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1 Hybrid Cross-Impact Analysis Model
Master thesis Architecture     2011-06-15    
Author: Lee, C.
Mentor: De Jong, P. · Binnekamp, R.
Keywords: decision-making · None
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2 Jesew user guide
External Research Report Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2003-07-08    
Author: Zitman, T.J.
Keywords: Decision making
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3 Acceptable Risk Levels for Use in Hydraulic Design
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2001-01-01    
Author: Schoustra, F.W.
Mentor: Vrijling, J.K. · Mockett, I. · Van gelder, P.H.A.M.J. · Vrouwenvelder, A.W.C.M. · Thissen, W.
Keywords: risk managements · decision making
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4 Judgment under uncertainty: a probabilistic evaluation framework for decision-making about sanitation systems in low-income countries
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2012-07-12    
Author: Malek Pour, S.
Mentor: Van Lier, J. · Celemens, F. · Langeveld, J. · Talsma, L.
Keywords: sanitation · decision-making · probabilistic
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5 Decision-making based on measurements of behavioural safety - An explorative study into using Situation Awareness measurements for a specific problem as input to system-level decisions.
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2013-11-25    
Author: Van der Meij, R.J.
Mentor: Bruijn , J.A. · Meijer, S.A. · Sillem, S. · Van Luipen, J.J.W.
Keywords: situation · awareness · decision-making · safety
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6 Hoe kies jij je minor? Een onderzoek naar beïnvloedingsfactoren van minorkeuzes door voltijd HBO-bachelorstudenten van Fontys Hogescholen
Dissertation Industrial Design Engineering     2010-07-13    
Author: Van Deuren, M.
Promotor: Santema, S.C.
Keywords: higher education · student decision making
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7 Logistics Concept Development in Multi-Actor Environments
Dissertation Technology, Policy and Management     2012-10-23    
Author: Van Duin, J.H.R.
Promotor: Van der Heijden, R.E.C.M. · Tavasszy, L.A.
Keywords: multi-actor · decision making · logistics
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8 A Gaussian Model of Expert Opinions for Supporting Design Decisions
Article in monograph or in proceedings Industrial Design Engineering     2012-05-21    
Author: Rajabalinejad, M.
Contributor: Spitas, C.
Keywords: design · decision · decision making · tool
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9 Decisioneering in Nuclear Energy Systems: A Real Option View
Dissertation Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering     2012-01-27    
Author: Lauferts, U.
Promotor: Verkooijen, A.H.M.
Keywords: nuclear energy systems · decision making
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10 A method for modelling operator behaviour applied to the NewTranspall microworld
Master thesis Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering     2007-03-08    
Author: Nap, R.
Mentor: Wieringa, P.A. · De Winter, J.C.F.
Keywords: human decision making · microworld · modelling · violating behaviour
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11 A multi-actor analysis approach in decision making: A framework to complement ISA-95 guidelines within manufacturing companies
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2012-08-21    
Author: Osorio, F.A.
Mentor: Hermans, L.M.
Keywords: decision making · multi-actor analysis · ISA-95
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12 Decision support framework for a sustainable waste management system in Ahmedabad, India
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2015-09-28    
Author: Bharambe, S.
Mentor: Stikkelman, R.
Keywords: waste management · ISWM · MCDM · AHP · decision making
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13 Global opportunities for airborne wind
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2014-12-09    
Author: Wijnja, J.
Mentor: Kunneke, R.W.
Keywords: multi criteria decision making · AHP · airborne wind · wind energy · renewables · decision making · conjunctive screening · PROMETHEE
[PDF] [Abstract]

14 Interpreting the influencing factors within the decision making process between two train safety systems at ProRail: an explorative study
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2011-06-14    
Author: Zandstra, A.W.
Mentor: Meijer, S.A.
Keywords: decision making process · discourse analysis · social network theory · contingency theory · group decision making · company culture · communication
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15 Planning law for national transport infrastructure: Balancing between public support and speedy decision-making
Article in monograph or in proceedings Architecture and The Built Environment     2014-07-09    
Author: Hobma, F.A.M.
Keywords: transport infrastructure · public support · speedy decision-making
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16 Developing A Priority-Based Decision Making Mod To Evaluate Geometric Configuration Of Urban Interchanges
Article/Letter to the Editor Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2014-06-01    
Author: Naeimi, M. · Alimoradi, Z. · Razi, M. · Monajjem, S.
Keywords: interchange · criteria · configuration · AHP · decision making
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17 Decision-making models and classifications of human during critical events
Article in monograph or in proceedings Mechanical Maritime and Materials Engineering     2001    
Author: Van Der Vlugt, M. · Wieringa, P.A.
Keywords: behaviour models · critical situations · decision-making

18 Knowingly taking risk: investment decision making in real estate development
Dissertation Architecture     2008-12-02    
Author: Gehner, E.
Promotor: De Jonge, H. · Halman, J.I.M.
Keywords: real estate development · decision making · risk management
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19 Safety Analysis of Transport Corridors
Dissertation Trail     2001-06-12    
Author: Rosmuller, N.
Promotor: Van der Heijden, R.E.C.M.
Keywords: transport safety · policy analysis · decision making

20 Bayesian estimation for decision-directed stochastic control
Dissertation Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     1990-05-22    
Author: Blom, H.A.P.
Promotor: Olsder, G.J. · Bagchi, A.
Keywords: stochastic control · decision-making · Bayesian estimation

Search results also available in MS Excel format.

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