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1 Coating of graphene
Patent Delft University of Technology     2014-11-13    
Author: Schneider, G.F. · Dekker, C.
[PDF] [Abstract]

2 Self-healing layer on non-ferrous metals using polyoxometalates
Patent Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering     2007-08-22    
Author: Apachitei, I. · Fratila-Apachitei. · E.L. · Duszczyk, J.
[PDF] [Abstract]

3 Pneumatically actuated hand tool
Patent 1996    
Author: Cool, J.C. · Rijnsaardt, K.A.
[PDF] [Abstract]

4 Transfer station and method for loading and/or unloading containers from a ship
Patent Technology, Policy and Management     2003-09-12    
Author: Evers, J.J.M.
[PDF] [Abstract]

5 Alumina support prodn. with active component by sol-gel method - and use esp. for regenerative absorption of sulphur dioxide, oxygen or hydrogen sulphide
Patent 1991    
Author: Frens, G.
[PDF] [Abstract]

6 Zeolite membrane
Patent Applied Sciences     2006-05-04    
Author: Jansen, J.C. · Friedrich, A.P.
[PDF] [Abstract]

7 Method of manufacturing a motion simulator, and a motion simulator
Patent Aerospace Engineering     1996-02-25    
Author: Beukers, A. · Van Baten, T. · Advani, S.K.
[PDF] [Abstract]

8 Instrument comprising a cable or tube provided provided with a propulsion device
Patent Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering     2006-02-23    
Author: Breedveld, P.
[PDF] [Abstract]

9 Probe geschikt voor toepassing bij scanning tunneling microscopie
Patent Applied Sciences     2001-05-28    
Author: Gurevich, L. · Canali, L. · Kouwenhoven, L.P.
[PDF] [Abstract]

10 Motion simulator with exchangeable unit
Patent Aerospace Engineering     2001-09-20    
Author: Mulder, J.A. · Beukers, A. · Baarspul, M. · Van Tooren, M.J. · De Winter, S.E.E.
[PDF] [Abstract]

11 Catalytic reactor
Patent Applied Sciences     2000-02-01    
Author: Sie, S.T. · Cybulski, A. · Moulijn, J.A.
[PDF] [Abstract]

Patent 1996    
Author: Van Mier, J.G.M. · Timmers, G.
[PDF] [Abstract]

13 Method of magnetically separating particulate materials
Patent 2000-07-13    
Author: Rem, P.C. · Zhang, S.
[PDF] [Abstract]

14 Mesoporous mordenite, preparation and use thereof
Patent Applied Sciences     2008-12-04    
Author: Groen, J.C. · Moulijn, J.A. · Perez-Ramirez, J.
[PDF] [Abstract]

15 Method of manufacturing molded articles from metallic or ceramic powdered particles and binder system suitable for use therein
Patent Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering     1995-12-27    
Author: Vervoort, P.J · Vetter, R. · Duszczyk, J.
[PDF] [PDF] [Abstract]

16 Prepn. of poly-carboxylate - by addn. of unsatd. poly-carboxylic acid to excess solvent cpd. contg. active hydrogen, using metal ion catalyst
Patent 1990    
Author: Delft University of Technology

17 Process and device for the separation of fragments of liberated ferrous scrap from not liberated ferrous scrap fragments by means of a static magnet
Patent Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2008-01-16    
Author: Rem, P.C. · Berkhout, S.P.M. · Fraunholcz, O.N.
[PDF] [PDF] [PDF] [Abstract]

18 Hearing aid comprising an array of microphones
Patent Applied Sciences     1999-04-29    
Author: Boone, M.M. · Berkhout, A.J. · Merks, I.L.D.M.
[PDF] [Abstract]

19 Method for the catalyzed autoxidation of (cyclo)alkanes, (cyclo)alkyl aromats and alcohols derived therefrom
Patent 1994    
Author: Sheldon, R.A. · DONG, C.J. · JIHAD, D.
[PDF] [Abstract]

20 Recovery vehicle and recovery system for heavy loads such as an aeroplane
Patent Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering     2004-10-14    
Author: Lodewijks, G. · Van Deursen, M. · Van Deursen, J.
[PDF] [Abstract]

Search results also available in MS Excel format.

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