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1 Investeren om te reduceren: een probabilistisch model waarmee het verband tussen de investeringskosten en een overstromingskansreductie kan worden bepaald
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2000-12-01    
Author: Thonus, B.I.
Mentor: Vrijling, J.K. · Vrouwenvelder, A.C.W.M. · Jorissen, R.E. · Roos, A. · Voortman, H.G. · TNO-Bouw · RWS-DWW
Keywords: flooding · investments · risk analysis
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2 Financing the non-profit rented sector in Western Europe
Article / letter to the editor 1997    
Author: Boelhouwer, P.J.
Keywords: Capital and Investments

3 BIM NU en BIM MORGEN: het resultaat van de effecten versus de investeringen
Master thesis Architecture     2013-06-27    
Author: Truijens, J.B.F.
Mentor: Koutamanis, A. · Van Warmerdam, R. · Binnekamp, R.
Keywords: BIM · investeringen · effecten · effects · investments · indicatoren · indicators · monitoren · workflow management
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4 The future of car parks: Influencing factors on occupancy rates in the period 2015-2025 based on a study of The Netherlands and Western European countries.
Master thesis Architecture and The Built Environment     2016-01-28    
Author: IJsseldijk, S.H.
Mentor: Nase, I. · Van Oel, C.
Keywords: car park investments · real estate · occupancy rates · regression modelling
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5 The need for coordination in the construction of extra interconnection capacity between Northwest Europe and Scandinavia and the stimulation of renewable energy: An assessment with agent-based modelling
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2014-06-27    
Author: Veldman, J.P.C.
Mentor: Herder, P.M. · De Vries, L.J. · Correljé, A.F. · Iychettira, K.
Keywords: interconnector investments · renewable energy · Northern Europe · integration

6 Financing flood protection measures in developing countries: Are private investments feasible? Experience from Pevensey Bay Coastal Defence Project in UK
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2013-12-03    
Author: Popovici, O.P.
Mentor: De Bruijn, J.A. · De Jong, W.M. · Hombergen, L.P.I.M. · Altamirano, M.
Keywords: flood protection · private investments · developing countries · empirical research · value capturing · risk management · stakeholder management

7 The incorporation of sustainability into the real estate investment portfolio
Master thesis Architecture     2013-06-28    
Author: Baas, L.C.
Mentor: Koppels, P.W. · Van den Ham, E.R.
Keywords: office buildings · real estate investments · sustainability · ecological responsiveness · benchmarking · rental Premium · energy savings
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8 The role of non-utility investors in offshore wind farms: a framework to analyse interactions between project governance, investor characteristics, and policy instruments
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2015-10-12    
Author: Makker, C.M.R.
Mentor: Correljé, A.F. · De Vries, L.J. · Künneke, R.W.
Keywords: conceptual framework · transaction cost economics · transaction cost regulation · dynamic capabilities · behavioural finance · offshore wind investments

9 What gets measured, gets managed: The design of a framework that evaluates Corporate Social Repsonsibility of investments at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2015-11-05    
Author: Samson, M.J.N.
Mentor: Annema, J.A. · Kwakkel, J.H. · Van Wee, G.P.
Keywords: Corporate Social Repsonsibility · impact evaluation · investments · decision-making process · framework design

10 Upstream Investments on the Gas Roundabout? Exploring the contribution of the gas roundabout policy to the attractiveness of the Dutch upstream investment climate
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2012-10-05    
Author: De Vaan, E.M.J.
Mentor: Groenewegen, J.P.M. · Correlje, A.F. · Groenleer, M.L.P.
Keywords: upstream natural gas · investments · transaction cost economics · gas hub · policy analysis · theory of the firm · theoretical pluralism

11 Developing Attractive Power Plant Portfolios under Long-term CO2-price Uncertainty
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2014-07-04    
Author: Van de Brug, R.
Mentor: De Vries, L.J. · Scholten, D.J. · Herder, P.M.
Keywords: CO2 price uncertainty · EU ETS · decision analysis · portfolio investments · power generation

Search results also available in MS Excel format.

Showing 1 to 11 of 11 found. | Sort by date