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1 Welding method, and welding device for use therein, and method of analysis for evaluating welds
Patent Applied Sciences     1995-12-21    
Author: Aendenroomer, A.J. · Den Ouden, G. · Xiao, Y.H. · Brabander, W.A.J.
[PDF] [Abstract]

2 Supporting organ for an axially moving body
Patent Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering     2004-10-14    
Author: Lodewijks, G. · Drenth, K.F.
[PDF] [Abstract]

3 Constructie-element en bouwwerk omvattende een dergelijk constructie-element
Patent Delft University of Technology     2008-02-26    
Author: Veltkamp. M.
[PDF] [Abstract]

4 Process for creating a double-stranded polyribonucleotide sequence with terminal overhang, as well as a process for creating a double-stranded polynucleotide construct and an application
Patent Applied Sciences     2005-12-15    
Author: Dekker, N.H. · Veenhuizen P.
[PDF] [Abstract]

5 Method of manufacturing nanochannels and nanochannels thus fabricated
Patent Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2005-02-10    
Author: Kutchoukov, V.G. · Bossche, A. · Laugere, F. · Van der Vlist, W.
[PDF] [Abstract]

6 Process for the production of thin layers, preferably for a photovoltaic cell
Patent Applied Sciences     2006-07-26    
Author: Nanu, M. · Meester, B. · Goossens, A. · Schoonman, J.
[PDF] [PDF] [Abstract]

7 Catalyst element, reactor comprising such catalyst element, die for producing such catalyst element, and method for the hydrogenating conversion of an oil
Patent Applied Sciences     1994-05-11    
Author: Sie, S.T. · Cybulski, A. · Moulijn, J.A.
[PDF] [Abstract]

8 Werkwijze voor de verwijdering van een gas uit een procesgasstroom door vloeibare kristallen.
Patent 2008    
Author: Gross, J. · Jansens, P.J.
[PDF] [Abstract]

9 Transportinrichting
Patent Delft University of Technology     2007-01-09    
Author: Verduyckt, T.J.
[PDF] [Abstract]

10 Inorganic oxides with mesoporosity or combined meso-and microporosity and process for the preparation thereof
Patent Applied Sciences     2001-03-15    
Author: Shan, Z · Maschmeyer, T · Jansen, J.C.
[PDF] [Abstract]

11 Container with heat or cold dispensing material comprising hydrogel with crosslinked hydrophilic polymer
Patent Applied Sciences     2000-03-28    
Author: Van Turnhout, J.
[PDF] [Abstract]

12 Grid and method of manufacturing such grid
Patent Delft University of Technology     1994-10-27    
Author: Van Beek, H.F.
[PDF] [Abstract]

13 Inorganic composite membrane containing molecular-sieve crystals
Patent 1993    
Author: Geus, E.R. · Den Exter, J. · Van Bekkum, H.
[PDF] [Abstract]

14 Werkwijze voor het bereiden van een polyketon in een waterig medium
Patent Delft University of Technology     1999-05-04    
Author: Verspui, G.A. · Papadogianakis. · Sheldon, R.A.
[PDF] [Abstract]

15 Selectieve oxydatieve oxidatie van sacchariden
Patent 1995    
Author: Van den Berg, R. · Peters, J.A. · Van Bekkum, H.
[PDF] [Abstract]

16 Method for the production of nitrogen and hydrogen in a fuel cell
Patent Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2007-02-22    
Author: Hemmes, K.
[PDF] [Abstract]

17 Method and device for aligning and interferometer
Patent Applied Sciences     2005-03-03    
Author: Somers, P.A.A.
[PDF] [PDF] [Abstract]

18 Method of making a foamable film
Patent Aerospace Engineering     1996-12-27    
Author: Kluit, P.W. · Beukers, A.
[PDF] [PDF] [Abstract]

19 Process for the production of sodium carbonate anhydrate
Patent Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering     2000-06-02    
Author: Oosterhof, H. · Van Rosmalen, G.M. · Witkamp, G.J. · De Graauw, J.
[PDF] [Abstract]

20 Helicopter
Patent Aerospace Engineering     2004-01-08    
Author: Van Holten, T.
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