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1 Land-Skap Production
Master thesis Architecture     2011-06-29    
Author: Aumele, D.A.
Mentor: Bruyns, G.B. · Plomp, H.P.
Keywords: local · metro · production · Amsterdam · social
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2 "Eroding on the edges": Integration Stategy for Western Fringe of Xi'An City as a supportive urban tissue in Mega City Plan 2020+
Master thesis Architecture     2011-06-24    
Author: Huang, Y.
Mentor: Sepúlveda, D. · Harteveld, M.
Keywords: public space network · local value · landscape
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3 Local Food City
Master thesis Architecture     2012-07-04    
Author: Zhou, B.
Mentor: Hackauf, U. · Plomp, H.
Keywords: Local food · community based food system · diversity

4 A Real-Time Adaptive Sampling Algorithm and its Application in Quantum Transport Measurements
Bachelor thesis Applied Sciences     2015-07-13    
Author: Wesdorp, J.J.
Mentor: Akhmerov, A. · Cassidy, M. · Guerra Ones, V.
Keywords: adaptive · sampling · local · quantum transport · algorithm
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5 Local electrochemical behaviour of 7xxx aluminium alloys
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2004-02-23    
Author: Andreatta, F.
Promotor: De Wit, J.H.W. · Terryn, H.
Keywords: aluminium · corrosion · local electrochemical techniques
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6 Turby - sustainable urban wind power from the roof top
Article / letter to the editor 2005    
Author: Mols, B.
Contributor: Mertens, S. · Van Bussel, G.
Keywords: wind power · local electricity generation
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7 Changing the behavior of the inhabitants of the Dutch island Goeree-Overflakkee towards a more sustainable lifestyle
Master thesis Industrial Design Engineering     2010-08-20    
Author: Blomsma, F.
Mentor: Keyson, D. · Peck, D. · Sweep, M.
Keywords: sustainability · behavior · behavior change · local · community

8 WeTrade: A service that enables and stimulates interaction on the global market
Master thesis Industrial Design Engineering     2012-04-11    
Author: Van der Werf, J.A.
Mentor: Hekkert, P.P.M. · Diehl, J.C.
Keywords: Local businesses · Global Market · ViP · E-commerce

9 Initiating Collaboration: COLLABO, Tool design to help Vietnamese SMEs initiate collaboration
Master thesis Industrial Design Engineering     2012-09-25    
Author: Vuong, J.K.
Mentor: Gemser, G. · Crul, M.R.M. · Jin, S.
Keywords: Vietnam · collaboration · tool design · local SMEs

10 One Giant Leap For Brouwerij Klein Duimpje
Master thesis Industrial Design Engineering     2014-05-06    
Author: Otte, T.J.
Mentor: Buijs, J.A. · Geraedts, J.M.P. · Bouman, E.
Keywords: branding · beer · business strategy · local · social media

11 Leiden, pearl of the knowledge city: Developing a masterplan for the Bio Science Park in Leiden to strengthen the knowledge axis in the south wing
Master thesis Architecture and The Built Environment     2015-06-26    
Author: Giliams, M.P.
Mentor: Stead, D. · Zandbelt, D.D.
Keywords: knowledge axis · knowledge location · interaction environment · local buzz · science park
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12 Local sustainable energy companies and municipal involvement: Designing a framework for municipal involvement
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2011-10-26    
Author: Oskam, H.P.
Mentor: Van Bueren, E.M. · Ten Heuvelhof, E.F. · Heijnen, P.W. · Schipper, L.
Keywords: sustainable energy · municipal involvement · local sustainable energy companies
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13 Down to Earth
Master thesis Architecture     2012-06-28    
Author: Lassche, D.
Mentor: Sohn, H. · Plomp, H. · Heinzelman, F. · Bruyns, G.
Keywords: Adobe · Mudbrick · Rammed Earth · Excavation · Local economy · Multi-functional
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14 Verification of the non-local avalanche current model in mextram for advanced SiGe HBTs
Master thesis Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2013-12-18    
Author: Rathod, D.
Mentor: Van der Toorn, R.
Keywords: mextram · SiGe · HBTs · non-local avalanche · compact Model
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15 Towards an Energy Transition with the help of Local Energy Initiatives?, A Q Methodology Research to find different factors on the role of LEI's in the Energy Transition
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2015-11-24    
Author: Bijnsdorp, S.D.
Mentor: Van de Poel, I.R. · Cuppen, E.H.W.J. · Pesch, U.
Keywords: Local Energy Initiatives · Energy Transition · Q Methodology · Factors

16 Creating Knowledge Locations: Designing efficient and inspiring knowledge clusters in Delft
Master thesis Architecture and The Built Environment     2015-04-14    
Author: Van der Hee, H.V.B.
Mentor: Van den Burg, L.P.J. · Romein, A.
Keywords: knowledge loctions · nerds · bohemians · local buzz · global pipeline · field · frame
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17 A local search approach to resolving capacity issues in mobile cellular networks
Master thesis Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2015-05-11    
Author: Gribling, S.J.
Mentor: Aardal, K.I. · Gijswijt, D.C. · Ouboter, T. · Van den Berg, J.L.
Keywords: local search · binary program · decision support system · mobile cellular networks
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18 Circular economy in the City of the Loops: modelling an urban utopia aware of resources scarcity
Master thesis Architecture and The Built Environment     2015-06-23    
Author: Pydo, K.
Mentor: Relats, M. · Hausleitner, B.
Keywords: circular economy · industrial ecology · depopulation · recycling · urban mining · local economy
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19 Flexible Riser Fatigue Analysis: Studying Conservatism in Flexible Riser Fatigue Analysis and Development of an Engineering Model to Study Influencing Parameters of Local Wire Stress
Master thesis Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering     2015-05-12    
Author: Nugteren, F.A.
Mentor: Kaminski, M.L.
Keywords: fatigue analysis · flexible risers · local analysis · wire stress
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20 Exploring Regularities for Improving Quality of Facade Reconstruction from Point Cloud
Master thesis Architecture and The Built Environment     2015-06-25    
Author: Zhou, K.
Mentor: Gorte, B.G.H. · Zlatanova, S. · Nourian, P.
Keywords: LiDAR point cloud · regularity · local regularity · global regularity · ICP
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Search results also available in MS Excel format.

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