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1 Electrical characterization of MEMS microphones
Master thesis Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2010-08-19    
Author: Chandramohan, G.
Mentor: Sarro, P.M.
Keywords: electrical characterization
file embargo until: 2015-08-19
2 Characterization of deltaic rocks for numerical reservoir simulation
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     1991-10-14    
Author: Mijnssen, F.C.J.
Promotor: Weber, K.J.
Keywords: geology · deltas · reservoir characterization

3 On the identification of 'Co-sulfide' species in sulfided Co and CoMo catalysts
Dissertation Applied Sciences     1992-06-11    
Author: Crajé, M.W.J.
Promotor: van Loef, J.J. · van Veen, J.A.R.
Keywords: CoMo hydrotreating catalysts · characterization

4 Modelling optical properties of layers for thin-films silicon solar cells
Master thesis Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2010-05-28    
Author: Sap, J.A.
Mentor: Zeman, M.
Keywords: Silicon Solar Cells · Characterization · Spectroscopy · Modelling
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5 Reservoir characterization of the Upper Slochteren Sandstone by integration of core data
Bachelor thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2012-08-24    
Author: Knol, M.I.C.
Mentor: Weltje, G.J. · Donselaar, M.E.
Keywords: reservoir characterization · microscopic research · Upper Slochteren Sandstone
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6 Characterization of NiW and CoW Hydrotreating Catalysts
Dissertation Interfaculty Reactor Institute     2001-10-29    
Author: Van der Meer, Y.
Promotor: Kearly, G.J. · Van Veen, J.A.R.
Keywords: hydrodesulfurization · NiW/CoW catalyst · characterization
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7 The influence of geological data on the reservoir modelling and history matching process
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2012-04-11    
Author: De Jager, G.
Promotor: Luhti, S. M. .
Keywords: reservoir characterization · reservoir modeling · geostatistics
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8 The Cambro-Ordovician Sequence in the Petra Area, Jordan: Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2010-10-21    
Author: Carranza Dumon, F.
Mentor: Luthi, S.M. · Donselaar, M.E.
Keywords: sedimentology · Petra · environments of deposition · ichnofossils · reservoir characterization · braided rivers
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9 Optical modeling and characterization of hydrogenated amorphous silicon solar cells
Dissertation Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     1994-12-21    
Author: Tao, G.
Promotor: Kleefstra, M. · Beenakker, C.I.M.
Keywords: solar cells · optical modeling · optical characterization

10 Characterization of deep-marine clastic sediments from foreland basins
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     1995-02-20    
Author: Schuppers, J.D.
Promotor: Van Veen, F.R. · Van Dam, J.C.
Keywords: geology · deep-marine clastics sediments · reservoir characterization

11 Demonstratie en kennisoverdracht innovatieve bodemonderzoektechnieken (DIB)
External research report 2003    
Author: van Ree, C.C.D.F. · Heijer, R.P. · Meekes, J.A.C. · Debets, F.
Keywords: site characterization · knowledge transfer · cone penetrometer technologies

12 Characterization of Portland cement paste using MIP, nanoindentation and esem techniques
Article in monograph or in proceedings Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2013-12-31    
Author: Aquino, R.J. · Koleva, D.A. · Koenders, E.A.B. · van Breugel, K.
Keywords: cement microstructure · characterization · nanoindentation · ESEM · performance · sustainability

13 Fluid mobility in reservoir rocks from integrated VSP and openhole data
Article/Letter to the Editor Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2013-10-01    
Author: Zhubayev, A. · Ghose, R. · Jihai, Y. · Jun, C. · Borodin, I. · Sanders, M. · Lim, T.K. · Menkiti, H.
Keywords: VSP · attenuation · dispersion · permeability · reservoir characterization
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14 Inversion of seismic reflection data through focusing
Article in monograph or in proceedings Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2012-09-10    
Author: Mulder, W.A.
Keywords: seismic inversion · acoustics · imaging · subsurface characterization
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15 Enhanced corrosion protection by microstructural control of aluminium brazing sheet
Dissertation Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering     2013-08-30    
Author: Norouzi Afshar, F.
Promotor: De Wit, J.H.W. · Terryn, H.
Keywords: aluminium brazing sheet · accelerated corrosion test · microstructural characterization · electrochemical characterization · heat treatment
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16 The Effect of Porefill on Pre- and Post-stack Seismic Data in a Dutch Buntsandstein Reservoir
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2010-08-23    
Author: Auduson, A.E.
Mentor: Andries, W. · Arts, R.J.
Keywords: exploration challenge · seismic response · synthetics · reservoir quality · improved characterization · post-stack · pre-stack · Buntsandstein
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17 Spatial variability of stiffness in fiber reinforced composites in short beam shear test specimens
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2014-04-14    
Author: Van der Vossen, B.C.W.
Mentor: Alderliesten, R.C.
Keywords: short beam shear · digital image correlation · FEM updating · composites · characterization · spatial variability
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18 Ion exchange for NOM removal in drinking water treatment
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2008-02-08    
Author: Kaeocha, A.
Mentor: Van Dijk, J.C. · Rietveld, L.C. · Grefte, A. · Van de Giesen, N.C. · Amy, G.L.
Keywords: NOM characterization · ion exchange resins · ion exchange rate · linear driving force model · Freundlich isotherm · fluidized ion exchange · fluidization model
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19 Mechanical characterization and modeling of curing thermosets
Dissertation Design, Engineering and Production     2006-01-09    
Author: Van 't Hof, C.
Promotor: Ernst, L.J.
Keywords: thermosets · epoxy · resin · viscoelasticity · cure · residual stress · characterization · modeling
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20 Stochastic characterization of geological heterogeneity and its impact on groundwater contaminant transport
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     1996-09-16    
Author: Elfeki, A.M.M.
Promotor: Barends, F.B.J.
Keywords: geological characterization · contaminent transport · groundwater · stochastic approach · heterogeneity
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