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1 Rendement van constructieve onderwaterbetonvloeren op grote diepte
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2000-09-01    
Author: Weustink, M.A.
Mentor: Vos, Ch.J. · Everts, B. · Van Rijen, J. · Van der Veen, C. · Vrijling, J.K. · Delta Marine Consultants bv
Keywords: underwater concrete · tunneling · sheetpile
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2 Logistiek bij boortunnel Groene Hart: een onderzoek naar de invloed van de logistieke processen in de tunnel op de veiligheid tijdens de bouw en de voortgang van de TBM
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2001-02-01    
Author: Van Schie, A.
Mentor: Bakker, K.J. · Arends, G. · Ruitenberg, J. · Boerma, F. · Vrijling, J.K.
Keywords: logistics · tunneling · TBM
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3 Krachtswerking in de wand van een geboorde tunnel
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     1997-01-01    
Author: Ruitenberg, J.
Mentor: Van Tol, A.F. · Vrouwenvelder, A.C.W.M. · Bakker, K.J. · Vrijling, J.K.
Keywords: tunneling · bored tunnel
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4 Bouwmethoden onder bestaande bebouwing
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2000-05-01    
Author: De Wit, A.
Mentor: Vrijling, J.K. · Everts, H.J. · Teunissen, E.A.H. · Projectbureau Noord/Zuidlijn · Witteveen+Bos
Keywords: tunneling · sheetpile · Amsterdam metro · None
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5 Design and Simulation of Single Electron Tunneling Circuits for Brownian Motion Based Logic and Arithmetic Computation
Master thesis Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2010-02-15    
Author: Agbo, I. O.
Mentor: Cotofana, S. D.
Keywords: Single Electron Tunneling · Brownian Motion
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6 Technology and applications of single-electron tunneling devices
Dissertation Applied Sciences     1996-10-18    
Author: Visscher, E.H.
Promotor: Mooij, J.E.
Keywords: single-electron tunneling devices · Jospehson junctions · tunneling spectroscopy · mesoscopic physics

7 Coupled analysis of building damage due to tunneling
Article in monograph or in proceedings Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2009-06-17    
Author: Giardina, G. · Hendriks, M.A.N. · Rots, J.G.
Keywords: damage assessment · masonry building · tunneling
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8 Quantitative atom-atom potentials from rotational tunneling: their extraction and their use
Article / letter to the editor 2000    
Author: Johnson, M.R. · Kearley, G.J.
Keywords: tunneling · force fields · quantum chemistry · neutron scattering

9 Spatially resolved spectroscopy on carbon nanotubes
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2001-12-14    
Author: Janssen, J.W.
Promotor: Dekker, C. · Kouwenhoven, L.P.
Keywords: carbon nanotubes · scanning tunneling microscopy · nanotechnology
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10 Single electron tunneling based arithmetic computation
Dissertation Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2004-11-24    
Author: Lageweg, C.R.
Promotor: Vassiliadis, S.
Keywords: Single electron tunneling · arithmetic circuits · logic design
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11 Coherent Coupling of Qubits in Small Quantum Dot Arrays
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2013-06-21    
Author: Braakman, F.R.
Promotor: Vandersypen, L.M.K.
Keywords: quantum dots · quantum information · photon-assisted tunneling
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12 Transport of interacting electrons in mesoscopic systems
Dissertation Applied Sciences     1997-09-02    
Author: Stoof, T.H.
Promotor: Bauer, G.E.W.
Keywords: Edge channels · time-dependent resonant tunneling · nonequilibrium superconductivity · mesoscopic physics

13 Single electron-ics with carbon nanotubes
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2010-07-02    
Author: Götz, G.T.J.
Promotor: Kouwenhoven, L.P.
Keywords: carbon nanotubes · quantum dots · charge sensing · Klein tunneling
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14 Electron Tunneling Rates in Respiratory Complex I Are Tuned for Efficient Energy Conversion
Article/Letter to the Editor Applied Sciences     2015-01-19    
Author: De Vries, S. · Dörner, K. · Strampraad, M.J.F. · Friedrich, T.
Keywords: bioenergetics · electron tunneling · enzyme kinetics · metalloenzymes · reaction mechanisms
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15 Observing the semiconducting band-gap alignment of MoS2 layers of different atomic thicknesses using a MoS2/SiO2/Si heterojunction tunnel diode
Article/Letter to the Editor Applied Sciences     2015-08-03    
Author: Nishiguchi, K. · Castellanos-Gomez, A. · Yamaguchi, H. · Fujiwara, A. · Van der Zant, H.S.J. · Steele, G.A.
Keywords: tunneling · silicon · field effect transistors · negative resistance · band gap
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16 Finite-element model for three-dimensional optical scattering problems
Article/Letter to the Editor Applied Sciences     2007-02-14    
Author: Wei, X. · Wachters, A.J.H. · Urbach, H.P.
Keywords: mathematical methods in physics · numerical approximation and analysis · optical recording · tunneling · electromagnetic optics
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17 Bandwidth coverage of niobium based superconducting tunnel devices
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2009-02-02    
Author: Lodewijk, C.F.J.
Promotor: Klapwijk, T.M.
Keywords: sis · heterodyne receiver · tunneling barriers · niobium · aluminum nitride · aln · high critical current density · thz · ghz · alma
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18 Electronic instabilities and structural fluctuations in self-assembled atom wires
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2006-06-08    
Author: Snijders, P.C.
Promotor: Weitering, H.H. · Klapwijk, T.M.
Keywords: atom wires · electronic instabilities · structural fluctuations · charge density wave · scanning tunneling microscopy · silicon surfaces
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19 STM image of silicalite 1 pore structure
Article / letter to the editor 1991    
Author: Jansen, J.C. · Schoonman, J. · Van Bekkum, H. · Pinet, V.
Keywords: pore structure silicalite 1 zeolite scanning tunneling microscopy silicalite 1 zeolite

20 Carbon nanotubes as electromechanical resonators: Single-electron tunneling, nonlinearity, and high-bandwidth readout
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2013-04-03    
Author: Meerwaldt, H.B.
Promotor: Van der Zant, H.S.J.
Keywords: carbon nanotubes · nano-electromechanical systems · NEMS · single-electron tunneling · nonlinearity · high-bandwidth readout
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