour and traffic congestion
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2009-12-02    
Author: Knoop, V.L.
Promotor: Van Zuylen, H.J. · Hoogendoorn, S.P.
Keywords: road incidents · traffic flow theory
[PDF] [PDF] [Abstract]

20 Traffic management and control in intelligent vehicle highway systems
Dissertation Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering     2009-11-18    
Author: Baskar, L.D.
Promotor: Hellendoorn, J. · De Schutter, B.
Keywords: intelligent vehicle highway systems · intelligent transportation systems · intelligent vehicles · model predictive control
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