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1 Validation of interventional fiber optic spectroscopy with MR spectroscopy, MAS-NMR spectroscopy, high performance thin layer chromatography and histopathology for accurate hepatic fat quantification
article 2012-04-01    
Author: Nachabe, R. · Van der Hoorn, J. · Van de Molengraaf, R.A. · Lamerichs, R.M.J.N. · Pikkemaat, J.A. · Sio, C.F. · Hendriks, B.H.W. · Sterenborg, J.C.M.
Keywords: diffuse reflectance spectroscopy · histopathology · liver · magnetic resonance spectroscopy · nmr spectroscopy · optical spectroscopy · statistical testing
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2 ROI Based Perfusion Estimation in Peripherals Using C-arms: a Simulation Study
Conference paper 2012-02-19    
Author: Giordano, M. · Vonken, E.P.A. · Bertram, M. · Mali, W. · Viergever, M.A. · Neukirchen, C.
Keywords: perfusion imaging · x-ray angiography
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3 A Feasibility Study on the Automatic Detection of Atrial Fibrillations using an Unobtrusive Bed-Mounted Sensor
Conference paper 2012-02-01    
Author: Brueser, C. · Zink, M.D.H. · Winter, S. · Schauerte, P. · Leonhardt, S.
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4 Personalized music to reduce patient anxiety (abstract)
article 2012-01-18    
Author: Van der Zwaag, M. · Tijs, T.J.W. · Westerink, J.H.D.
Keywords: emotion · influencing emotions · music · music characteristics · patient anxiety · relaxation
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5 A Bayesian framework for robust speech enhancement under varying contexts
Conference paper 2012-01-24    
Author: Hanumantha Rao Naidu, D. · Srinivasan, S.
Keywords: bayesian estimation · codebook · context dependent · speech enhancement
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6 Bit-rate reduction strategies for noise suppression with a remote wireless microphone
Conference paper 2012-01-24    
Author: Cvijanovic, N. · Sadiq, O. · Srinivasan, S.
Keywords: adhoc sensor network · remote microphone · speech enhancement · wireless home networks · wireless microphone
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7 Automatic joint alignment measurements from pre- and post-operative long leg standing radiographs
article 2012-02-21    
Author: Goossen, A. · Weber, G.M. · Dries, S.P.M.
Keywords: automatic segmentation · invited paper · musculoskeletal measurement
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8 Coherent absorption and enhanced photopluminescence in thin layers of nanorods
article 2012-05-14    
Author: Pirruccio, G. · Lozano, G. · Zhang, Y. · Rodriguez, S.R.K. · Gomes, R. · Hens, Z. · Gómez Rivas, J.
Keywords: absorption · guided modes · luminescence · quantum dots

9 High efficient yellow emitting materials based on thieno-pyridine framework for yellow and white OLEDs
Conference paper 2012-05-07    
Author: Huang, H.L. · Chao, T.C. · Lin, J.S. · Ku, C.N. · Van Elsbergen, V. · Tseng, M.R.
Keywords: oled · oleds · sm-oled · white oled

10 Workplane Illuminance Estimation for Robust Daylight Harvesting Lighting Control
Conference paper 2012-02-27    
Author: Zhang, S. · Birru, D.
Keywords: daylight · daylight harvesting · daylight integration · daylighting · lighting control · lighting control systems
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11 Comprehensive validation of computational fluid dynamics simulationsof in-vivo blood flow in patient-specific cerebral aneurysms
article 2012-09-03    
Author: Sun, Q. · Groth, A. · Aach, T.
Keywords: aneurysm · patient-specific cfd · time intensity curve · validation · virtual angiography
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12 Mathematical analysis of the real time array PCR (RTA PCR) process
article 2012-06-21    
Author: Dijksman J.F. · Pierik, A.
Keywords: microarrays · pcr · real time array pcr · real-time pcr
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13 Supporting mindful eating: InBalance chopping board
Conference paper 2012-07-09    
Author: Toet, E.N. · Meerbeek, B.W. · Hoonhout, H.C.M.
Keywords: behaviour change · food intake · healthy lifestyle · mindful eating · user centered design
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14 Integration of a Robotic Arm with the Surgical Assistant Workstation Software Framework
Conference paper 2012-01-17    
Author: Young, J. · Elhawary, H. · Popovic, A.
Keywords: medical robotics
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15 Vagal heart rate control in patients with a history of atrial fibrillation: Impact of tonic activation of peripheral chemosensory function in heart failure
article 2012-05-15    
Author: Muehlsteff, J. · Christian Meyer · Drexel, T.
Keywords: atrial fibrillation · blood pressure variability · breathing rate · heart failure
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16 Generalized Filtered Back-Projection for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Reconstruction
Conference paper 2012-03-23    
Author: Erhard, K. · Grass, M. · Hitziger, S. · Iske, A. · Nielsen, T.
Keywords: digital breast tomosynthesis · fbp · limited angle tomography · tomosynthesis
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17 Fast CT-CT Fluoroscopy Registration with Respiratory Motion Compensation for Image-Guided Lung Intervention
Conference paper 2012-04-12    
Author: Su, P. · Xue, Z. · Lu, K. · Yang, J. · Wong, S.T.
Keywords: ct fluoroscopy · fast registration algorithm · image-guided lung intervention · motion compensation
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18 C-simulation Based Building Controls Implementation with Networked Sensors and Actuators
Conference paper 2012-03-13    
Author: Wen, Y.J. · DiBartolomeo, D. · Rubinstein, F.
Keywords: co-simulation · energy efficiency · energy, integrated controls, lighting · lighting control · sensor networks
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19 Robust Left Ventricular Myocardium Segmentation for Multi-protocol MR
Conference paper 2012-09-03    
Author: Groth, A. · Weese, J. · Lehmann, H.
Keywords: epicardium · heart anatomy · model-based segmentation · mr imaging · multi-protocol approach · personalized heart model · scar tissue · ventricular myocardium · vitality of tissue
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20 Temperature mapping using photoacoustic and thermoacoustic tomography
Conference paper 2012-04-02    
Author: Ke, H. · Erpelding, T.N. · Jankovic, L. · Wang, L.V.

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