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1 Subtype specific breast cancer event prediction
Conference paper 2010-11-10    
Author: Sontrop, H.M.J. · Verhaegh, W.F.J. · Van den Ham, R. · Reinders, M.J.T. · Moerland, P.
Keywords: breast cancer · classification · clinical decision support · microarrays · outcome prediction · subtype
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2 Facial Image Analysis Based on Local Binary Patterns: A Survey
article 2011-02-07    
Author: Huang, D. · Shan, C. · Ardebilian, M. · Chen, L.
Keywords: computer vision · face detection · face recognition · facial expression recognition · local binary patterns · machine learning · pattern recognition
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3 A Iterative Method for Tomographic X-ray Perfusion Estimation in a Decomposition Model-Based Approach
article 2011-02-03    
Author: Neukirchen, C. · Hohmann, S.
Keywords: 3d iterative reconstruction · computed tomography · ill-posed problem · iterative reconstruction · neuroperfusion · perfusion imaging · perfusion maps · perfusion reconstruction · transmission tomography · x-ray tomography
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4 Facial Action Units Recognition: A Comparative Study
article 2011-01-19    
Author: Popa, M.C. · Rothkrantz, L.J.M. · Wiggers, P. · Braspenning, R.A.C. · Shan, C.
Keywords: bayesian networks · facial action coding system · facial action units · hidden markov models
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5 5uW-10mW input power range inductive boost converter for indoor photovoltaic energy harvesting with integrated maximum power point tracking algorithm
Conference paper 2010-10-20    
Author: Qiu, Y. · Van Liempd, C. · Op het Veld, J.H.G. · Blanken, P.G. · Van Hoof, C.
Keywords: inductive power converter · maximum power point tracking · photo voltaic · ultra low power
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6 Identifying types of physical activity with a single accelerometer: Evaluating laboratory trained algorithms in daily life
article 2011-07-21    
Author: Cuba Gyllensten, I. · Bonomi, A.G.
Keywords: daily life · physical activity recognition · triaxial accelerometer
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7 Computation of Tortuosity of Two Dimensional Vessels
Conference paper 2015-01-19    
Author: Ravi, V.V.C. · Makkapati, V.V.
Keywords: image segmentation · tortuosity · vessel segmentation
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8 Motion based Segmentation of Chest and Abdomen Region of Neonates
Conference paper 2015-01-19    
Author: Venkitaraman, A. · Makkapati, V.V.
Keywords: computer vision · digital image processing · image segmentation · motion history · motion segmentation · neonate · nicu (neonatal intensive care unit) · optical flow · vector field
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9 Indoor user zoning and tracking in passive infrared sensing systems
Conference paper 2012-08-29    
Author: Monaci, G. · Pandharipande, A.
Keywords: pir sensing system · user zoning · viterbi tracking
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10 Enhanced gene expression of systemically administered plasmid DNA inthe liver with therapeutic ultrasound and microbubbles
article 2012-06-11    
Author: Raju, B.I. · Leyvi, E. · Seip, R. · Sethuraman, S. · Luo, X. · Bird, A. · Li, S. · Koeberl, D.
Keywords: drug delivery · gene delivery · glycogen storage disease · microbubbles · plasmid dna · ultrasound therapy
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11 An Enhanced Link Adaptation for the MB-OFDM UWB System
Conference paper 2012-01-11    
Author: Fu, S. · Wang, D. · Zhai, H. · Li, Y.
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12 A method for detecting interstructural atrophy correlation in MRI brain images
Conference paper 2012-08-27    
Author: Sun, Z. · Veerman, J.A.C. · Jasinschi, R.S.
Keywords: computational anatomy · vector classification
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13 Assessment of Customers' Level of Interest
Conference paper 2012-05-01    
Author: Popa, M.C. · Rothkrantz, L.J.M. · Shan, C. · Wiggers, P.
Keywords: action recognition · computer vision · pattern recognition
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14 A Statistical Model-based Technique for Accounting for Prostate Gland Deformation in Endorectal Coil-based MR Imaging
Conference paper 2012-06-08    
Author: Tahmasebi, A.M. · Sharifi, R. · Agarwal, H.K. · Turkbey, B. · Bernardo, M. · Choyke, P. · Pinto, P. · Wood, B. · Kruecker, J.
Keywords: deformable image registration · mr imaging · multimodality registration · prostate imaging
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15 Automated NREM Sleep Staging Using the Electro-oculogram
Conference paper 2012-06-06    
Author: Garcia-Molina, G. · Abtahi, S.F. · Lagares-Lemos, M.
Keywords: eeg · ocular activity (eog) · sleep staging
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16 Block Relay for Physical-Layer Network Coding
Conference paper 2012-07-02    
Author: Xu, N. · Fu, S. · Wang, D. · Li, Y.
Keywords: cooperative communications · physical network coding · sensor networks · wireless sensor networks
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17 Prediction of extubation failure for neonates with respiratory distress syndrome using the MIMIC-II Clinical Database
Conference paper 2012-07-10    
Author: Mikhno, A. · Ennett, C.M.
Keywords: data mining · mechanical ventilation · mimic-ii database · nicu (neonatal intensive care unit) · outcome prediction · respiratory diseases
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18 A System for 3D Ultrasound-Guided Robotic Retrieval of Foreign Bodies from a Beating Heart
Conference paper 2012-04-02    
Author: Thienphrapa, P. · Ramachandran, B. · Taylor, R.H.T. · Popovic, A.
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19 Statistical Assessment of Gene Fusion Detection Algorithms using RNASequencing Data
Conference paper 2012-06-14    
Author: Varadan, V. · Janevski, A. · Kamalakaran, S. · Banerjee, N. · Harris, L. · Dimitrova, D.
Keywords: gene fusion · rna sequencing
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20 Time-Frequency Analysis of Heart Rate Variability for Sleep and Wake Classification
Conference paper 2012-12-07    
Author: Long, X. · Fonseca, P.M.F. · Haakma, R. · Aarts, R.M. · Foussier, J.
Keywords: sleep monitoring · sleep staging
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