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The effects of forced relocations on improvements of the housing situation: a case study in four Dutch cities (draft version)

Author: Posthumus, H. · Bolt, G. · Van Kempen, R.
Type:Conference paper
Publisher/Organization: Delft University of Technology, OTB Research Institute for the Built Environment
Source:International conference on Neighbourhood Restructuring & Resident Location: Context, Choice and Consequence, Delft, The Netherlands, November 4-5, 2010
Keywords: forced relocation, disadvantaged neighbourhoods, housing conditions
Rights: (c) 2010 Posthumus, H.; Bolt, G.; Van Kempen, R.


Urban restructuring takes place in numerous cities in Western European countries, often in the form of the demolition of relatively cheap dwellings and replacement by new, more expensive dwellings. This phenomenon has been studied extensively. Especially the effects of urban restructuring on the restructured areas themselves have been examined. Much less is known about the residents that had to relocate because of urban restructuring measures like demolition and intensive renovation. This paper therefore focuses on the question whether and why residents improve their housing situation. Using data from four Dutch cities we first make clear how the old and new housing situation differ by focusing both on objective and evaluated changes. Then, explanations are offered for the extent to which residents do or do not experience changes, with respect to dwelling as well as neighbourhood aspects. We found that (a) displaced residents both experience objective and evaluated improvements of their housing situation; (b) that in contrast to objective improvements, evaluated improvements are hardly related to individual and household characteristics; (c) evaluated improvements can be attributed to improved characteristics of the dwelling and neighbourhood; and (d) that increased satisfaction with the dwelling and neighbourhood are strongly related.

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