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1 Isometric and Dynamic Control of Neck Muscles: Reflexive contributions and muscle synergies
Dissertation Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering     2014-12-15    
Author: De Bruijn, E.
Promotor: Van der Helm, F.C.T. · De Koning-Tijssen, M.A.J.
Keywords: cervical dystonia · isometric · muscle synergy · neuromuscular model · voluntary contraction
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2 Development and Early Adoption of Electric Vehicles: Understanding the tempest
Dissertation Technology, Policy and Management     2015-01-19    
Author: Sierzchula, W.
Promotor: Van Wee, G.P.
Keywords: electric vehicle · early adoption · technology transition
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3 Dynamic OD demand estimation and prediction for dynamic traffic management
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2014-11-18    
Author: Djukic, T.
Promotor: Van Lint, J.W.C. · Hoogendoorn, S.P.
Keywords: dynamic origin-destination (OD) demand · PCA · structural similarity · benchmarking framework · large-scale networks · dynamic traffic management · real-time estimation
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4 Generic Analysis Methods for Gas Turbine Engine Performance: The development of the gas turbine simulation program GSP
Dissertation Aerospace Engineering     2015-01-06    
Author: Visser, W.P.J.
Promotor: Van Buijtenen, J.P.
Keywords: gas turbine · simulation · performance modelling · object orientation
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5 Facility Location Problems: Approximation Algorithms and Polyhedral Results
Dissertation Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2014-12-05    
Author: Li, S.
Promotor: Aardal, K.

6 Cork Design: A Design Action Intervention Approach Towards Sustainable Product Innovation
Dissertation Industrial Design Engineering     2014-12-02    
Author: Mestre, A.C.C.M.
Promotor: Brezet, J.C. · Christiaans, H.H.C.M.
Keywords: Cork Design · Design Intervention · Sustainable Product Innovation
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7 A Template for Enhanced Lithium Ion Battery Electrodes
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2014-03-17    
Author: Singh, D.P.
Promotor: Mulder, F.M. · Wagemaker, M.
Keywords: Lithium Ion Battery · LiFePO4 · Phase Trasnformation · Templating · 3D Batteries · Micro Electrodes
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8 Observing at-surface irradiance and albedo from space: the Tibet experiment
Dissertation Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2015-07-10    
Author: Roupioz, L.
Promotor: Menenti , M. · Nerry, F. · Jia, L.
Keywords: Solar radiation budget · Irradiance · Clouds · Albedo · Topography
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9 Data Assimilation under Geological Constraints
Dissertation Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2014-12-18    
Author: Sebacher, B.M.
Promotor: Heemink, A.W.
Keywords: Facies distribution · Geological uncertainty · Ensemble Kalman Filter · Adaptive Gaussian Mixture · Parameterization
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10 Residual Stress Development due to High-Frequency Post Weld Impact Treatments for High-Strength Steels
Dissertation Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering     2014-12-18    
Author: Gao, H.
Promotor: Richardson, I.M. . · Hermans, M.J.M.
Keywords: ultrasonic impact treatment · multi-pass welding · synchrotron X-ray diffraction · stress evolution and relaxation · finite element model
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11 Global-local Knowledge Coupling Approach to Support Airframe Structural Design
Dissertation Aerospace Engineering     2014-12-23    
Author: Wang, H.
Promotor: Van Tooren, M.J.L.
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12 Analog IC Design Techniques for Nanopower Biomedical Signal Processing
Dissertation Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2014-03-17    
Author: Sawigun, C.
Promotor: Long, J.R. · Serdijn, W.A.

13 Wetenschapsverkenningen als vorm van participatieve beleidsanalyse - Een empirisch onderzoek naar succesbepalende factoren bij OCV-verkenningen
Dissertation Technology, Policy and Management     1999-12-02    
Author: Tijink, D.
Promotor: Thissen, W.A.H. · van de Heijden, R.E.C.M.

14 Partial discharge and Breakdown Testing at High DC Voltage
Dissertation Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     1995-09-19    
Author: Fromm, U.
Promotor: Kreuger, F.H.
Keywords: high dc voltage · partial discharges · breakdown · discharge recognition

15 Focusing grating couplers for integrated optics
Dissertation Applied Sciences     1992-10-26    
Author: Wang, C.W.
Promotor: Frankena, H.J.

16 The influence of pressure on the phase behaviour of water + oil + surfactant systems
Dissertation Applied Sciences     1991-10-22    
Author: Sassen, C.L.
Promotor: De Swaan Arons, J.

17 On the calculation of stresses in pin-loaded anisotropic plates
Dissertation Aerospace Engineering     1987-11-03    
Author: De Jong, Th.
Promotor: Spies, G.J.

18 Bouwbesluit 2003: theorie en praktijk. Beoordelen en verder ontwikkelen van bouwvoorschriften
Dissertation OTB Research Institute for Housing, Urban and Mobility Studies     2003-10-14    
Author: Van Overveld, M.
Promotor: Priemus, H.
Keywords: beoordelingsmodel · assessment model · prestatie-eis · performance requirement · overheidscontrole · government control · gebruiksfase · use phase
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19 Imaging of defects in girth welds using inverse wave field extrapolation of ultrasonic data
Dissertation Applied Sciences     2007-11-06    
Author: Pörtzgen, N.
Promotor: Gisolf, A. · Verschuur, D.J.
Keywords: imaging · ultrasonic array · ndt
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20 A structured terminal design method: with a focus on rail container terminals
Dissertation Mechanical Maritime and Materials Engineering     1995-03-28    
Author: Van Zijderveld, E.J.A.
Promotor: Van Holst, M.
Keywords: terminal complexes · design · container terminals · rail terminals

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