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1 Field Plate Optimization in Low-Power High-Gain Source-Gated Transistors
article 2012-02-09    
Author: Sporea,R.A. · Trainor, M.J. · Young, N.D. · Shannon, J.M. · Silva, S.R.P.
Keywords: ltps · polycrystalline silicon tft · polysi tft · source gated transistor · tft
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2 Overdetermined Blind Source Extraction exploiting a Generalized Sidelobe Canceller structure
Conference paper 2011-08-24    
Author: Bloemendal, B.B.A.J. · Van de Laar, J. · Sommen, P.C.W.
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3 Multiple Primary LED Lamp Colour Controller with Inherent Brightness Limitation
report 2007-05-31    
Author: Barcena, R. · Ackermann, B.
Keywords: color control · led lamps · white led
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4 Obtaining objective, content-specific room acoustical parameters using auditory modeling
Conference paper 2013-01-22    
Author: Van Dorp Schuitman, J. · De Vries, D.
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5 Measuring electrical conductivity at low frequency using the eddy currents induced by the imaging gradients
Conference paper 2012-06-27    
Author: Van Lier, A.L.H.M.W. · Van den Berg, C.A.T. · Katscher, U.
Keywords: electric impedance · electric impedance imaging · electric impedance measurement · electric properties · electric properties tomography · mr images · mr imaging
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6 Table-top diffuse optical imaging
report 2006-01-31    
Author: Sturgeon, K.A. · Bakker, L.P.
Keywords: diffuse optical tomography · optical imaging · spectroscopy
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7 Source-gated transistors for power-efficient low-voltage integrateded lighting
Conference paper 2011-08-10    
Author: Young, N.D. · Sporea, R.A. · Shannon, J.M. · Silva, S.R.P. · Trainor, M.J.
Keywords: polysi · polysi tft · polysilicon · polysilicon thin film transistors · tft
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8 Neuromagnetic Representation of Musical Register Information in HumaN Auditory Cortex
article 2011-05-31    
Author: Andermann, M. · Van Dinther, C.H.B.A. · Patterson, R.D. · Rupp, A.
Keywords: auditory cortex · auditory perception · magnetoencephalography · musical register
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9 Integration of a Robotic Arm with the Surgical Assistant Workstation Software Framework
Conference paper 2012-01-17    
Author: Young, J. · Elhawary, H. · Popovic, A.
Keywords: medical robotics
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10 ChromAIX: A high-rate energy-resolving photon-counting ASIC for Spectral Computed Tomography
article 2011-01-28    
Author: Steadman, R. · Herrmann, C. · Mülhens, O.
Keywords: asic · chromaix · computed tomography · photon counting
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11 The light distribution in skin of a 976nm laser diode using different parameter sets in Monte Carlo simulations
report 2009-12-31    
Author: Luong, Q.M. · Dams, S.D.
Keywords: humand skin · laser diode · light distribution · monte carlo simulation
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12 Characterization of ion emission of an extreme ultraviolet generating discharge produced Sn plasma
article 2010-01-04    
Author: Gielissen, K. · Sidelnikov, Y. · Glushkov, D. · Soer, W.A. · Banine V.Y. · Van der Mullen, J.
Keywords: euv · euv lithography · euv sources · plasma debris
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13 Towards Real-Time Audiovisual Speaker Localization
Conference paper 2011-05-23    
Author: Monaci, G.
Keywords: audio-visual interaction · invited paper
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14 Online BCI implementation of high-frequency phase modulated visual stimuli
Conference paper 2011-07-01    
Author: Garcia Molina, G. · Danhua, Z. · Aarts, R.M. · Mihajlovic, V.
Keywords: bci · eeg · sensory stimulation · ssvep
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15 Instantaneous blind signal extraction using second order statistics
Conference paper 2011-08-24    
Author: Bloemendal, B.B.A.J. · Van de Laar, J. · Sommen, P.C.W.
Keywords: blind signal extraction · blind signal processing · second order statistics
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16 Veiling Glare and Perceived Black in High Dynamic Range Displays
article 2012-05-29    
Author: Murdoch, M.J. · Heynderickx, I.E.J.
Keywords: disability glare · high dynamic range · shadow detail · veiling glare · visibility threshold
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17 Bit-rate reduction strategies for noise suppression with a remote wireless microphone
Conference paper 2012-01-24    
Author: Cvijanovic, N. · Sadiq, O. · Srinivasan, S.
Keywords: adhoc sensor network · remote microphone · speech enhancement · wireless home networks · wireless microphone
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18 APT and CEST Techniques for Clinical MRI
article 2011-08-04    
Author: Keupp, J.
Keywords: cest · invited paper · parallel transmission · ph mapping · respiratory motion compensation
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19 Polynomial Time Algorithms for Multicast Network Code Construction
article 2005-11-09    
Author: Jaggi, S. · Sanders, P. · Chou, P.A. · Effros, M. · Egner, S. · Jain, K. · Tolhuizen, L.M.G.
Keywords: algorithms · communication networks · linear coding · multicasting
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20 Breathing motion compensated reconstruction for C-arm cone beam CT imaging: initial experience based on animal data
Conference paper 2011-10-05    
Author: Schaefer, D. · Lin, M. · P. Rao · Loffroy, R.L. · Liapi, E. · Noordhoek, N. · Eshuis, P. · Radaelli, A. · Grass, M. · Geschwind, J.
Keywords: animal data · ct imaging
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