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1 Extending the Livingroom: Formality vs. Informality
Master thesis Architecture     2013-04-18    
Author: Gaarman, H.C.H.
Mentor: Komossa, S. · Marzot , N. · Fokkinga , J.
Keywords: in-between

2 Dwelling with Interactive In-between Space
Master thesis Architecture and The Built Environment     2015-07-02    
Author: Yuan, X.
Mentor: Jürgenhake, B. · Kuitenbrouwer, P.A.M. · Jennen, P.H.M.
Keywords: interactive · in-between · space · dwelling
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3 Pouchard, a creative factory in Paris
Master thesis Architecture and The Built Environment     2014-12-15    
Author: Driver, J.
Mentor: Willers, W. · Koopman, F.W.A.
Keywords: Paris · Theater · In-between space · steel factory
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4 A walk through the bridge - Creating a private time in public space
Master thesis Architecture and The Built Environment     2014-12-16    
Author: Zhang, H.
Mentor: Rommens, O. · Schoonderbeek, M. · Jennen, P.
Keywords: In-between · Public/Private · Interweaving · Border Conditions
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5 A Literal Intervention in the Context of Centro Habana: The Collective (In)Between
Master thesis Architecture     2009-10-27    
Author: Ucaroglu, G.
Mentor: Bier, H. · Schoonderbeek, M.
Keywords: in between critical implant nexus transformation catalyst
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6 Restraum Entdecken: An exploratory spatial research on In-Between space at the Inner city Fringe of Berlin
Master thesis Architecture     2012-11-06    
Author: Emmerik, M.J.
Mentor: Stouten, P.L.M. · Hermans, W.J.A.
Keywords: Berlin · In-Between Space · Open Planning process
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7 EU Consulate: Mediations and Mechanisms
Master thesis Architecture     2011-06-27    
Author: Van Loon, M.P.L.
Mentor: Bier, H.H. · Schoonderbeek, M.G.H. · Rommens, O.R.G.
Keywords: jump-cut · voronoi · shift · in-between · facadism
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8 Blocks Building Bridges: the ambiguous in-between space
Master thesis Architecture     2013-07-02    
Author: Ayhan, K.
Mentor: Mota, N. · Cuperus, Y.
Keywords: in-between space · ambiguous space · blocks

9 Transitions: At Home in the City
Master thesis Architecture     2012-06-29    
Author: Hernandez Williamson, G.
Mentor: Van den Heuvel, D.
Keywords: dwelling · Amsterdam · home · in-between · loggia · terrace · inside-outside · elements
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10 Falling stones
Master thesis Architecture     2012-07-06    
Author: Kok, S.
Mentor: Jurgenhake, B. · Cuperus, Y.
Keywords: in-between · Dwelling · Italy · Varallo · Sesia Valley · krimp
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11 'Territories in between' : A comparative permeability study of two European regions between urban and rural - local and global
Master thesis Architecture     2010-01-19    
Author: Wandl, A.
Mentor: Secchi, B. · Zandbelt, D. · Nadin, V.
Keywords: urban rural relations · territories in-between · regional planning · permeability
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12 At home in the city: tussen stad en woning
Master thesis Architecture     2011-06-28    
Author: Stolk, A.
Mentor: Kuitenbrouwer, P. · Van der Zaag, E. · Jürgenhake, B.
Keywords: dwelling · berlin · friedrichshain · in-between · woningbouw · tussenruimte · berliner blocke

13 Understanding the planning of open-spaces in territories-in-between: Dupuy's network urbanism approach applied to areas in-between urban and rural
Article in monograph or in proceedings Architecture     2012-05-13    
Author: Wandl, A. · Rooij, R.M. · Rocco, R.C.
Keywords: open spaces, strategic regional planning, network urbanism, territories‐in‐between

14 Metropolitan Park Development: A Sustainable Development Strategy for the In-Between Cities Area in Hsinchu Metropolis
Master thesis Architecture     2008-06-24    
Author: Chen, M.
Mentor: Luiten, E.A.J. · Sepulveda, D.A. · Westrik, J.A.
Keywords: metropolitan park · sustainable development strategy · in-between cities area · landscape · urbanization
[PDF] [Abstract]

15 Urban redevelopment in the old Kai Tak area: Shading Kowloon City, Hong Kong
Master thesis Architecture     2013-04-17    
Author: Pitsaki, G.
Mentor: Bracken, G. · Bruyns, G. · Plomp, H.
Keywords: Hong Kong · Kowloon City · bottom-up redevelopment · space in-between · public space
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16 Application of acoustic emission measurements in the evaluation of prestressed cast in-between decks
Article in monograph or in proceedings Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2014-12-31    
Author: Van Hemert, P.H.A. · Fennis-Huijben, S.A.A.M. · Hordijk, D.A.
Keywords: acoustic emission · concrete · in-between decks · (punching) shear and cyclic loading
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17 Il cuore verde di Varallo Sesia: Living in touch with nature in a shrinking village
Master thesis Architecture     2012-11-09    
Author: Van Hoek, L.H.
Mentor: Jürgenhake, B. · Cuperus, Y.
Keywords: nature · dwelling · shrinking village · Italy · valley · landscape · in between · overgangen · landschap · vallei · hoogteverschillen · Italië · krimp · woning · natuur
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18 Minimum / Maximum: a small scale dwelling environment within the large scale of Zuidas
Master thesis Architecture     2013-06-26    
Author: De Haan, H.
Mentor: Mota, J.A.N. · Cuperus, Y.
Keywords: dwelling · zuidas · Amsterdam · stedelijkheid in de luwte · raised street · small scale · appropriation · individual expression · apartment · row house · collective space · in-between
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Search results also available in MS Excel format.

Showing 1 to 18 of 18 found. | Sort by date