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1 Inverted Urbanism
Master thesis Architecture     2010-06-30    
Author: Ando, M.
Mentor: Van der Velde, J.R.T.
Keywords: landscape

2 Landscape Transformations: A Research Institute for Environmental Conditions
Master thesis Architecture     2010-09-24    
Author: Damdere, E.
Mentor: Plomp, H. · Mulders, S. · Tunçer, B.
Keywords: transformation · landscape
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3 Blue Stitches for a Broken City: Exploring the potential of drainage basins as backbone for improving the living environment in Las Cruces Mountain Range
Master thesis Architecture     2013-09-12    
Author: García Ortiz, J.L.
Mentor: Zandbelt, D.D. · Sabaté Bel, J.
Keywords: landscape insfrastructure
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4 re shaping the edges | the case of Bratislava
Master thesis Architecture and The Built Environment     2014-06-25    
Author: Kounavi, M.
Mentor: Van Der Velde, R.
Keywords: landscape architecture
file embargo until: 2015-06-25
5 Landscape Based Design: A research towards landscape identity
Master thesis Architecture     2011-05-16    
Author: Schaap, N.
Mentor: Bobbink, I.
Keywords: landscape identity

6 Scuplting the void | The House of Wine in Oia
Master thesis Architecture     2013-07-04    
Author: Fragkaki, I.
Mentor: Nottrot, R. · Olsthoorn, B. · Van de Voort, J.
Keywords: landscape · void
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7 A Dutch perception: A rational interpretation of the formal language of the landscape
Book Chapter Architecture and The Built Environment     2006-08-29    
Author: Bobbink, I. · De Wit, S.I.
Keywords: landscape analysis · landscape architecture
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8 Architecture with landscape methods: Doctoral thesis proposal and SANAA Rolex Learning Center Lausanne Sample Field Trip
Internal Report Architecture     2010-05-26    
Author: Jauslin, D.
Keywords: architecture · landscape
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9 Dutch Architecture with Landscape Methods
Book Architecture     2009-05-01    
Author: Jauslin, D.
Contributor: Abrami, F. · Bijster, J. · Bitarafan, N. · Cao, Z. · Cui, Y. · Liu, Y. · Ruan, L. · Maas, M. · Mayr, R. · Rozenmuller, M. · Toriano, L. · Yoshitake, M.
Keywords: Architecture · Landscape
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10 A method for metropolitan landscape characterization : Case study Rotterdam
Article/Letter to the Editor Architecture and The Built Environment     2013-12-31    
Author: Tisma, A. · Van der Velde, J.R.T. · Nijhuis, S. · Pouderoijen, M.T.
Keywords: landscape characterisation · metropolitan landscape · hybrid landscape · cluster analyse · landscape type
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11 "Architectural landscape in the British American Tobacco factory: Flora exhibition space in hall 12"
Master thesis Architecture     2011-06-30    
Author: Casanegra Morelli, M.
Mentor: Hermkens , A. · Colautti, F.
Keywords: values · architectural landscape
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12 Metropolitan Landscape Park of Athens: Re-costructing the Landscape at Hellenikon in the Athenian Metropolis
Master thesis Architecture     2010-11-05    
Author: Sapoutzi , D.
Mentor: Van der Velde, J.R.T. · Harteveld, M.G.A.D. · Geerts, F.
Keywords: metropolis · landscape design
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13 Dealing with leisure
Master thesis Architecture     2011-01-28    
Author: Rosmulder, P.J.M.
Mentor: Van der Velde, J.R.T.
Keywords: leisure landscape · recreation
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14 Nuclear resistance _ Keeping the historical fabric
Master thesis Architecture     2012-11-08    
Author: Van Overmeir, A.L.
Mentor: Meijers, L. · Koopman, F.
Keywords: reuse · renovation · landscape · Arnhem
[PDF] [PDF] [PDF] [Abstract]

15 Energize vacant land: landscape regeneration in shrinking Kerkrade West
Master thesis Architecture     2012-06-29    
Author: Zhang, J.
Mentor: Bobbink, I. · Zandbelt, D.
Keywords: landscape strategy · shrinking cities
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16 Principles of landscape architecture
Book Chapter Architecture and The Built Environment     2013-12-31    
Author: Nijhuis, S.
Keywords: landscape architecture · landscape research methods · landscape history · landscape process · scale continuum · three-dimensional landscape
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17 Amersfoort train station as an entrance to landscape theater
Master thesis Architecture     2010-06-25    
Author: Kang, N.
Mentor: Van der Hoeven, F. · Van der Velde, R. · De Hoog, M.
Keywords: landscape metropolism · train station · urban design · landscape architetcure

18 Landscape into Urbanism: Integrating landscape as an urban infrastructure broadening functional possibilities with reviewing the planning framework of Changxing, China
Master thesis Architecture     2013-06-27    
Author: Li, S.
Mentor: Sepulveda, D. · Luiten, E.
Keywords: infrastructural landscape · landscape urbanism · urban-rural transition · China
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19 Deltascape Pavilions: Creating a series of pavilions along a recreational route through the Dutch Delta
Master thesis Architecture     2010-01-18    
Author: Hamelink, M.
Mentor: Nillesen, A.
Keywords: Deltascape · Pavilion · Water · Landscape Architecture
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20 Amalgam Park: The coalescence of recreation and water treatment: Public bath house with swimming pool complex, water purification facility and marsh park in Havana.
Master thesis Architecture     2009-06-29    
Author: Jakuc, M.M.
Mentor: Milani, S. · Geerts, F.
Keywords: architecture · landscape · Havana · baths · park
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