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1 Second Life - The Lasloods
Master thesis Architecture     2012-01-30    
Author: Van Berge Henegouwen, H.L.A.
Mentor: Meijers, W.E.L.C. · Daamen, T.A. · Koopman, F.W.A.
Keywords: Redevelopment Architecture

2 Huize Katwijk - Beschut wonen voor ouderen en ouderen met dementie
Master thesis Architecture and The Built Environment     2014-11-06    
Author: Hoftiezer, E.
Mentor: Meijers, L.W.E.C. · Koopman, F.W.A.
Keywords: dementia · redevelopment

3 Herontwikkeling Turmac fabriek
Master thesis Architecture     2011-11-08    
Author: Verhage, J.M.W.
Mentor: Willers, W. · Koopman, F.
Keywords: old factory · housing · redevelopment
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4 Buyuk Valide Han: Historic heritage as an urban regenerator
Master thesis Architecture and The Built Environment     2013-11-08    
Author: Van der Gaauw, P.
Mentor: Riedijk, M. · Alkan, A.S. · Plomp, H.
Keywords: redevelopment · public space · Istanbul · typology
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5 EnvironMETROmix: Strategic Design Proposals for Amsterdam Zuid-Oost. Metro station environments and their Neighbourhoods in order to stimulate Urban Interdependence and Coherence in the District
Master thesis Architecture     2010-01-26    
Author: Lee, L.A.
Mentor: Rooij, R.M. · De Hoog, C.M. · Hermans, W.J.A.
Keywords: metro station environments · metro station redevelopment
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6 An architectural Infrastructure
Master thesis Architecture     2011-01-25    
Author: Isetta, N.
Mentor: Geerts, F. · Fokkinga, J.
Keywords: post industrial cities · industrial redevelopment · infrastructural architecture
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7 Industrial Site Redevelopment of a Nuclear Powerplant in Tihange, Belgium
Master thesis Architecture     2011-01-25    
Author: Apperlo, S.
Mentor: Geerts, F. · Fokkinga, J.
Keywords: Tihange · Belgium · Nuclear Redevelopment · Industrial Strip
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8 Open wall system: reflecting upon production mode on Zeeburgerpad
Master thesis Architecture and The Built Environment     2014-01-30    
Author: Kozłowski, B.K.
Mentor: Vermeulen, P. · Caso, O. · Vollers, K.
Keywords: wall · system · amsterdam · redevelopment · art · production · hybrid

9 Energetic Function Combination
Master thesis Architecture and The Built Environment     2014-01-28    
Author: Roelofs, S.W.S.M.
Mentor: Snijders, A. · Broersma, S. · Meijs, M.
Keywords: energetic function combination · office redevelopment · energy neutral
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10 Making the Typical Remarkable: Koog-Zaandijk Industrial Redevelopment
Master thesis Architecture     2013-04-10    
Author: Cuber, A.W.A.P.
Mentor: Gramsbergen, E.H. · Mihl, H. · Rogic, T.
Keywords: Industrial · Redevelopment · Making · Hybrid · Zaanstad · reuse
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11 Redevelopment with natural ventilation
Master thesis Architecture and The Built Environment     2014-11-04    
Author: Macquoy, B.
Mentor: Homans, T.J. · Broersma, S. · Van der Zaag, E.J.
Keywords: natural ventilation · redevelopment · thermal buoyancy · Amsterdam

12 Leading the city; the redevelopment of Leiden Central station area based on the theory of the urbanism of networks
Master thesis Architecture     2011-04-14    
Author: Roorda-van Veen, A.G.
Mentor: Hermans, W.J.A. · Rooij, R.M. · Wilms Floet, W.W.L.M.
Keywords: railway station · network city · station area redevelopment · RijnGouweLijn
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13 Slowing Down ´Shenzhen Speed´
Master thesis Architecture and The Built Environment     2013-11-01    
Author: Zwart, A.M.
Mentor: Lei, Q. · Van Dorst, M.
Keywords: China · redevelopment · factory areas · empowerment · alternative planning approaches · migrants
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14 Participation in Post-Disaster Redevelopment
Master thesis Architecture and The Built Environment     2014-04-15    
Author: Crobach, Y.T.B.M.
Mentor: Heurkens, E.W.T.M. · Zijlstra, S.
Keywords: Post-disaster redevelopment · urban area development · Katrina · New Orleans · Lower Ninth Ward · participatory development · participation · community · government · redevelopment
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15 Building adaptive capacity for flood proofing in urban areas through synergistic interventions
Article in monograph or in proceedings Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2010-12-15    
Author: Veerbeek, W. · Ashley, R.M. · Zevenbergen, C. · Rijke, J.S. · Gersonius, B.
Keywords: adaptation · climate proofing · flood risk management · redevelopment
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16 Design for Social Impact in the Afrikaanderwijk - welding your way into neighbourhood attachment
Master thesis Industrial Design Engineering     2010-12-10    
Author: Villerius, I.
Mentor: Tromp, N. · Desmet, P.M.A.
Keywords: social · impact · neighbourhood · quality of life · urban redevelopment · fence

17 Learning within Urban Area Development: the case of HafenCity Hamburg
Master thesis Architecture     2012-07-05    
Author: De Hoog, W.
Mentor: Daamen, T.A.
Keywords: learning · knowledge · learning process · urban area development · waterfront redevelopment · redevelopment · learning activities · Hafencity · Hamburg · Germany · master plan · spatial planning · knowledge acquisition · knowledge sharing
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18 Transit-Oriented Development in Lima : A TOD strategy and design for mass transit nodes of Metro Line 1
Master thesis Architecture and The Built Environment     2014-01-23    
Author: Van Doorn, J.S.
Mentor: Fernández-Maldonado, A.M. · Van der Spek, S.C.
Keywords: Transit-Oriented Development · informal settlements · redevelopment transit nodes · social-spatial fragmentation · social inequality · Lima Peru
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19 Possible future role for architects and developers in reuse
Master thesis Architecture and The Built Environment     2013-11-07    
Author: Blanksma, A.K.
Mentor: Remoy, H.T. · Roos, J. · Van de Voort, J.A.
Keywords: reuse · redevelopment · architecture · post-war housing · portiekflat · herontwikkeling · na oorlogse woningbouw
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20 Towards a Green Metropolis: Designing a waterfront in Riga, Latvia
Master thesis Architecture     2012-07-04    
Author: Prilenska, V.
Mentor: Bekkering, H.C. · Nijhuis, S.
Keywords: Riga · recreational spaces · recreational space provision · brownfield site regeneration · industrial site regeneration · waterfront accessibility · waterfront redevelopment
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Search results also available in MS Excel format.

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