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1 Quantum Dots in Vertical Nanowire Devices
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2010-06-29    
Author: Van Weert, M.
Promotor: Kouwenhoven, L.P. · Bakkers, E.P.A.M. · Zwiller, V.
Keywords: nanowire · quantum dot
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2 Nanowire-based Quantum Photonics
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2014-05-12    
Author: Bulgarini, G.
Promotor: Kouwenhoven, L.P. · Zwiller, V.
Keywords: nanowire · quantum-dot · optics · photonics
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3 Electron Spins in Semiconductor Quantum Dots
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2005-02-23    
Author: Hanson, R.
Promotor: Kouwenhoven, L.P.
Keywords: electron spin · quantum dot · quantum information
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4 Quantum transport in molecular devices and graphene
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2006-12-08    
Author: Heersche, H.B.
Promotor: Kouwenhoven, L.P. · van der Zant, H.S.J.
Keywords: molecular device · graphene · quantum dot · superconductivity
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5 Opto-electronics on Single Nanowire Quantum Dots
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2010-06-28    
Author: Van Kouwen, M.P.
Promotor: Kouwenhoven, L.P.
Keywords: nanowire · quantum dot · quantum optics · single photons · single electrons
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6 Electrical Control, Read-out and Initialization of Single Electron Spins
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2013-12-17    
Author: Shafiei, M.
Promotor: Vandersypen, L.M.K.
Keywords: quantum information · quantum computation · quantum dot · electron spin
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7 Photogeneration Diffusion and Decay of Charge Carriers in Quantum-Dot Solids
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2012-10-16    
Author: Gao, Y.
Promotor: Siebbeles, L.D.A. · Van der Zant, H.S.J.
Keywords: quantum dot · Auger Decay · charge carrier conductivity · semiconductor
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8 Single photon emission and detection at the nanoscale utilizing semiconductor nanowires
Article in monograph or in proceedings Applied Sciences     2010-12-31    
Author: Reimer, M.E. · Van Kouwen, M.P. · Barkelid, M. et al
Keywords: nanowires · single photon detection · quantum dot · electroluminescence · photoluminescence

9 Electron spins in few-electron lateral quantum dots
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2005-11-08    
Author: Willems van Beveren, L.H.
Promotor: Kouwenhoven, L.P.K.
Keywords: quantum dot · charge sensing · electron spin · single-shot read-out · relaxation time
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10 Electron spins in nanowire quantum dots
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2010-07-02    
Author: Van Tilburg, J.W.W.
Promotor: Kouwenhoven, L.P.
Keywords: nanowire · quantum dot · single electron · g-factor · spin-orbit interaction · pauli spin blockade
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11 Effects and detection of quantum noise
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2006-01-30    
Author: Tobiska, J.
Promotor: Nazarov, Yu. V.
Keywords: quantum noise · detection · Josephson junction · quantum point contact · photon assisted tunneling · quantum dot · full counting statistics · coherent conductor
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12 Photoconductivity of Quantum Dot Films Towards Third-Generation Solar Cells
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2010-11-30    
Author: Talgorn E.C.V.
Promotor: Siebbeles L.D.A. · Houtepen A.J.
Keywords: colloidal nanoparticle · quantum confinement · quantum dot · thin film · solar cell · mobility · photogeneration quantum yield · photoconductivity · Time-Resolved Microwave Conductivity (TRMC)
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Showing 1 to 12 of 12 found. | Sort by date