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1 Investeren om te reduceren: een probabilistisch model waarmee het verband tussen de investeringskosten en een overstromingskansreductie kan worden bepaald
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2000-12-01    
Author: Thonus, B.I.
Mentor: Vrijling, J.K. · Vrouwenvelder, A.C.W.M. · Jorissen, R.E. · Roos, A. · Voortman, H.G. · TNO-Bouw · RWS-DWW
Keywords: flooding · investments · risk analysis
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2 Financing the non-profit rented sector in Western Europe
Article / letter to the editor 1997    
Author: Boelhouwer, P.J.
Keywords: Capital and Investments

3 BIM NU en BIM MORGEN: het resultaat van de effecten versus de investeringen
Master thesis Architecture     2013-06-27    
Author: Truijens, J.B.F.
Mentor: Koutamanis, A. · Van Warmerdam, R. · Binnekamp, R.
Keywords: BIM · investeringen · effecten · effects · investments · indicatoren · indicators · monitoren · workflow management
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4 The need for coordination in the construction of extra interconnection capacity between Northwest Europe and Scandinavia and the stimulation of renewable energy: An assessment with agent-based modelling
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2014-06-27    
Author: Veldman, J.P.C.
Mentor: Herder, P.M. · De Vries, L.J. · Correljé, A.F. · Iychettira, K.
Keywords: interconnector investments · renewable energy · Northern Europe · integration

5 The incorporation of sustainability into the real estate investment portfolio
Master thesis Architecture     2013-06-28    
Author: Baas, L.C.
Mentor: Koppels, P.W. · Van den Ham, E.R.
Keywords: office buildings · real estate investments · sustainability · ecological responsiveness · benchmarking · rental Premium · energy savings
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6 Financing flood protection measures in developing countries: Are private investments feasible? Experience from Pevensey Bay Coastal Defence Project in UK
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2013-12-03    
Author: Popovici, O.P.
Mentor: De Bruijn, J.A. · De Jong, W.M. · Hombergen, L.P.I.M. · Altamirano, M.
Keywords: flood protection · private investments · developing countries · empirical research · value capturing · risk management · stakeholder management

7 What gets measured, gets managed: The design of a framework that evaluates Corporate Social Repsonsibility of investments at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2015-11-05    
Author: Samson, M.J.N.
Mentor: Annema, J.A. · Kwakkel, J.H. · Van Wee, G.P.
Keywords: Corporate Social Repsonsibility · impact evaluation · investments · decision-making process · framework design

8 The role of non-utility investors in offshore wind farms: a framework to analyse interactions between project governance, investor characteristics, and policy instruments
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2015-10-12    
Author: Makker, C.M.R.
Mentor: Correljé, A.F. · De Vries, L.J. · Künneke, R.W.
Keywords: conceptual framework · transaction cost economics · transaction cost regulation · dynamic capabilities · behavioural finance · offshore wind investments

9 Upstream Investments on the Gas Roundabout? Exploring the contribution of the gas roundabout policy to the attractiveness of the Dutch upstream investment climate
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2012-10-05    
Author: De Vaan, E.M.J.
Mentor: Groenewegen, J.P.M. · Correlje, A.F. · Groenleer, M.L.P.
Keywords: upstream natural gas · investments · transaction cost economics · gas hub · policy analysis · theory of the firm · theoretical pluralism

10 Developing Attractive Power Plant Portfolios under Long-term CO2-price Uncertainty
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2014-07-04    
Author: Van de Brug, R.
Mentor: De Vries, L.J. · Scholten, D.J. · Herder, P.M.
Keywords: CO2 price uncertainty · EU ETS · decision analysis · portfolio investments · power generation

Search results also available in MS Excel format.

Showing 1 to 10 of 10 found. | Sort by date