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1 Proximity and Collaboration in German Nanotechnology Network
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2013-07-04    
Author: Korzinov, V.
Mentor: Kleinknecht, A. · Werker, C. · Cunningham, S.
Keywords: proximity · collaboration · network
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2 Cannibal Collaboration Platform
Bachelor thesis Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2010-03-01    
Author: Smit, M.N.W. · Tai, X.H. · Terra, D. · Van Velthoven, J.L.
Mentor: Dobbe, J.T. · Huijser, R.F. · Bidarra, R. · Sepers, M.
Keywords: collaboration · games · development · cannibal
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3 Towards adoption of long-term highly committed interfirm relationships within the construction industry
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2013-07-06    
Author: Wicherson, J.A.
Mentor: De Ridder, H.A.J. · Koolwijk, J.S.J. · Verlaan, J.G.
Keywords: supply chain · collaboration

4 A tool for Designrider: Supporting designers to start collaborative design projects
Master thesis Industrial Design Engineering     2012-12-19    
Author: Van Schaik, D.J.M.
Mentor: Stappers, P.J. · Henze, L.A.R.
Keywords: collaboration · networks · communities · tool

5 In-flight Experience Centre: a study on organization and potentialities
Master thesis Industrial Design Engineering     2015-06-03    
Author: De Conto, G.
Mentor: Santema, S. C. · De Lille, C. S. H.
Keywords: aviation · collaboration · facilitation

6 Adaptive Collaboration Support Systems: Designing Collaboration Support for Dynamic Environments
Article in monograph or in proceedings Technology, Policy and Management     2012-06-18    
Author: Janeiro, J. · Knoll, S.W. · Lukosch, S.G. · Kolfschoten, G.L.
Keywords: Product Lifecycle Management · Collaboration · Collaboration Support Tool · Collaboration Process Design
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7 Rain, catch it if you can
Master thesis Architecture and The Built Environment     2014-12-16    
Author: Witteveen , A.M.
Mentor: Hooimeijer , F.L. · Bouma, T.
Keywords: adaptation · pluvial flooding · city · collaboration

8 A Future Focus on Collaborative Design
Article in monograph or in proceedings Architecture     2001    
Author: Verbeke, J. · Stellingwerff, M.
Keywords: Architecture · Collaboration · Design

9 Show me what you’ve got - the influence of combined sketching on idea generation in teams
Article in monograph or in proceedings Industrial Design Engineering     2009-08-24    
Author: Neumann, A. · Badke-Schaub, P. · Lauche, K.
Keywords: design collaboration · sketching · conceptualisation
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10 Representing Collaboration in Concurrent Design Process by Using BPMN2.0 Modelling Language: Whether collaboration issues can be better learned and benefited by using BPMN2.0 modelling language in concurrent design process of ESA projects?
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2011-08-25    
Author: Zhang Hao, H.
Mentor: Kolfschoten, G. L. · Bots, P.W.G. · Brazier, F.M.
Keywords: Collaboration · Concurrent Design · FRMC · BPMN 2.0 · Collaboration Model

11 Hangar 36: Collaboration between entrepreneurs in spatial clusters
Master thesis Industrial Design Engineering     2011-11-25    
Author: Pont, A.
Mentor: Van der Meer, H. · Buijs, J.A. · Van Trigt, P.
Keywords: collaboration · communities · group decision · motivation

12 Online Art Collaboration: The Design of a Tool for Remote Collaboration on New Media Art
Master thesis Industrial Design Engineering     2010-02-04    
Author: Boer, W.D.
Mentor: Van der Helm, A.J.C. · De Ridder, H.
Keywords: online art collaboration · New Media

13 Smart world: An online platform for international dissemination of Amsterdam's smart solutions
Master thesis Industrial Design Engineering     2015-04-29    
Author: Van der Veen, E.M.A.
Mentor: Hultink, H.J. · Calabretta, G. · Meyer, A.
Keywords: smart city · platform · international collaboration

14 Relationships in the age of collaboration: Finding opportunities for Qurrent
Master thesis Industrial Design Engineering     2013-04-23    
Author: Govers, F.S.
Mentor: Buijs, J.A. · Roscam-Abbing, E.
Keywords: collaboration · brand identity · collaborative consumption

15 Academia-Industry collaborative research project -- A case study of the ACTA-DelltaTech collaborative research on the training effectiveness of the SIMENDO dental training simulator
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2010-08-27    
Author: Li, L.
Mentor: Sanden, M. · Dankelmann, J. · Wentink, M. · Wehrmann, C.
Keywords: academia-industry collaboration · strategic communication plan

16 Collaboration between subsidiaries in the construction industry: An empirical study to collaboration between subsidiaries with different disciplines in the construction industry and the influences of Organizational Climate, Trust and making Agreements
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2013-12-19    
Author: Brinkman, J.
Mentor: Hertogh, M.J.C.M. · Bosch-Rekveldt, M.G.C. · Rook, L. · Venderbos, M. · Van Hoven, H.
Keywords: collaboration · organizational climate · compatibility · construction industry · subsidiaries

17 Strategies for public autorities to collaborate in road traffic systems: Theoratical and empirical exploration of collaboration in a networked infrastructure system by the combined use of system and actor perspectives
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2013-10-25    
Author: De Koning, C.
Mentor: De Bruijn, J.A. · Schoenmaker, R. · Steenhuisen, B.M. · Troost-Oppelaar, J.F. · Staal-Ong, P.L.
Keywords: road projects · Rijkswaterstaat · collaboration · framework · traffic circulation

18 Productintegratie en procesrandvoorwaarden
Master thesis Architecture     2013-01-30    
Author: Breider, S.
Mentor: Prins, M. · Van Oel, C. J.
Keywords: design management · integration · architectural quality · collaboration
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19 Using network analysis to describe an information exchange network: The eBerea case
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2013-10-03    
Author: Dourouka, M.M.
Mentor: Bouwman, H. · De Jong, M.
Keywords: collaboration · interaction · academic networks · network analysis
[PDF] [Abstract]

20 Theoretical foundations for collaboration engineering
Dissertation Technology, Policy and Management     2007-12-18    
Author: Kolfschoten, G.L.
Promotor: De Vreede, G.J.
Keywords: collaboration · group support systems · facilitation
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Search results also available in MS Excel format.

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