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1 Light Stimulation Properties to Influence Brain Activity: A Brain-CoMputer Interface application
report 2010-09-30    
Author: Bieger, J. · Garcia Molina, G.
Keywords: bci · eeg · photic driving · repetitive visual stimulation · ssvep
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2 Personal Television Channels: Simply Zapping through Your PVR Content
report 2009-06-15    
Author: Pronk, S.P.P. · Korst, J.H.M. · Barbieri, M. · Proidl, A.J.
Keywords: personal television channels · personal video recorders · recommender technology · scheduling algorithms · targeted advertising
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3 Exchanging Touristic Information between City Tourists
report 2009-06-15    
Author: Braat, B.A.L. · Geleijnse, G. · Mason, J.D.
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4 Using Online Social Networks to Increase the Engagement in Physical Activity Programs
report 2009-10-15    
Author: Kalpakliev, P.S. · Van Halteren, A.T.
Keywords: group dynamics · physical activity · social connectedness
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5 Characterization of ion emission of an extreme ultraviolet generating discharge produced Sn plasma
article 2010-01-04    
Author: Gielissen, K. · Sidelnikov, Y. · Glushkov, D. · Soer, W.A. · Banine V.Y. · Van der Mullen, J.
Keywords: euv · euv lithography · euv sources · plasma debris
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6 The influence of the auditory environment on the emotional perception of speech
report 2008-05-31    
Author: Brouwers, M.A.J.
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7 Picture-Quality Optimization for the High Definition TV Broadcast Chain
report 2007-06-01    
Author: Dimou, A. · Van der Vleuten, R.J. · De Haan, G.
Keywords: broadcast systems · coding artifacts · digital video broadcasting · hdtv · hdtv standards · mpeg-2 compression · video compression
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8 eServices for Hospital Equipment
report 2007-08-31    
Author: De Jonge, M. · Van der Linden, W.P.M. · Willems, H.X.
Keywords: asset tracking · location-based services · mobile services · technical support services · web services
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9 An approach to automatic generation and verification of tonal harmony
report 2008-01-31    
Author: Pauws, S.C. · Pisters, R.K.P. · Van Geenen , J.L.
Keywords: automatic harmonization · formal verification · music composition
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10 The effect of the density mismatch of liquids on scaling down steerable liquid lenses
report 2007-08-31    
Author: Farcy, G. · Deladi, S. · Suijver, J.F.
Keywords: density of liquids · liquid lens · optical aberration
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11 Influence of cultural background on just noticeable difference in black level, white level and chroma for natural images
article 2009-12-19    
Author: Qin, S.L. · Ge, S. · Yin, H.C. · Xia, J. · Heynderickx, I.E.J.
Keywords: black level · chroma · Just noticeable difference (JND)
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12 Phase detection in a visual-evoked-potential based brain computer interface
Conference Paper 2010-10-19    
Author: Garcia Molina, G. · Danhua, Z. · Abtahi, S.
Keywords: bci · eeg · spatial filtering · ssvep
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13 Model-based segmentation of femur and pelvis
report 2008-12-31    
Author: Güzel, S. · Heese, H.S. · Dries, S.P.M.
Keywords: automated segmentation · hip · hough transforms · model-based segmentation · mri · simulated annealing
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14 A biomarker panel to discriminate between systemic inflammatory response syndrome SIRS and sepsis and sepsis severity
article 2009-07-23    
Author: Punyadeera, C. · Schneider, E. M. · Schaffer, D. · Hsu, H-Y. · Joos, T.O. · Kriebel, F · Weiss, M. · Verhaegh, W.F.J.
Keywords: biomarker · cellular mechanism · sepsis · sirs
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15 Music playlist generation by adapted simulated annealing
article 2008-09-10    
Author: Pauws, S.C. · Verhaegh, W.F.J. · Vossen, M.P.H.
Keywords: local search · music playlist generation · music retrieval · simulated annealing
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16 QoS control strategies for high-quality video processing
article 2005-05-28    
Author: Wüst, C.C. · Steffens, E.F.M. · Verhaegh, W.F.J. · Bril, R.J. · Hentschel, C.
Keywords: invited paper · multimedia · quality of service · resource overload · soft real time
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17 Modeling and simulation of heat distribution in human skin caused by laser irradiation
report 2009-09-30    
Author: Luan, Y. · Dams, S.D.
Keywords: comsol model · diode lasers · monte carlo simulation · skin rejuvenation · temperature distribution
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18 Lock-in thermography of OLEDs through cover glass
report 2010-01-31    
Author: Garcia Lovera, T. · Van der Tempel, S.
Keywords: inspection · oled · short circuit · temperature distribution · thermal modelling · thermal radiation · thermography
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19 You and me, how (in-)active are we? The potential of sharing physical activity information to increase motivation
report 2009-09-30    
Author: Van Wijngaarden, J. · Van Halteren, A.T.
Keywords: activity monitoring · intrinsic motivation · self-determination theory · similarity · social connectedness · social interaction
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20 The light distribution in skin of a 976nm laser diode using different parameter sets in Monte Carlo simulations
report 2009-12-31    
Author: Luong, Q.M. · Dams, S.D.
Keywords: humand skin · laser diode · light distribution · monte carlo simulation
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