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1 Joining and mechanical behaviour of poly-crystalline silicon solar cells
Master thesis Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering     2008-02-28    
Author: Westra , J.M.
Mentor: Richardson, I. · Janssen, M. · Bennett, I.
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2 Transformatiepotentie van de opvanglocaties van het Centraal Orgaan opvang asielzoekers voor andere woonfuncties
Master thesis Architecture     2008-06-08    
Author: Vaziri, P.
Mentor: Van der Voordt, D.J.M. · Geraedts, R.P. · Hek, M.
Keywords: transformatie · coa · asielzoekerscentrum · instrument
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3 In the picture: policy considerations for the IT-supported recognition of children with psychosocial problems
Master thesis Technology, Policy and Management     2008-05-16    
Author: Monasso, T.
Mentor: Van den Hoven, J. · Correlj√©, A.F. · Van den Berg, J., i. · Plas, M.
Keywords: risk signalling · risk factors · value-sensitive design · institutional design · psychosocial problems
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4 Connection of large-scale wind power generation to the Dutch electrical power system and its impact on dynamic behaviour
Master thesis Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2008-08-21    
Author: Bos, J.A.
Mentor: Kling, W.L. · Hendriks, R.L. · Kamp, L.M. · Paap, G.C. · TenneT TSO B.V.
Keywords: stability · dynamics · wind power · power system
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5 De kwaliteit van wonen in stedelijke dichtheid: "Almere groen en stedelijk"
Master thesis Architecture     2008-01-25    
Author: Hermans, L.
Mentor: Kuitenbrouwer, P.A.M.
Keywords: kwaliteit
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6 In search for balance in contrasts: graduation project for a designcentre in Rotterdam
Master thesis Architecture     2008-06-24    
Author: Chang, H.J.
Mentor: Komossa,S. · Marzott, N. · Fokkinga,.J.D.
Keywords: public realm · public building · rotterdam · hui jun chang · design
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7 A texture analysis of 3D GPR images
Master thesis Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2008-07-30    
Author: Deiana, D.
Mentor: Yarovoy, A., sci. · Zhuge, X., msc. · Ligthart, L.P.
Keywords: gpr · imaging · texture · feature
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8 The case of Leipzig: a city between migration and integration: Social cohesion through a mixed-use housing model for higher city competitiveness performance
Master thesis Architecture     2008-06-27    
Author: Buhmann, C.
Mentor: Sepulveda, D. · Bekkering, H. · de Haan, H.

9 Kwaliteitsplannen + Lean construction
Master thesis Architecture     2008-04-04    
Author: Zwiers, M.H.
Mentor: Vercouteren, J. · Cuperus, Y.J.
Keywords: kwaliteitsplannen · lean construction · value stream mapping · virtual · lean
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10 On the use of Spaceborne Remote Sensing for Archaeology: a case study on early iron production sites at the Jordan Valley
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2008-01-31    
Author: Dentz, F.J.
Mentor: Hanssen, R.F., dr · Perski, Z.A.
Keywords: remote sensing · archaeology · geology
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11 Flexible international exchanges: a possible solution for large-scale wind power integration within the future power system
Master thesis Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2008-11-21    
Author: Ntotas, K.
Mentor: Kling, W.L. · Gibescu, M. · De Vries, L.J. · Pelgrum, E. · Ummels, B.C. · Tennet
Keywords: wind integration · international exchange · hydro allocation · unit commitment · economic dispatch
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12 Ruimte voor de toekomst: een verkenning naar de transformatiemogelijkheden van de Vinex-wijk Nieuwland
Master thesis Architecture     2008-10-30    
Author: Van Dusseldorp, F.J.
Mentor: Hulsbergen, E.D. · Bekkering, H.C. · Van Hal, J.D.M.
Keywords: vinex · transformatie · Nieuwland · bevolkingssamenstelling · naoorlogse wijken
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13 Programmeren en de relatie met ontwerpen: managen van het programmeren en de invloed van programmeren op het ontwerpproces
Master thesis Architecture     2008-10-31    
Author: Alblas, M.A.
Mentor: Van Doorn, A.J. · Van der Voordt, D.J.M., ir · Teerds, P.J.
Keywords: pve
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14 Herontwerp nv Glans tot ontmoetingsplek met bibliotheek en sportfuncties
Master thesis Architecture     2008-04-03    
Author: De Wit, B.M.M.
Mentor: Meijers, W.L.E.C., ir · Colautti, F.
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15 (un)Urban Architecture: stadsuitbreiding Beveren (Belgie)
Master thesis Architecture     2008-03-28    
Author: Lo-A-Njoe, P.S.
Mentor: Vermeulen, P. · Mihl, H. · Fernandez-Maldonado, M.
Keywords: (un)urban architecture
[PDF] [Abstract]

16 Positiebepaling van zwemmers: onderzoek, ontwerp en realisatie van een positiebepalingssysteem
Bachelor thesis Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2008-07-10    
Author: de Groot, T.H. · Brink, W.M.
Mentor: Janssen, G.J.M.
Keywords: positiebepaling · onderwater · zwemmers · Bluewatch
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17 Goal-oriented a-posteriori error estimation and adaptivity for fluid-structure interaction: application to a prototypical 2-D model problem
Master thesis Aerospace Engineering     2008-05-16    
Author: Fick, P.W.
Mentor: Guti√©rrez, M.A. · Brummelen, E.H.
Keywords: adaptive finite element methods
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18 Armour layer stability on a bermed slope breakwater
Master thesis Civil Engineering and Geosciences     2008-02-08    
Author: Dijkstra, O.P.J.
Mentor: Stive, M.J.F. · Verhagen, H.J. · Uijttewaal, W.S.J. · Spaan, G.B.H. · Van Gent, M.R.A. · Van Oord
Keywords: breakwater · berm · armour · layer · stability
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19 Storing en monitoringen
Bachelor thesis Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science     2008-07-02    
Author: Croese, K. · Fiege, M. · Schoenmakers, B. · Wenneker, B.
Mentor: Kluit, P.G. · Sodoyer, B.R.
Keywords: Tenuki
[PDF] [Abstract]

20 Theater Saint Lazaire, Parijs
Master thesis Architecture     2008-10-28    
Author: Schaap, D.

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