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1 Ideologisch motivierte Bauaufgaben für die sozialistische Gesellschaft in der jungen Sowjetunion und ihre konzeptionellen Veränderungsprozesse: der Geniekult und seine Architektur in der Sowjetunion: eine Analyse von Kolumbusdenkmälern für Santo Domingo im allgemeinen Spektrum Sowjetischer Denkmäler: Teil III
Dissertation Architecture     2007-10-15    
Author: Schmidt, D.W.
Promotor: Bollerey, F.
[PDF] [Abstract]

2 Dust Explosions: a Study of Flame Propagation
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2000-05-22    
Author: Dahoe, A.E.
Promotor: Scarlett, B.

3 The effect of thermal treatments on the extrusion behaviour of AlMgSi alloys
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2000-09-19    
Author: van de Langkruis, J.
Promotor: van der Zwaag, S.

4 Simulation Based Analysis of Electric Power Conversion Systems
Dissertation Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2003-06-02    
Author: van Duijsen, P.J.
Promotor: Ferreira, J.A. · van den Bosch, P.P.J.
Keywords: modeling · simulation · power electronics

5 Bandwidth coverage of niobium based superconducting tunnel devices
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2009-02-02    
Author: Lodewijk, C.F.J.
Promotor: Klapwijk, T.M.
Keywords: sis · heterodyne receiver · tunneling barriers · niobium · aluminum nitride · aln · high critical current density · thz · ghz · alma
[PDF] [Abstract]

6 The initial oxidation of iron and iron nitride
Dissertation Applied Sciences     1998-05-18    
Author: Graat, P.C.J.
Promotor: Mittemeijer, A.J. · Somers, M.A.J.

7 Energy Transfer in Fluoride Scintillators
Dissertation Applied Sciences     1993-12-06    
Author: Visser, R.
Promotor: van Eijk, C.W.E.

8 Wireless Channel Modeling and Code Division Multiple Access for Indoor Communications
Dissertation Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     1995-10-03    
Author: Nikookar, H.
Promotor: Ligthart, L.P.
Keywords: Indoor Radio Propagation · Multipath Fading · Code Division Multiple Access · Modulation Techniques

9 Help Me Help You. Designing Support for Person-Product Collaboration
Dissertation Design, Engineering and Production     2004-06-22    
Author: DeKoven, E.A.M.
Promotor: Aasman, J. · Keyson, D.V.
Keywords: intelligent products · interaction design · collaboration · discourse theory · dialogue design · task modeling
[PDF] [Abstract]

10 Investigation of a Turbulent Wake in an Adverse Pressure Gradient using Laser Doppler Anemometry
Dissertation Aerospace Engineering     1999-11-09    
Author: Tummers, M.J.
Promotor: van Ingen, J.L.

11 Robots in the Building Industry
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     1997-11-18    
Author: Krom, R.P.
Promotor: Tolman, F.P.

12 A catalysis-engineering approach to selective hydrogenation
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2007-03-13    
Author: Zieverink, M.M.P.
Promotor: Moulijn, J.A. · Kapteijn, F.
Keywords: heterogeneous catalysis · hydrogenation · isomerization · edible oil
[PDF] [Abstract]

13 Asymptotic analysis of wind-induced vibrations
Dissertation 1989-11-09    
Author: Van der Beek, C.G.A.
Promotor: Reyn, J.W.
Keywords: ordinary differential equations: general · ordinary differential equations: initial value · ordinary differential equations: stability and asymptotics

14 Computational modelling of rubber-like materials under monotonic and cyclic loading
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2006-11-10    
Author: Guo, Z.
Promotor: Sluys, L.J.
Keywords: rubber-like material · constitutive modelling · mullins effect · continuum damage mechanics · pseudo-elastic model · finite element method
[PDF] [Abstract]

15 Berekening van de snijkrachten bij het snijden van volledig met water verzadigd zand: Basistheorie en toepassingen voor 3-dimensionale mesbewegingen met periodiek variërende snelheden voor, bij het baggeren gebruikelijke, snijdende ontgravingsmiddelen
Dissertation Mechanical Maritime and Materials Engineering     1987-09-15    
Author: Miedema, S.A.
Promotor: De Koning, J.

16 The dynamics of particles and droplets in atmospheric turbulence - A numerical study
Dissertation Mechanical Maritime and Materials Engineering     2000-01-25    
Author: van Haarlem, B.A.
Promotor: Nieuwstadt, F.T.M.

17 Technical improvement of arthroscopic techniques
Dissertation Mechanical Maritime and Materials Engineering     2003-06-24    
Author: Tuijthof, G.J.M.
Promotor: Stassen, H.G. · van Dijk, C.N.

18 Mathematical explorations in urban and regional design
Dissertation Architecture     2008-05-15    
Author: Van Bilsen, A.
Promotor: Drewe, P. · None
Keywords: mathematics · urban design · urban planning · 3d isovist · visibility analysis · probability field · evolutionary perspective · evolutionary algorithm · action space

19 SCAFFOLD Structuring communicaton in the architectural forum for one-line design
Dissertation Architecture     1999-06-16    
Author: Donker, P.A.
Promotor: Tzonis, A.
Keywords: architectural theory · design practise · group communication · information systems · None

20 Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Metals from Contaminated Solid Matrices
Dissertation Mechanical Maritime and Materials Engineering     2003-12-05    
Author: Kersch, C.
Promotor: Witkamp, G.J.

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