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1 Quantifying urban vulnerability to climate change: Exploration of the suitability of the Adaptation Tipping Point Method for municipalities
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2012-06-25    
Author: Husson, J.P.
Mentor: Thissen, W.A.H. · Enserink, B. · Jagtman, H.M. · Veerbeek, W. · Stone, K.
Keywords: Adaptation Tipping Point · Vulnerability · Municipality · Vulnerability assessment
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2 Probabilistic coastal vulnerability assessment to storms at regional scale: Application to the coast at North-East Aegean Sea (Thrakiko Pelagos), Greece
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2013-07-10    
Author: Iason Chalmoukis, A.
Mentor: Jiménez, J.A. · Stive, M.J.F.
Keywords: vulnerability/management · inundation · erosion
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3 Vulnerability of coastal areas to sea-level rise: some global results
Article in monograph or in proceedings Civil Engineering and Geosciences     1992-03-09    
Author: Hoozemans, F.M.J. · Marchand, M. · Pennekamp, H. · Misdorp, R. · Bijlsma, L. · Stive, M.J.F.
Keywords: sea level rise · vulnerability
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4 Modelling coastal vulnerability: Design and evaluation of a vulnerability model for tropical storms and floods
Dissertation Technology, Policy and Management     2009-11-10    
Author: Marchand, M.
Promotor: Thissen, W.A.H.
Keywords: vulnerability · cyclones · coasts · India · Vietnam
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5 Design to decrease social vulnerability
Master thesis Industrial Design Engineering     2012-05-16    
Author: Hulshoff, X.
Mentor: Mulder, I.J. · Pasman, G.J. · Van den Boogaard, G.A.
Keywords: social design · vulnerability · Masters that Matter

6 Coastal Adaptation to Climate Change: A case study in Durban, South Africa
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2011-07-08    
Author: Geldenhuys, M.A.
Mentor: Stive, M.J.F. · Jonkman, S.N. · Ranasinghe, R.W.M.R.J.B. · Slinger, J. · Ledden, M.
Keywords: Climate Adaptation · Coastal Protection · Sea level rise · Vulnerability · Africa
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7 The vulnerability of road networks: Now and in the future
Article in monograph or in proceedings Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2008-10-31    
Author: Snelder, M. · Tavasszy, L.A. · Immers, L.H. · Van Zuylen, H.J.
Keywords: vulnerability · robustness · incidents · road network · spare capacity
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8 A framework for robustness analysis of road networks for short term variations in supply
Article/Letter to the Editor Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2012-12-31    
Author: Snelder, M. · Van Zuylen, H.J. · Immers, L.H.
Keywords: robustness · vulnerability · reliability · definitions · indicators · evaluation method
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9 From threat to opportunity: Spatial strategies integrating urban and water dynamics towards a sustainable redevelopment model for informal settlements in Mexico City’s periphery
Master thesis Architecture     2011-06-24    
Author: Lopez, A.
Mentor: Sepúlveda, D. · Schuetze , T. · Kuzniecow, T.
Keywords: water challenges · informal settlements · sustainable water management · urban quality · vulnerability · resilience · water sensitive urban design
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10 Raw Materials Business Continuity Plan: A Case Study at SABIC in Europe
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2011-08-22    
Author: Celik, M.
Mentor: Tavasszy, L. · Ludema, M.W. · Filippov, S. · Diepen, P. · Padron, L.
Keywords: supply risk management · supply chain disruption · supplier vulnerability · business continuity plan · risk reduction · inbound risk
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11 Rebinding the centre: An urban restructure proposal of the Historical City Core of Managua through its cultural, landscape & heritage assets
Master thesis Architecture     2013-06-27    
Author: Grün, E. C.
Mentor: Sepúlveda, D.A. · Luiten, E.A.J. · Koppels, P.W.
Keywords: cultural and heritage landscape · Historical centre redevelopment · social-spatial fragmentation · environmental vulnerability · Managua, Nicaragua
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12 A Project For Valencia: Strategy for revitalizing socially vulnerable areas, capturing the benefits of large urban projects
Master thesis Architecture     2012-06-27    
Author: Stukas, D.
Mentor: Rocco, R. · Hermans, W.
Keywords: large urban projects · Valencia · vulnerability · strategy · revitalization · economy recession · development stagnation · public gain distribution
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13 Innovations in urban water management to reduce the vulnerability of cities: Feasibility, case studies and governance
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2009-11-23    
Author: De Graaf , R.E.
Promotor: Van de Giesen , N.C.
Keywords: urban water management · vulnerability · transitions · urban water governance
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14 A flood vulnerability index for coastal cities and its use in assessing climate change impacts
Article/Letter to the Editor Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2012-10-01    
Author: Balica, S.F. · Wright, N.G. · Van der Meulen, F.
Keywords: Coastal City Flood Vulnerability Index (CCFVI) · urbanised deltas · climate change
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15 Robustness Envelopes of Networks
Article/Letter to the Editor Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2013-03-26    
Author: Trajanovski, S. · Martín-Hernández, J. · Winterbach, W. · Van Mieghem, P.
Keywords: network vulnerability · network robustness · robustness framework · network re-design
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16 Applying the Flood Vulnerability Index as a Knowledge base for flood risk assessment
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2012-06-06    
Author: Balica, S-F.
Promotor: Wright, N.G. · Mynett, A.E.
Keywords: Floods · vulnerability to floods · risk · physically based models · vulnerability indices · flood exposure · flood susceptibility · flood resilience · parametric approach · spatial scales
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17 Hurricane Surge Risk Reduction For Galveston Bay
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2013-10-29    
Author: Stoeten, K.J.
Mentor: Jonkman, S.N. · Brody, S. · Labeur, R.J. · Ledden, M. · Willems, A.
Keywords: Galveston Bay · hurricane · Houston · flood risk · storm surge · Ike · Hurricane Ike · flood vulnerability · Galveston · semi-enclosed bay · probabilistic · landfall · flood risk reduction strategies · Ike dike
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18 Global vulnerability assessment: vulnerability of coastal areas to sea-level rise
Article in monograph or in proceedings 1993    
Author: Hoozemans, F.M.J. · Stive, M.J.F. · Bijlsma, L.
Keywords: Coastal engineering Sea level Coastal zones Global vulnerability assessment Sea level rise 407.3 (Coastal Engineering) 471.4 (Seawater, Tides and Waves)

Search results also available in MS Excel format.

Showing 1 to 18 of 18 found. | Sort by date