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1 Field Plate Optimization in Low-Power High-Gain Source-Gated Transistors
article 2012-02-09    
Author: Sporea,R.A. · Trainor, M.J. · Young, N.D. · Shannon, J.M. · Silva, S.R.P.
Keywords: ltps · polycrystalline silicon tft · polysi tft · source gated transistor · tft
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2 Identifying types of physical activity with a single accelerometer: Evaluating laboratory trained algorithms in daily life
article 2011-07-21    
Author: Cuba Gyllensten, I. · Bonomi, A.G.
Keywords: daily life · physical activity recognition · triaxial accelerometer
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3 ROI Based Perfusion Estimation in Peripherals Using C-arms: a Simulation Study
Conference paper 2012-02-19    
Author: Giordano, M. · Vonken, E.P.A. · Bertram, M. · Mali, W. · Viergever, M.A. · Neukirchen, C.
Keywords: perfusion imaging · x-ray angiography
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4 Ultrasound and Microbubble Mediated Doxil Delivery in a Murine Breast Cancer Model: Therapeutic Efficacy Dependence on Tumor Growth Rate
Conference paper 2011-10-20    
Author: Seip, R. · Leyvi, E. · Raju, B.I. · Shi, W.T. · Bohmer, M.R. · Chlon, C.H.T. · Sio, C.F. · Reibling, K. · Swanson, T.
Keywords: image-guided drug delivery · ultrasound mediated delivery
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5 Finite Element Modeling for Shear Wave Elastography
Conference paper 2011-10-26    
Author: Zhou, S. · Robert, J.L. · Fraser, J. · Shi, Y. · Xie, H. · Shamdasani, V.
Keywords: finite element methods · shear wave imaging · ultrasound shear wave elastography

6 Phase Aberration in Shear Wave Dispersion Ultrasound Vibrometry
Conference paper 2011-10-26    
Author: Shi, Y. · Xie, H. · Shamdasani, V. · Fraser, J. · Robert, J.L. · Zhou, S. · Urban, M.W. · Chen, S. · Greenleaf, J.F.
Keywords: phase aberration · shear wave dispersion · ultrasound shear wave elastography

7 High Temporal Resolution Finite Element Simulations of the Aorta for Thoracic Impedance Cardiography
Conference paper 2011-11-14    
Author: Mühlsteff, J. · Ulbrich, M. · Paluchowski, P. · Leonhardt, S.
Keywords: finite element simulation · impedance cardiography
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8 Marlin: Towards Seamless Content Sharing and Rights Management
article 2011-11-08    
Author: Keoh, S.L.
Keywords: content protection · drm · drm interoperability · marlin drm · marlin shared
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9 EEG-Rhythm Dynamics during a 2-back Working Memory Task and Performance
Conference paper 2012-08-06    
Author: Tsoneva, T. · Baldo, D. · Lema, V. · Garcia Molina, G.
Keywords: alpha · beta · brain dynamics · erd/ers · performance · rhythm · theta
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10 Medical application and clinical validation for reliable and trustworthy physiological monitoring using functional textile: experience from the HeartCycle and MyHeart project
Conference paper 2012-03-26    
Author: Reiter, H. · Muehlsteff, J. · Sipila. A
Keywords: disease management · functional textile · heartcycle · home-based disease management · invited paper · myheart · patients self measurement
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11 Lighting Systems Control for Demand Response
Conference paper 2012-02-15    
Author: Husen, S.A. · Pandharipande, A. · Tolhuizen, L.M.G. · Wang, Y. · Zhao, M.
Keywords: demand response · intelligent lighting systems · smart grid
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12 Emerging Cognitive Radio Applications: A Survey
article 2011-03-14    
Author: Wang, J. · Ghosh, M. · Challapali, K.
Keywords: cognitive radios · invited paper
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13 Novel, 130 V, Split Gate Trench Super Junction TFTs using Low Temperature Poly Crystalline Silicon
Conference paper 2012-01-19    
Author: Dhyani, M.H. · Sweet, M. · Sankara Narayanan, E.M. · Green, D. · Deane, S.C. · Young, N.D. · None
Keywords: ltps · polycrystalline silicon tft · polysi tft · power devices · power transistors · tft · thin film transistor (tft)
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14 Ontology-based Malaria Parasite Stage and Species Identification from Peripheral Blood Smear Images
Conference paper 2011-09-16    
Author: Makkapati, V. · Rao, R.
Keywords: chromatin dots segmentation · cytoplasm segmentation · malaria diagnosis · species identification
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15 An Interoperable Security Framework for Connected Healthcare
Conference paper 2011-09-29    
Author: Asim, M. · Petkovic, M. · Qu, M. · Wang, C.
Keywords: drm · drm interoperability · drm protocols · oma drm
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16 Acoustic Accessibility Investigation for Ultrasound Mediated Treatment of Glycogen Storage Disease Type la Patients
article 2011-08-01    
Author: Wang, S. · Raju, B.I. · Leyvi, E. · Weinstein, D.A. · Seip, R.
Keywords: focused ultrasound · gene delivery · therapeutic ultrasound · ultrasound mediated delivery
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17 Field Trials Of DVB-T Sensing For TV White Spaces
Conference paper 2011-03-31    
Author: Davies, R.J. · Ghosh, M.
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18 Application of computational anatomy methods to MRI data for the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
Conference paper 2012-07-31    
Author: Veerman, J.A.C. · Soldea, O. · Sahindrakar, P. · Wan, Y. · Jasinschi, R.S.
Keywords: alzheimer's disease · dementia diagnosis
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19 Time-Frequency Analysis of Heart Rate Variability for Sleep and Wake Classification
Conference paper 2012-12-07    
Author: Long, X. · Fonseca, P.M.F. · Haakma, R. · Aarts, R.M. · Foussier, J.
Keywords: sleep monitoring · sleep staging
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20 Indoor user zoning and tracking in passive infrared sensing systems
Conference paper 2012-08-29    
Author: Monaci, G. · Pandharipande, A.
Keywords: pir sensing system · user zoning · viterbi tracking
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