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1 Singlet and triplet supercurrents in disordered mesoscopic systems
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2007-06-13    
Author: Keizer, R.S.
Promotor: Klapwijk, T.M.
Keywords: superconductivity
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2 Spin-accumulation and Andreev-reflection in a mesoscopic ferromagnetic wire
Article/Letter to the Editor Applied Sciences     2000-05-11    
Author: Belzig, W. · Nazarov, Y.V. · Bauer, G.E.W.
Keywords: Superconductivity
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3 Coherent Transport in Superconducting and Ferromagnetic Hybrid Systems
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2002-10-28    
Author: Huertas Hernando, D.
Promotor: Bauer, G.E.W. · Nazarov, Y.V.
Keywords: superconductivity · magnetism · coherent transport

4 Superconducting transmission lines in microwave filters
Dissertation Applied Sciences     1997-05-27    
Author: Wallage, S.O.
Promotor: Mooij, J.E. · Blok, H.
Keywords: Superconductivity · microwave · electromagnetism

5 Quasiparticle dynamics in aluminium superconducting microwave resonators
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2014-03-11    
Author: De Visser, P.J.
Promotor: Klapwijk, T.M. · Baselmans, J.J.A.
Keywords: superconductivity · detectors · quasiparticles · fluctuations
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6 Majorana fermions in well aligned InSb-nanowires with superconducting and normal contacts
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2012-11-21    
Author: Van Woerkom, D.J.
Mentor: Kouwenhoven, L.P. · Mourik, V. · Zuo, K.
Keywords: Majorana · nanowire · superconductor · superconductivity · pi-junction
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7 Quantum transport in semiconductor nanowires
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2006-06-13    
Author: Van Dam, J.
Promotor: Kouwenhoven, L.P.
Keywords: semiconductor nanowires · quantum dots · superconductivity
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8 Metal nitrides for superconducting tunnel detectors
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2002-09-09    
Author: Iossad, N.
Promotor: Klapwijk, T.M.
Keywords: Superconductivity · metal nitrides · magnetron sputtering

9 Submicron Kinetic Inductance Detectors for SAFARI: Improving MKID sensitivity through width reduction
Master thesis Applied Sciences     2010-12-10    
Author: Janssen, R.M.J.
Mentor: Endo, A.
Keywords: superconductivity · resonators · kinetic inductance detector · noise equivalent power
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10 Feasibility study of a superconducting helicopter electrical propulsion motor
Master thesis Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2013-02-01    
Author: Simons, C.A.B.A.E.
Mentor: Polinder, H. · Sanabria-Walter, C.
Keywords: superconduction · superconductivity · propulsion motor · electrical motor · helicopter · YBCO
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11 Quantum transport in molecular devices and graphene
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2006-12-08    
Author: Heersche, Hubertus Bernardus
Promotor: Kouwenhoven, L.P. · van der Zant, H.S.J.
Keywords: molecular device · graphene · quantum dot · superconductivity
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12 Non-equilibrium electron transport in mesoscale superconducting hybrids
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2013-06-04    
Author: Vercruyssen, N.
Promotor: Klapwijk, T.M.
Keywords: superconductivity · non-equilibrium · mesoscopic transport · heterostructures
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13 Transport of interacting electrons in mesoscopic systems
Dissertation Applied Sciences     1997-09-02    
Author: Stoof, T.H.
Promotor: Bauer, G.E.W.
Keywords: Edge channels · time-dependent resonant tunneling · nonequilibrium superconductivity · mesoscopic physics

14 Photon-detecting superconducting resonators
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2009-06-17    
Author: Barends, R.
Promotor: Klapwijk, T.M.
Keywords: superconductivity · resonators · kinetic inductance detectors · quasiparticle recombination · quasiparticle relaxation · noise
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15 Magnetic Properties of Uranium Based Ferromagnetic Superconductors
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2007-02-05    
Author: Sakarya, S.
Promotor: De Schepper, I.M.
Keywords: ferromagnetism · superconductivity · muon spin relaxation · neutron depolarization · urhge · uir · uge2
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16 Tuning the charge density wave and superconductivity in CuxTaS2
Article/Letter to the Editor Applied Sciences     2008-09-18    
Author: Wagner, K.E. · Morosan, E. · Hor, Y.S. · Tao, J. · Zhu, Y. · Sanders, T. · McQueen, T.M. · Zandbergen, H.W. · Williams, A.J. · West, D.V. · Cava, R.J.
Keywords: charge density waves · copper compounds · doping · electron diffraction · phase diagrams · specific heat · superconductivity · tuning
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17 Improved Nb SIS devices for heterodyne mixers between 700 GHz and 1.3 THz with NbTiN transmission lines using a normal metal energy relaxation layer
Article/Letter to the Editor Applied Sciences     2013-09-24    
Author: Westig, M.P. · Selig, S. · Jacobs, K. · Klapwijk, T.M. · Honingh, C.E.
Keywords: gold · niobium · Josephson junctions · collective excitations · electron densities of states · electrodes · phonons · superconductivity · mixers · heat transfer
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18 Epitaxial aluminum nitride tunnel barriers grown by nitridation with a plasma source
Article/Letter to the Editor Applied Sciences     2007-12-04    
Author: Zijlstra, T. · Lodewijk, C.F.J. · Vercruyssen, N. · Tichelaar, F.D. · Loudkov, D.N. · Klapwijk, T.M.
Keywords: aluminium compounds · critical current density (superconductivity) · epitaxial layers · Josephson effect · nitridation · plasma deposition · transmission electron microscopy
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19 Magnetic interference pattern in planar SNS Josephson junctions
Article/Letter to the Editor Applied Sciences     2008-01-25    
Author: Mohammadkhani, G. · Zareyan, M. · Blanter, Y.M.
Keywords: ballistic transport · critical current density (superconductivity) · Josephson effect · magnetic flux · metallic thin films · superconductor-normal-superconductor devices

20 Magnetic field dependence of the coupling efficiency of a superconducting transmission line due to the proximity effect
Article/Letter to the Editor Applied Sciences     2009-12-22    
Author: Zhu, S. · Zijlstra, T. · Golubov, A.A. · Van den Bemt, M. · Baryshev, A.M. · Klapwijk, T.M.
Keywords: Fourier transform spectra · niobium · proximity effect (superconductivity) · superconducting junction devices · superconducting materials · superconducting transmission lines · surface impedance
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