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1 Design of 2.25 MW, permanent magnet direct drive generator for wind energy applications with concentrated windings and reduction of eddy current losses in the rotor back iron
Master thesis Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2008-07-10    
Author: Jassal, A.K.
Mentor: Polinder, H.
Keywords: direct drive wind turbine generator

2 Declarative Access Control for WebDSL
Master thesis Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2008-04-18    
Author: Groenewegen, D.M.
Mentor: Visser, E.
Keywords: Domain-Specific Language · Web Engineering · Access Control · Transformational Semantics · Web Application · WebDSL
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3 Measuring sediment properties in the field using MEDUSA RhoC
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2008-02-11    
Author: Eelkema, M.
Mentor: De Vriend, H.J. · Jacobs, W. · Winterwerp, J.C. · Van der Vegt, M. · Limburg, J. · MEDUSA explorations
Keywords: sediment · radioactivity · density · composition
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4 Cité Noord: elderly housing
Master thesis Architecture     2008-10-31    
Author: Van Wijngaarden, F.
Mentor: Zeinstra, J. · Pimlott, M. · Van der Zaag, E.
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5 The backstage of Buenos Aires
Master thesis Architecture     2008-02-01    
Author: Djoyoadhiningrat, K.
Mentor: Van Timmeren, A. · Westgeest, G. · van Dorst, M.
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6 Architectuur in de Township Mamelodi: zoektocht naar een passende architectuur voor de township
Master thesis Architecture     2008-04-03    
Author: Van der Heiden, S.
Mentor: Nottrot, R.J. · Westgeest, A.T.M. · van Timmeren, A. · Robles Duran, M.A.
Keywords: township
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7 Rotterdam Kashaven: glastuinbouw in de stedelijke omgeving
Master thesis Architecture     2008-01-28    
Author: Freeling, M.
Mentor: Van der Hoeven, F.D. · Duijvestein, C.A.J. · de Jong, T.M.
Keywords: glastuinbouw · kassen · etfe · bewustwording
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8 Developing a vario-scale IMGeo using the constrained tGAP structure
Master thesis OTB Research Institute for the Built Environment     2008-02-19    
Author: Hofman, A.M.
Mentor: Van Oosterom, P.J.M. · Dilo, A. · van Loenen, B.
Keywords: map generalisation · IMGeo · top10nl · constrained tGAP
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9 Performance Analysis of Chainsaw-based Live P2P Video Streaming
Master thesis Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2008-12-12    
Author: Duijkers, P.B.J.
Mentor: Epema, D.H.J.
Keywords: live p2p · video streaming · chainsaw swarm
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10 Analysis and recording of multimodal data
Master thesis Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2008-09-17    
Author: Van Vulpen, M.
Mentor: Rothkrantz, L.J.M. · Geers, H. · Wiggers, P. · Chitu, A.G.
Keywords: multimodal · emotion · recognition · recording · validating
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11 Flexibility in urbanism: research on flexibility and transformation design for the Binckhorst
Master thesis Architecture     2008-03-28    
Author: Bouten, J.M.
Mentor: Rooij, R.M. · Hermans, W.J.A · Van de Bout, J.
Keywords: flexibility · uncertainty · urban
[PDF] [Abstract]

12 A seed, a forest and 50 tourists; podosiri production and eco-tourism in Perica, Suriname
Master thesis Architecture     2008-04-01    
Author: Ampatzidou, C.
Mentor: Vollebregt, A.G. · Schuetze, T. · Poelman, W.A.

13 Zakelijk hotel Antwerpen
Master thesis Architecture     2008    
Author: Mansjur, A.I.

14 Hoogbouw, gebouwvorm en windbelasting
Master thesis Architecture     2008-04-01    
Author: Ip, Y.Y.
Mentor: Kamerling, M.W. · Plomp, H. · Aanen, L.
Keywords: wind · hoogbouw · computational fluid dynamic
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15 From urban barrier to urban connector: how to intervene to dissolve the existing barrier of the former military base
Master thesis Architecture     2008-06-27    
Author: Lee, Ji Young
Mentor: Rocco, R. · Stolk, E.H. · De Haan, H.
Keywords: urban intervention · urban transformation · urban network · Yongsan, u.s. military base
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16 Hybrid buildings: spoorzone Haarlem
Master thesis Architecture     2008-06-26    
Author: Bol, B.

17 Een nieuw cultureel centrum voor Belleville, de oude Meccano fabriek getransformeerd
Master thesis Architecture     2008-06-30    
Author: Lindemans, W.
Mentor: Pham, N.L. · Colautti, F.
Keywords: meccano · cultureel centrum · Belleville
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18 Analytical cost estimation for embedded systems
Master thesis Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2008-10-29    
Author: De Hoop, M.
Mentor: Van Gemund, A.J.C.
Keywords: cost estimation · microcontroller · power consumption · time consumption · c algorithms
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19 Earthquake slip distribution inversions using Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2008-12-11    
Author: Put, S.C.
Mentor: Hanssen, R.F. · Zwieten, G.J.
Keywords: radar · sar · interferometry · earthquake · inversion
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20 Use of global ionospheric maps for precise point positioning: developing an optimised procedure in using Global Ionospheric Maps for single-frequency standalone positioning with GPS
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2008-12-19    
Author: Wienia, R.J.
Mentor: Van der Marel, H., Senior mentor)
Keywords: global ionospheric maps (gims) · gps · ionosphere · precise point positioning (ppp) · positioning
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Search results also available in MS Excel format.

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